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File 131934516924.png - (0.97MB , 850x709 , 23aad62e1a6c9131123838476c65c4ea.png )
5036 No. 5036 [Edit]
So, with all the attention on the Persona 4 anime, lets have an SMT thread!

What was the last one you played? What was your favorite? and.... why is Alice the best demon ever?

Post edited on 22nd Oct 2011, 9:46pm
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>> No. 5037 [Edit]
The last one I played was SMT on the SNES via emulator, not counting playing the first 5 minutes of P4 emulated at 20 FPS and ragequitting. The only ones I've played enough to have an actual opinion on are SMT and P3, of which I prefer the former.
>> No. 5038 [Edit]
I've played SMT 1, Persona 3 and I watched someone play Persona 4.

I just bought Devil Survivor and SMT4, playing Devil Survivor first and enjoying it.
>> No. 5039 [Edit]
File 131934706789.jpg - (143.25KB , 560x420 , zerochan_Shin_Megami_Tensei_III _Nocturne_537889.jpg )
Would you die for Alice?
>> No. 5040 [Edit]
Last one I finished was Strange Journey. Challenging (fuck you ourobouros,), lots of stuff to do, and awesome music. Seriously, Meguro is a god.
>> No. 5041 [Edit]
I was playing both the first SMT on snes and Strange Journey, but it's been a while since I last touched them.
>> No. 5042 [Edit]
I'm playing SMT3 right now. I'd forgotten how frustrating this game could be sometimes, especially demon negotiation.

Alice is the best, I wish she was in this game.
>> No. 5043 [Edit]
File 131938801233.jpg - (2.99MB , 4254x3044 , art04.jpg )
I've completed Nocturne, Persona 3 FES, Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4, Devil Survivor and Strange Journey. I've Played a bit of Devil Summoner, but I didn't like it much. Out of those, I think I like P3P the most. Aegis is just too nice.

I'd play the Digital Devil Saga games but I don't really feel like putting 50+ hours towards them right now.
>> No. 5066 [Edit]
File 13195685169.jpg - (213.49KB , 1600x1200 , shin-megami-tensei-nocturne-6.jpg )
Currently preparing to fight Lucifer in Noctunre, going to see if my rag tag group of Devils can beat him or if I'm going to have to make some special guys.
>> No. 5095 [Edit]
There was a brand new copy of both Persona 3 and 4 at my nearby Gamestop last week being held, but the time was nearly up.
Went in yesterday to check on my application and saw the Persona 4 copy on the rack.
I really wish I had 40 bucks to spare...
>> No. 5096 [Edit]
>new copy
haha, good one.
>> No. 5097 [Edit]
If it was used, it had one HELL of a good previous owner.
Disk didn't have a single mark on it or anything. Guy told me it was an extra they had in a warehouse that they found recently after someone inquired about a copy.
>> No. 5098 [Edit]
I don't get game stop, do they pre-open games for you or something?
>> No. 5099 [Edit]
So I just looked on the table and saw a copy of Nocturne.
No idea where it came from...
It any good?

Guy said they have to sell it as a pre-owned for some reason or another, so they had to open it.
>> No. 5101 [Edit]
Gamestop employees open games, play them, then sell them as new.
>> No. 5102 [Edit]
It's extremely good, get it. In fact I'm playing through it again after a year or so, and it hasn't gotten old.
>> No. 5103 [Edit]
I apparently already have a copy though.
Well, it's probably my cousin's, but I'm gonna play it anyways.
I'm just wondering what it's about.
>> No. 5104 [Edit]
You're a half-human/half-demon living in post-apocalypse demon-filled inside-out Tokyo. You fight demons, talk to them, get them to join your party, etc. typical SMT stuff. It's heavy on gameplay and really light on plot and character development (think the opposite of Persona 3/4) although it does have an interesting story.
>> No. 5106 [Edit]
I got Nocturne used from Gamestop. Was in fucking great condition, except the dumbasses put a sticker ON THE FUCKING PAPER SLEEVE THING GOD DAMMIT I managed to get the sticker off, but it ended up tearing off some of the paper sleeve thing with it which makes me pissed off every time I look at it. Fucking Gamestop.
>> No. 5109 [Edit]

>the dumbasses put a sticker ON THE FUCKING PAPER SLEEVE THING

That's happened to me so many times.

The shop near me uses this ridiculously strong adhesive on their stickers and it pisses me off. The plastic covering part of my DMC3 case is ripped on the spine now, shit looks retarded next to the other games on my shelf.
>> No. 5112 [Edit]
Lucifer I am dissapoint. I beat him on my first try.
>> No. 5113 [Edit]

I felt sorry for the guy really, he never came anywhere near killing anyone even when he got criticals. The preparation was the real battle I guess, it took a while.
>> No. 5114 [Edit]
Did you have super-powered Pixie in the fight too? I definitely need to get her this playthrough, because I didn't know about her the first time.
>> No. 5115 [Edit]
SMT... oh man did I used to love this series. Can't say the same now. I'm looking forward to the translation of Soul Hackers though.
>> No. 5116 [Edit]
That Pixie was worthless. Pissed me off. My best Demon got turned into an overrated Pixie and I had to pay 180,000 to get my old Demon back. Never once used her in battle. I had to grind to get all that money back on top of it too [in order to afford that damn 450,000 Magatama].

