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26953 No. 26953 [Edit]
I imagine most people outside of japan watch anime on their computers and probably in small windows or next to whatever else they're doing, if not on their phone.
How big of an impact do you think the way in which you watche anime has on how much you enjoy it? Do you think it ruins the experience if you watch it in the ways I described, or do you think it doesn't matter? and do you think people's inability to sit down and focus on what they're watching is why so many people think anime is shit or at best loose interest in it over time?
>> No. 26954 [Edit]
there are definitely some series i wouldn't watch on the bus. i usually just watch pg slice of life shows on my phone on the bus. can't watch anything that might show fanservice, i may have to stop watching mid-episode if somebody sits behind me.

sometimes i'll watch shows on my phone while in bed. i think it's easier to pay attention because it's more comfortable lying down than sitting up.

i used to have my room set up so that i could see my monitor from my bed, but not anymore. it's a bit better than using the phone since you don't have to hold it. getting the angle right is kind of hard though. i also had to use speakers rather than headphones.
>> No. 26955 [Edit]
It depends on the anime really. If it's something with good production values, direction, voice acting, then I'll enjoy it a lot more on the tv. If it's another throwaway generic cute girl show, then it makes no difference and I'll just watch it on my phone while laying in bed like >>26954 said.

Try proping it up against a pillow, dude. Don't hold it the whole time for haruhi's sake.

As for it affecting how much I enjoy anime, I would say it's the other way around really. How much I enjoy the anime affects how I decide to watch it.

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