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File 132140454655.jpg - (209.63KB , 1920x1080 , Amuro's portrait in Bright's office.jpg )
7258 No. 7258 [Edit]
What are you thoughts on the latest episode and the series as a whole?

Who is your favourite character, and what is your favourite mobile suit?
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>> No. 7277 [Edit]
File 13214713964.jpg - (134.11KB , 1000x629 , 0d486c7d9b351c790a5c98ed619c5782.jpg )
Episode 4 is out? Holy shit, I can't believe I forgot about it.

So far, up to Episode 3, I've enjoyed Unicorn. The animation, music, and mobile suit designs are awesome. Storywise it doesn't seem much different from your typical UC Gundam series, but then again the story is usually one of the weaker parts of most Gundam series.

Post edited on 16th Nov 2011, 11:34am
>> No. 7293 [Edit]
Better than Gundam AGE
>> No. 7303 [Edit]
File 132154626469.jpg - (146.72KB , 1920x1080 , Bright reading some Zeon fan wank fan fiction.jpg )
It's not hard to beat it, Age hasn't been particularly good so far, i'm hoping it gets better once the plot starts up a bit.
>> No. 8822 [Edit]
File 133150764175.jpg - (16.19KB , 474x335 , Gihren01.jpg )
What is this? The ONLY Universal Century thread in this place is this close to dying out? How is this possible? No matter! We shall persevere against the oppression of these Earthnoids, and bring this glorious thread back to the limelight where it belongs, even if we must commence a colony drop operation!
>> No. 8823 [Edit]
File 133150822694.jpg - (18.84KB , 472x334 , Gihren15.jpg )

I think it's more telling of the quality of stories in general in anime rather than Universal Century Gundams lacking anything special. Most of them are, as you might be aware, made to sell merchandise (toys, books, what have you), not to be works of art. And those that aren't, most are made with the same idea as most Western stuff is, which is... For the sake of some quick, fast foodish entertainment. There's very little on the "art" section there. And only a scant few animes really make you think, or any more than their Western counterparts. Or make you feel anything but the basest of emotions. Hell, I have only seen a couple of animes that came even close to the emotional response I got when I finished the Mass Effect trilogy or The Longest Journey. And those are *games*. Which NO ONE really considers art.

Anime isn't nine times out of ten anywhere near anything you could consider "art," they're pure entertainment. Same as with games, most Western movies and TV series... And so on.

Just sayin'. Four months late.
>> No. 8874 [Edit]
Oh god. The simple beauty of a zaku II

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