For me I had:
Black Rider, Lachesis, Mada
Black Rider = Heal
Lachesis = Raise Defense & Attack
Mada = Spam Debilitate

Worked well for me, just kept spamming Focused Divine Shots. Never got around to getting Freikugel.

Dante was so worthless for that battle it was laughable. Mada was a last minute replacement for him, worked out well.
>> No. 5122 [Edit]

I beat Girimehkala. Levels up Dionysus. Then he wants to change a skill. I always say "no", but of course I'm too quick on the X button and the default answer is "yes", and it changes an elemental immunity to some piece of shit conversation skill. I hate this goddamn game sometimes, really I do.
>> No. 5123 [Edit]


My team was:


Demi-Fiend used Focus + Freikugel, the rest of the guys used Focus + Hades Blast. Everyone had pierce.

Went down pretty quickly.
>> No. 5132 [Edit]
How long did you have to grind to get all those high tier guys? Doesn't seem worth the time.
>> No. 5135 [Edit]
File 132010102670.jpg - (6.88KB , 191x265 , beldr.jpg )
Still slugging through Devil Survivor, currently grinding up to beat Beldr.

Wow this guy is fabulous.
>> No. 5136 [Edit]

An afternoon of grind
>> No. 5155 [Edit]
Since everyone here seems to be playing Nocturne right now, I'm getting the urge to play it too. I may just actually spend some of my savings for once and buy the game.
>> No. 5252 [Edit]
File 132070233969.jpg - (32.49KB , 300x300 , dark.jpg )
Even though it's not MegaTen, I recently pulled out my old Dark Cloud 2 disc and gave it a play this weekend. Even though Nocturne wasn't that hard, DC2 is WAY easier. I haven't died once. I have to say though it's laid-back style makes it perhaps a bit more fun in general. Whereas I play SMT games for the challenge and get the fun from that. Thinking about it a bit more, P4 manages to share DC2's laid-back feeling and has a challenge-level similar to Nocturne's. Maybe's that why I like it quite a bit...
>> No. 5257 [Edit]
File 132073891753.png - (49.43KB , 302x350 , Susa-no-O.png )
Nocturne - Grinding. Grinding. Grinding. Really cool storyline, boring demon fusion. Awesome designs for...everything. Everything in the game looks awesome. Then again, I'm just into cel-shaded stuff.
P3 - Grinding. Grinding. School. Cool Social Link System. Shinjiro (still my favorite SMT character to date). Cooler-ish demons than Nocturne (Mara, namely). Really liked being able to fuse Susano-O, then throw my surplus tarot cards on him for a near-perfect demon at level 85.
P4 - Grinding. Grinding. Scooby Doo. Not as passionate for P4. It's...I dunno, too pulp-y for me. Ruined Susano-O...Some really cool updates to the P3 system, though, better graphics, etc. Plus 3 of my favorite female characters in SMT (Naoto, Chie, Rise). Oh, and my favorite Social Links. I like the whole idea of party S.Links, not just the girls. Kanji's pretty cool. Yosuke's too damn irritating...

I'm perpetually playing all of these by a new game+ (second run of P3/4, third of Nocturne, going for Lucifer). It's an awesome series.
>> No. 5258 [Edit]

Nocturne had Mara as a boss fight which is somewhat more awesome anyway.
>> No. 5259 [Edit]
You know, I'm on my third god damn playthrough of the game, and I never fought him. I was aware of his presence, I just never bothered to find him.

Good excuse as any to boot up my PS2, even though he's not in his glorious chariot during the fight, so it's not the full battle-ready Mara.

DDS is honestly the single most frustrating game I've played, ever. It's like...They made it with -only- grinding in mind. Grind to buy a mantra, spend all your money, fill the mantra, repeat. It gets to the point where you're putting in like, 25 whole hours of grinding - Not for levels, but for money. Ridiculous. I do love the idea of Demi-Fiend as an uberboss. The storyline is also very cool.

Yeahh, you guys have inspired me. Time to dive into the world of the Conception again.
>> No. 5260 [Edit]
I wouldn't be able to be assed to play Nocturne again. Played it my first time on Hard, got Neutral Ending first. Then reloaded my save and got the True Demon Ending. That's enough Nocturne for me.

Still need to play DDS and P3 though, still debating whether to go for FES or the PSP version of P3. Would have to go get a PSP for P3PSP.

DDS is hard as hell to find, I guess I'll just have to buy it online.

Also need to find Raidou Kuzunoha 1. I have the second one and enjoyed it a lot, even though it might be the easiest MegaTen game I've played. They should just remake Raidou Kuzunoha 1 or something and save me the trouble.
>> No. 5262 [Edit]
File 132079547052.jpg - (31.87KB , 600x532 , 8f3a293c2187f775efef7cfe7fafd6f9.jpg )

Play FES if it's your first playthrough, play P3P after it whenever you feel like playing it again.
The only advantage of P3P is the ability to control your party so you won't get screwed over the AI, and playing as the girl (though the girls' social links aren't romance with her). Everything else is worse.
>> No. 5263 [Edit]
File 13207968207.jpg - (476.62KB , 700x1120 , 12515408.jpg )
I've been meaning to buy a PSP so I could do Shinjiro's S. Link since forever. And have him in the butler's outfit~~

But that'd mean he gets rid of his pea coat. I'd give a lot of money for that (exact) kind of coat. It's too damn cool~

Biggest man-crush ever.
>> No. 5264 [Edit]

>Everything else is worse

Nah, I think portability, improved loading times, skill cards, new dialogue, new post-game content and the previous shit you already mentioned outweighs the lack of cutscenes. And the lack of The Answer which is beyond shit anyway.

