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File 133786141945.jpg - (49.12KB , 692x480 , Neo Tokyo_mkv_snapshot_24_05_[2012_02_17_23_52_43].jpg )
9751 No. 9751 [Edit]
What is a hidden gem that you found that you really enjoyed?

I tracked down NeoTokyo after I remembered seeing a part of it on Liquid Television years ago. I found the whole OVA and its wonderful. Really recommend it.

Have you found anything you would like to share. A short film? An obscure movie?
>> No. 9754 [Edit]
"Angel's Egg". It's amazing...but highly abstract. It ends up being one of those films you either love or hate.

Seems "deep" at first, but it's really just beautiful imagery.
>> No. 9758 [Edit]
I'm really bad with these threads. My powerlevel is decent enough but I'm a plain guy and I watch what everybody else does and like what everybody else does.

As far as TV series go... Recommending Sunred, Boogiepop, Big O, Mouryou no Hako. Sorry, this is really the best I can do. OTL

With shorts/movies it's an entirely different matter. If you like shorts you're gonna look into obscure stuff by definition. There isn't much point to recommending Nekojiru-sou as everybody has seen it but at the same time I feel recommending Tetsuro no Kanata is just as pointless. I think shorts are something you have to dig up on your own to enjoy it to the fullest.
>> No. 9822 [Edit]
Oh man, I saw NeoTokyo the other day as well. Redline Zero and such. It was nice. I found it way better than Robot Carnival.

Still, very few older works can legitimately impress me.

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