But yeah, play FES for the cutscenes and to experience the horrible combat.

Watch The Answer on youtube
>> No. 5275 [Edit]
File 132086569166.jpg - (84.38KB , 640x1280 , smt3-isamu.jpg )
I want Isamu's hat. Just looks cool.
>> No. 5304 [Edit]
Well, 70 bucks gone and I now own Persona 3 FES and Persona 4.
I feel it's worth it.
>> No. 5306 [Edit]
That's interesting, I much preferred 4's story, and I found Junpei way more annoying than Yosuke ever could be. Especially when he got into that bitchy weepy "I hate MC because he's the leader" mode a couple of times. At least Yosuke's stupidity mainly caused fights with Kanji, and those scenes were hilarious.
>> No. 5307 [Edit]

Yosuke was a homophobic douche

I liked Kanji and Naoto best
>> No. 5329 [Edit]
File 132115792123.jpg - (537.72KB , 1018x742 , 20111112_1931_43.jpg )
A few of us started playing SMT: Imagine a few days ago. It's nothing special really, but it's interesting if you're a fan of the series and really like the demons. You can interact with them pretty well in here. But yeah, there are a lot of pay for items. Typical of a F2P mmo. At least you can be cute and own cute demons!

Post edited on 12th Nov 2011, 9:16pm
>> No. 5331 [Edit]
At least when I played the cash store was pretty decent. More 'pay-to-fashion' less 'pay-to-win'.
Oh, and how is the skill system? It seemed to have a lot of redundant and unimplemented crap when I last played it.
>> No. 5338 [Edit]
File 132121077261.jpg - (192.42KB , 550x800 , 8105d44db0cc36776c7e3f6b46da286987b5f75d.jpg )

It's still a pay for fashion, but there are some items with buffs that can only be obtained paying, though the market in-game has a lot of people selling those for macca.

The skill system seems decent, you grind the skills you want to get, but it's not related to your character level or stats.

Most of the time in the game I spend it in the market looking for cute clothes to buy~
>> No. 5339 [Edit]
Dem boots. Dat belt buckle. Dem jeans.

Isamu's so damn fashionable. The Musubi reason was the first one I got. I believe that's the reason that /tc/ would follow.

I've wanted a hat like that since I saw The Wild One in 11th grade. Looks like the same kind.
>> No. 5361 [Edit]
Anyone happen to have any basic tips for demon fusing or magatama in Nocturne? I just hit the point where I can fuse for the first time and was curious what might be worth getting and what is worth holding.
Trying to decide if I need anything specific or if I'm good to just continue the plot. Only have a few demons right now though.
>> No. 5362 [Edit]

Don't worry about that for now. Just get up to the underpath of Ginza, which is when you really need to start thinking about fusion.

-Don't dismiss the Pixie from the beginning, or the demon obtained from fusing said Pixie. You'll get something good for keeping it until the end.
-Buffs and debuffs are your friend. Get as many of them as you can on your demons. Each kaja can be stacked four times and lasts the whole battle, or until the enemy uses dekaja or dekunda.
-Fuse the demon Uzume when you get to level 18.
-Matador is an asshole
>> No. 5366 [Edit]
Get an Uzume. I didn't think about it until later, but Uzume was the reason I was able to beat Matador on my first try. Matador's a boss that uses wind, and Uzume is immune to wind.

Anyways, here's the gist of SMT:

1. Get Hero's Attack, Agility, and Stamina to 30. Put the rest into Luck. Magic never needs to be more than 5. The very best Magatama raises everything by ten, so anything over 30 is a waste.
2. Magic Attack Spells suck for the hero, focus purely on attack for him. A few support spells don't hurt.
3. EXPLOIT WEAKNESSES. Can't stress this enough, I can't believe people play MegaTen games and never do this.
4. Use buff's/debuffs. Unlike other RPGs, these spells REALLY help a lot. Early on you can get a skill called Fog Breath that lowers their accuracy by 2 (There are four levels). I didn't use it but it will probably help you.
5. Don't be afraid of using your gems to get Mitamas just to fuse them onto guys. I built up a Fiend around the mid point of the game to almost max stats and he was with me the entire rest of the game because of it.
6. On that Note, when fusing keep in mind all the tricks like fusing during the full moon to offer a sacrifice.
7. If you are playing on Hard like I did, Mind's Eye (Or whatever lowers ambushes) helps A LOT. I never got gang raped with that spell, got rid of it towards the end.
8. Also make sure to get Charge. It's really useful.
>> No. 5367 [Edit]
Uber-Pixie or whatever, right?
I know Pixie can evolve, is that good or are fusions using her better than the evolutions outside of filling that codex or whatever it's called?
I figured buffs would be useful and I know weaknesses are too (Abused Forneus' hard, he wasn't as hard as I was expecting).

Guess it's good I've been focusing on str for now, don't think I've touched mag yet.
MC is mainly a physical bruiser with some healing/buff/debuff then?
I know weaknesses are good, because they give you longer turns (Noticed I was making a lot more moves against the first boss and confirmed it was using his weakness later).
Full moon is the gauge in the top left, right?

Anything specific I'll need to make it?
>> No. 5368 [Edit]

High Pixie kind of sucks so feel free to fuse her away. The demon obtained from fusing it will always be the first demon in the list of demons in your menu.

You should get the Tornado skill when you can, it's your most powerful tool early on especially if you also get force boost. You can get it from the Force Magatama in the underpass of Ginza.

As for Uzume...there's multiple easily available ways to make it so don't worry for now. It already has good starting skills so just load some kaja skills on there.
>> No. 5370 [Edit]
Queen isn't all that great either then I take it?
Ginza the place where you first find a shop and Cit. of Shadows or is that a bit further on?
>> No. 5372 [Edit]
The 'Uber Pixie' is just a Pixie with 30 in everything and useful skills. It's not it's own monster. Also not that you should just not bother fusing the pixie onto anyone. For me, I had to spend a good 400,000 or so Macca just to get back my demon that had been turned into an uber pixie. Really pissed me off since in hard mode the last purchasable magatama is like a 1,000,000 or something and you get less money in battles.
>> No. 5375 [Edit]

First place you find cathedral and shop is Shibuya.

Ginza is the town after that.
>> No. 5394 [Edit]
So I'm fairly close to it or is there another dungeon of sorts between now and then?
>> No. 5398 [Edit]
File 132145425136.jpg - (602.36KB , 1812x2504 , 587_Seraph.jpg )
I've been reading through the Megaten wiki lately. I love the design these games have, especially a lot of these demons I haven't seen that aren't in P3/4 or Nocturne.

Queen Mab is useful, but you won't be getting her for a long time, since she's level 56 (you can only mutate a demon once you're within 3-5 levels of the resulting demon's level.) I kept High Pixie for the sake of convenience and because she has Lucky Find, which can be useful, but it's not necessary as long as you remember not to sacrifice her or her "descendent" in a sacrificial fusion.

And just in case you haven't gotten to Ginza yet, there is an "unexpected" dungeon between it and Shibuya, and you won't be able to recruit any of the demons in there either.
>> No. 5402 [Edit]
I don't really mind holding onto Pixie for that long unless space becomes a major issue at some point.

Is there any element I need to keep in mind for this 'unexpected' dungeon?
>> No. 5405 [Edit]
No, not that I remember. You only really have to start thinking about your party balance after you leave Ginza. But it helps to have a balanced party in any case. The boss in the Amala network is rough going if you don't know the trick to beating him, but that's why Nocturne gives you a lot of save points.
>> No. 5460 [Edit]
File 132236566940.jpg - (570.33KB , 1792x2620 , 1322358263797.jpg )
Oh god, Nanako's concept art makes my heart explode. She's still very cute, but that long hair..!
>> No. 5627 [Edit]
Finally got Digital Devil Saga. I'm in the Sewer towards fighting Varin and about level 45 for everyone. 15 hours in and the game feels like it's going to be done soon... kinda short for an SMT game.

Serph is raping everyone with his 60 STR. Iron stomache, Atma boost, and AP divide. Power boost ---> Ingestion (Hunt against all enemies). Kills them all in one turn, party is maxing out atma like there's no tomorrow. Only problem is that I run out of money to buy new mantras...
>> No. 5987 [Edit]
File 132806109578.jpg - (58.83KB , 400x500 , rvivoryuzu.jpg )
You know there's a DDS 2, right? 1 is just the first half of the game.

I just got Devil Survivor last weekend, it's pretty fun. I've always liked SRPGs, though my taste tends towards the unrealistic Disgaea style. But it's nice to have an SMT SRPG anyway.
>> No. 5988 [Edit]
I just recently beat Devil Survivor. It was my first SMT game, since I don't have a PS2 to play Persona right now. I'm about to start Strange Journey in a little bit. Thoughts on it?

Also, I am not amused by Devil Survivor Overclocked only being on the 3DS.

As if anyone even plays games on the 3DS. Fuck.
>> No. 5989 [Edit]
I play games on 3DS ;_;

But SMT4 is pretty awesome, enjoy it man. It's not an SRPG like Devil Survivor, it plays more like Etrian Odyssey or a more refined version of the early SMT games, and the sci-fi twist is really cool.
>> No. 5990 [Edit]
Sorry for being off topic, but are you getting Resident Evil: Revelations next week or already have it? We should play Raid mode if so.
>> No. 6001 [Edit]
I'm planning on picking up it and Mario Kart 7, but I live outside the US so the import might take a week or two.

Feel free to post your friend code and I'll post mine if you want to swapnote and play together, not near my 3DS right now.
>> No. 6002 [Edit]

I'll probably get Mario Kart 7 at some point soonish.
>> No. 6003 [Edit]
Strange Journey is amazing. You may end up having to grind before the final boss though, which is a little disappointing.
>> No. 6004 [Edit]
Alright I added you, my code is 1633-4301-3630 and my name is Jake, or just put whatever if you want.
>> No. 6005 [Edit]

Yeah I did that and then annihilated the boss with my Jihad spam.
>> No. 6017 [Edit]
About two and a half hours into Strange Journey. Enjoy it so far, despite my distaste for science fiction settings like this. So far, I'm using an Angel, Doppelganger, and some Nymph type. Any recommendations?
>> No. 6024 [Edit]
I feel so noob right now. 13 hours on the game and I haven't even got the level to fuse a Doppelganger.
>> No. 6025 [Edit]
File 132834403295.jpg - (193.43KB , 600x827 , 1e68d7dcd0ad9f853f95e9d5b0a927c6ae9a564f.jpg )
Don't feel bad, I'm cheating with this game.

I value story more than anything else.

About 7 hours in. Have Persephone, Hel, and Ame no Uzume. Sure, I could have higher level demons, but I'm sticking with "female" guards, and these are the highest level ones I've fused so far. Also, I like Persephone, from a mythological stand point. That's one good point about being a filthy cheater; I can afford to use whatever demons I want, rather than strategically picking them, because I'm already level 99.
>> No. 6178 [Edit]
Devil Survivor 2 came out in NA yesterday.

Waiting on a rom since I don't have an actual DS to play it on.
>> No. 6179 [Edit]

Wow! You didn't lie, it's actually for the DS, not 3DS! I didn't even know there was a sequel to Devil Survivor! Great news, thanks a lot for the info!
>> No. 6182 [Edit]

Well, I did think it was odd nobody was talking about it, especially since there seems to have been an English patch made for it. Was it really that under the radar? It doesn't sound bad, and the fate system/social link is a nice feature to add, since I, like most people, usually favor interactions with certain people over others.

Well, we'll see how it is once a rom is put out. Hopefully it wont take months like some other games do...
>> No. 6184 [Edit]
Ah, wait, I found a rom for it.

Just started, but I'm already more immersed in it than I ever was in the first one. Maybe its the music, The first one didn't have very good music...

Here's hoping it keeps it up.
>> No. 6185 [Edit]
File 133057820422.jpg - (73.98KB , 339x860 , 1329602468002.jpg )

I was really hyped for this game last year, but now that it's out I kinda don't feel like playing it.
Guess I'll save it for when my SMT fever comes back, if ever.
>> No. 6186 [Edit]
I think it's the characters. I like them far more than the ones in 1. The whole social-link like system helps, too.
>> No. 6189 [Edit]
You know what annoys me even more than not having any 'official' name you can use to name your charater? It's when there is one but you can't actually use it because it's too fucking long. The result was my standard ragequit. I must've dropped at least a dozen of games now because I had no idea what to name my character.

I'll probably try again in a week and go with ★ ★ for the name.
>> No. 6190 [Edit]
I'm not really bothered with having to option to name your characters in games that don't include voice acting, but it just feels awkward in the ones that do.
I wish they'd just stick with an official name, kinda like Zelda, I never play Zelda without naming my character Link.

You should just choose a nickname and stick with it for every game, you don't need to name all characters different.
>> No. 6194 [Edit]

See, this is a good way to do things. You can name Link whatever you want to but in the end his goddamn name is Link.

>You should just choose a nickname and stick with it for every game, you don't need to name all characters different.

This sure as hell wouldn't work for me and you've got the best example right here. If I were to name my character John Doe every single time it wouldn't work. It doesn't work in a game set in Tokyo when you've got a bunch of Kenjis and Yuzus running around, it doesn't work in fantasy setting when you've got a bunch of Zeldas and Ganondorfs running around, it doesn't work in scifi setting when...

So yeah, you definitely have to go case by case.
>> No. 6196 [Edit]
File 133065004048.jpg - (107.13KB , 1280x720 , 1329963609524.jpg )
>> No. 6199 [Edit]

See, they even use it in comedy anime!

Okay, my impressions:

- the auction system got really improved. The last one was so annoying I was always buying the demons.
- the social links things is kinda useless I think. The social aspect is pretty much the same - it feels they added them just to encourage people to read through those conversations (which is a chore actually, the dialogue is really bad).
- it's cool that now two skills can be cracked by killing one demon (thanks to the social links).
- the stry is obviously shit BUT DS1 had really good atmsphere. Yu really felt liked you were trying t get out of that locked down area.


>I think it's the characters.

I kinda disagree. See, the thing with characters is they are very, very similar to those from DS1.

Going by their role:

- potential love interest that you cheer up throughout the whole game: Yuzu/Io (their personalities are different but oh well)
- bro: Atsuro/Daichi (and Atsuro was actually kinda likeable and didn't whine all the time; their personalities also differ - I'm mentioning this because later on that's not the case)
- self proclaimed hero of justice: Midori/Hinako (samey personality)
- government organization official: Makoto/Misaki (samey personality)
- the chessmaster: Naoya/Yamato (samey personality)
- jerk with a hart of gold: Keita/Nikaido (samey personality)

Etc. etc. (I honestly stopped moreso because I got bored rather than because I ran out of ideas) And most of the time, I liked the old characters better (sans Joe, dat flat cap).

It's funny how they added that skill which limits your range, someone realized how gamebreaking Evil Wave is. Still, they did nothing about Double Up.
>> No. 6204 [Edit]
I spread disease like a dog
discharge my payload a mile high
Rotten egg air of death
wrestles your nostrils

>> No. 6206 [Edit]
Well, I just got the ending where you make a whole new world with Sai. Definitely better than the bullshit endings from DS1.

The survivor awards were a nice touch, too, but I'm a bit annoyed, because I don't think I managed to unlock the Alice fight. Bastards.

Well, a few thoughts:
Overall, I liked it a lot more than DS1, even if I ended up losing two people(Three if you count the one death on day 3. The other two just left me. Dammit, Airi and Joe, stop being such faggots and come back. Although, I guess you can't, huh? What with you not being with us when we made a new world, you died, right? Poor guys.)

The characters were nice, too, if somewhat similar to the original ones, they were still more likeable, from my point of view.

Overall? Had fun. Going to continue playing until I unlock Alice and complete the compendium, which I am at about 45% complete, if it transfered over to the new game. If not, I'm going to be mad as fuck that I didn't have enough points to do so. I honestly can't remember.
>> No. 6207 [Edit]
Oh, also, I'm waiting for someone to make a fusion list for the demons, because after a certain point, I'm pretty sure I just started making the same demons over and over.

I still managed to get Satan, Lucifer, and a few other high class demons, though. Feels good, man.
>> No. 6232 [Edit]
I got the fuck everyone else I'm gonna create a new world as I see fit end.

I really, REALLY wanted to complain about the game's difficulty (I felt it was much easier than the first game) but then Polaris third form happened (unrelated but I really hate all the LOLFINALFORM bosses).

See, the problem was the first two forms were harmless. And yet it took literally 25 minutes to defeat them, even though they couldn't really do jack's shit to you (unless you were unlcuky which happened to me at least two times - you really need some bad luck trust me). On top of that I forgot to set skills to crack at least twice. And my best attmept - I was a turn away from beating him... And I accidentally used Samerecarm instead of Mediaharan. I felt like gaugin my eyeballs out. Overall I tried to beat him like 10 times. I'll let you do the math yourself (yeah, I spent like 5-6 hours doing it)...

Who would've thought Hitokotonusi would be the key to winning the battle. Also <3 Otome. You were always my favorite character~ <3

But fuck the survivor awards. They give you 200P for no free battles and I only got into like 2 to gain some ~1k EXP when I wanted to level up and fuse higher level demons. Shit. Goodbye my 110k Macca (which I was kinda saving all game long).
>> No. 6233 [Edit]
... Know what? I think I'm gonna use those 110k on fusing shit since I'll only carry over 4 demons either way. Beating Polaris again will be a chore but oh well.


>I still managed to get Satan, Lucifer, and a few other high class demons, though. Feels good, man.

Lucifer is relevant to my interests - how did you get Megatron (as in, what is used to fuse it - Remiel x Kazfiel doesn't work for me)? I have Loki already.
>> No. 6235 [Edit]
Metatron was actually very, very easy to make in this one. Like, there are multiple ways. Whenever I was fusing the higher class demons, I would inevitably see one or two chances for him. Him and fucking Nyar(Which, coincidently, is the one that I carried over to the new game. 40 str and mag, plus chaos breath and megidol makes for a gamebreaking demon early in the game, since I can just use an avian to make up for the stunted movement.)

As for a specific combination, however, I can't recall one. I'm almost at the right level to fuse him(He is level 74, I think), so I'll post again when I either unlock the compendium or see him as a choice again.
>> No. 6236 [Edit]
Well, I loaded an old save instead and went to the cathedral to see possible combinations...

Seems Garuda is a common element. I'm looking at it right now and Garuda x Anat and Garuda x Jarilo both make Metatron. Either way, keep a Garuda around and remember that if you press X while you have a demon selected for fusion, it will let you see all the possible choices, as opposed to clicking on them one by one(I'm a slow learner, so I just learned that the other day lol)
>> No. 6237 [Edit]

Uh, don't you use the search function? It makes your life that much easier.

74, that's pretty damn high, I'd have to grind for quite some time to reach that level.

After refusing everything I had (including a Poltergeist which you get when you first start the game) to make some good monsters to recall from compedium later on and spending all my Macca I beat Polaris again. After four tries. FUCK. Even though I knew how to do it. Spent almost 2 hours (actually I now that I think about it I spent this whole fucking day to beat him twice). And most of it was terrible luck/stupid mistakes again (I forgot to set skill cracks again).

I decided to carry over 4 monsters - 32 MA/32 ST Tao Tie (Megiodalon, Holy Dance, Drain, Attack All, Phys Amp, Pierce), 39ST Arioch (Deathbound, useless Holy Dance because I'm retarded, useless Drain, Phys Amp, Pierce, Anti-Most), 40ST/29MA Tezcatlipoca (Gigajama, Holy Dance, Judgement, Attack All, Phys Amp, Pierce) and 38 ST Jarilo (Deathbound, Holy Strike, Prayer, Dual Shadow, Phys Amp, Pierce) - I didn't even have her before, I fused her with my remains and used the whateverit'scalled-Addon to give her Dual Shadow and Prayer and I'm pretty damn proud of her.

I had to ditch some damn good monsters, though - 40 ST Koumokuten with Deathbound, Holy Dance, Avewnge, Phys Amp, Pierce for example. Oh well, not enough Survivor Points. Luckily there's still compedium.

On a somewhat related matter what's this Exp limit thing? I have 60 SP I can't do much with (I had 200 and used 100 to keep my monster, 10 on skills and 30 to make Necrommancer appear) and I don't know what I should go with (I could remove the fusion limit I guess but that's something I'd rather do on my third playthrough, when I'll have lots of Macca and stuff).

... Oh, and I just realized that my character had Moneybags as a passive skill all game long. I didn't even remove it for the last battle.
>> No. 6238 [Edit]
>Search function
Nope, never tried it. Should I?

Also, yeah, 74 is pretty high, but Lucifer is level 99, and unless things stay unlocked, you will have to get to level 5 fate with Sai again to be able to fuse him.
>> No. 6240 [Edit]
Well, getting away from DS2 for a moment...

What demons do you guys like the most? Is there one or two that you usually keep around despite not being as strong as others?
>> No. 6243 [Edit]

Wow, I actually wrote Megatron. I must be retarded or something.


>Nope, never tried it. Should I?

Yeah, definitely. Heck, I can't really imagine playing the game without it.


>and unless things stay unlocked, you will have to get to level 5 fate with Sai again to be able to fuse him

You know I never considered it but maybe they actually don't... Which would really suck.

I also wonder how the survivor awards work. Once you unlock them you don't get the points again at the start of the next game, right? What about unused points? They probably don't carry over, either.


>What demons do you guys like the most? Is there one or two that you usually keep around despite not being as strong as others?

Getting back to DS (except the first one) I was keeping King Frost way past his usefulness point. I liked that guy. Can't say I have any favorites, though.

Warning: incoming SMT unrelated whining. Just ignore me and let me vent my frustration.

All game long I thought the 'continue' option in the ... uh, 'main menu' will be avaible once you finish the game (basically you would start a new game+ from there). The first Devil Survivor came out two years ago and I COMPLETELY forgot about the suspend save (and the devs sure didn't do anything to remind me it exists).

I could complain how I could've saved my progress during the Polaris fight thus saving me some 6 hours of struggle. Instead, I'm gonna complain about not backing up my save before I suspend saved to check if it's really what continue is for (for the better or for the worse, my last backup is quite old - if it weren't I'd probably end up using it and replaying the whole last day again). This resulted in a weird mix of despair and rage (which is hard to explain without writing a whole goddamn book about it but I'll do my best). My OCD tendencies are through the roof (see >>6189 for example) and now that I can select continue I feel I lost something super important (my save state lost it's virginity and I don't plan to take responsibility). I managed to calm down already (which took me a while) and now that I'm writing this the it sounds retarted. This is without a doubt the stupidest reason I ever got really mad for but that's what always happens with me and saves. I fucking hate undeletable save states (I even wondered if it's possible to 'manually' delete the suspend save in question, I was quite desperate). Devil Survivor devs wanted to torture me some more and they added infromation about your exact playtime next to every save so that I'd have to spend a lot of time trying to save at full hours (and I mean xx:00:00, I even sort of developed a method to accomplish this).

Good thing I pirated it, had I bought it I would have had broken the cartridge for sure (and I'm a pretty calm guy mind you). Instead, I deleted my old backup saves in my blind rage. For an hour I thought I'll never tough DS2 again (and my enthusiasm for the game is still lowered).

This probably sounds funny and all but I was really, really mad. Oh well.

They should fucking add 'complete the game without using the suspend save once' Survivor Award.
>> No. 6257 [Edit]
>Wow, I actually wrote Megatron. I must be retarded or something.
That's pretty funny, because I didn't even notice it. Shows how hard I look at things, eh?

Yeah, tried the search thing a little bit ago, worked like a charm. Man, if I knew to try this earlier, I could have saved so much time just fusing random demons together hoping for something good. And since I have 65% of the compendium complete, I have access to pretty much all the future demons. Fuck yeah.

Turns out they do carry over the unlocked fate stuff. Just got to level 3 with someone and didn't unlock anything, so it must stay that way after.

>King frost
He seems useful, but that fucking hair drives me nuts, man. Every time I look at the portrait.

Personally, I tend to gravitate to certain demons based on the mythology they are from. Like how Scathach is from Irish mythology, and I leveled her up to 99 just to keep her with me. Should have really gotten her some better moves though... Mabufu really loses its charm when you can't touch entire parties with it. Her race skills more than make up for it at level 99 though.

>suspended save
What. Man, I forgot all about that. Way to go, DS2. You can't even send that fucking butler/maid combo to tell us about all the features?
>> No. 6259 [Edit]

>Turns out they do carry over the unlocked fate stuff. Just got to level 3 with someone and didn't unlock anything, so it must stay that way after.

Yup, found it elsewhere, unlocked demons stay unlocked.

>He seems useful, but that fucking hair drives me nuts, man. Every time I look at the portrait.

Tyranny is pretty cool early on but later it's simply pointless, especially when you can pick someone with Chaos Breath or Matchless instead.

I didn't even fuse him this time around. Heck, I knew from the very beginning what I'll be going after. 4 Toubyou as soon as it was possible, 4 Ubellurises as soon as it was possible and I just kept updating from there: from Tobyou to Baphomets, then Pauzu, 4 Pyhtons, Arioch, Tao Tie, Tezcatlipoca and from Ubell to Hitokotonus(h)i (the joke is I skipped Nalagiri because I thought some better Kishin will pop out soon - as a result I was still using a single Ubelluris in the Polaris fight), Takemikazuchi, Zouchouten (missed the last DeraDeka even so I didn't get Jikokuten) and Komokuten (I already saw Bishamoten in the compedium but I was level 68 at the end so I couldn't fuse him yet).
>> No. 7363 [Edit]
So how do you guys feel about Kaneko not taking part in a main SMT series game?
>> No. 7396 [Edit]
File 134835503164.png - (559.51KB , 700x1000 , 30204504.png )
I've been playing through P3P. Just got it a week or so ago, in ISO format, because...well, fuck money.

It's really good. Started as the girl, of course - I really see no point to playing as MC and doing the same S.Links I've been through 500 times before. She's really quite adorable. I feel like if I were a girl, I'd want to dress like her. This was the one time in my life where I actually regretted being born a male. The Angora Sweater outfit is so damn perfect, and it honestly sucks that I can't pull off that look without seeming like a freak.

I'm also really excited to see the Personas exclusive to P3P. I thought adding in Tam Lin was really cool. And I'm really surprised to see so many new characters (well, there's only really three off the top of my head - Theo, who I really like, Librarian-chan, who's okay and Rio, who so far, ends up depressing me more than entertaining me).

In all honesty, though, I'm totally only playing it for Shinjiro's S.Link. I love that dude.
>> No. 7406 [Edit]

I've started playing P3 Fes, and having played P3P and P4 first, I'm amazed at just how limited it is in comparison. To think the original P3 is even worse.
>> No. 7445 [Edit]
I don't feel too good about it since I'm a big fan of his art and his character designs. But I guess almost all the demons will be recycled from his old designs anyway, so many it doesn't matter that much. Is SMT IV using the guy who worked on the Devil Survivor games instead?
>> No. 7661 [Edit]
Played P3 and 4 for the first time earlier this month, and just got the true end for 4. Prior to these two, I had only played the games for the DS, so this was a pretty nice change for me.

Got to say I really enjoyed them. I haven't gone through the Answer yet, but man, these games. I'm glad I somehow never managed to be spoiled to the plots, as a whole, over the years. I'm also glad they made it so the ultimate persona for each arcana was actually worth making in 4, never really got that feeling for 3, they felt too underpowered, or maybe I'm just bad at the games.

Too bad I don't have a vita.

Also, some of them s-links, man. Naoto was just adorable.
>> No. 8171 [Edit]
File 13646565108.jpg - (24.92KB , 438x455 , TheReaper.jpg )
So, was anyone else scared shitless of the reaper?
> "You did a great job. You should go home now."
> Naw. I'm going to grind some more.
> "Your teammates are getting tired. you should go back"
> Miitsuru, I got dis.
> "I sense death! RUN!" *clink clink clink*
> wut.
party's slaughtered.
>> No. 8172 [Edit]

The only time he ever actually caught me was when I ran into him on purpose out of curiosity.
>> No. 8177 [Edit]
Last SMT game I played was SMT 2. About to play Persona 2: Innocent Sin. I played it before but never finished it.
>> No. 8185 [Edit]
I have SMT:Devil Survivor, but I've yet to play it or open it.
>> No. 8193 [Edit]

It's a great game, if you'll find some free time I recommend giving it a try. Can't promise you'll enjoy it but I know I did and there were a number of other /tc/ers ITT who share that sentiment.
>> No. 8199 [Edit]
I just got it on the Vita through the PS store. Good so far. Eikichi reminds me of Junpei from P3, only he's way less of an irritating crybaby asshole than Junpei was.
>> No. 8200 [Edit]
Well, it's an RPG, so unless I hate the characters I most likely won't hate it, but for now I have to go through EOIV and MH3U before I think of playing it.
>> No. 8437 [Edit]
How's SMT IV guys?
Also, did anybody play Soul Hackers?

Man, I had no interest in 3DS until now and suddenly it seems to be getting a stream of games I'd like to play (Rune Factory 4, Gyakuten Saiban 5, new Animal Crossing).
>> No. 8438 [Edit]
I've been playing a little bit of Soul Hackers here and there and it's... alright.
It plays the same as but doesn't feel as strong as SMT1 and 2 in terms of atmosphere and story. So far.
>> No. 8440 [Edit]
SMT IV just came out today. Or at least will be in stores and stuff starting from today forward and stuffs.
>> No. 8441 [Edit]
File 13739657161.png - (1.78MB , 1280x1138 , 1373955535411.png )
Can't wait for my copy to get here.
>> No. 8447 [Edit]
Why are there so many complaints on the box?

It reminds me of GameFAQs.
>> No. 8455 [Edit]
marketing 101: reverse psychology
>> No. 8457 [Edit]
because some people can't tell when a image has been Photoshopped.
>> No. 8473 [Edit]
Hm. How different is the female MC version of P3P? Just did a playthrough of the original and if it's not too much different, then I'm not gonna sink the time into it. It's just S-links, yeah?
>> No. 8505 [Edit]
Well, I started Strange Journey again instead of P3P.

Enjoying it so far, even though I am absurdly overleveled for where I am. Hopefully I will continue on past sector E this time.
>> No. 10377 [Edit]
File 138532921248.jpg - (166.40KB , 960x600 , persona55.jpg )
Persona 5 (PS3) was announced today in a NicoNico stream announcement among other titles like

Persona 4: Dancing All Night (PsVita)

Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold (PS3)

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (3DS)
>> No. 10378 [Edit]
Hopefully PersonaQ means that from now on all the Persona shit will stay out of Etrian Odyssey.

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