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File 140511055761.jpg - (76.23KB , 413x600 , Riza_Hawkeye_600_1305670.jpg )
16025 No. 16025 [Edit]
Hey anons, I'm new to waifuism, kind of
Have any tips for me? I know that this should be simple and wouldn't really require a thread from my part but I'm sure that some experimented.... uhm, wizards have something to say!
>> No. 16026 [Edit]
Is this a troll?
>> No. 16027 [Edit]
I do believe so.
>> No. 16028 [Edit]
Assuming you're serious
If you're thinking about finding a waifu just for the sake of having a waifu and being part of the "community" I suggest you get that idea out of your head very quickly. A relationship without love is not going to work out and will just cause a lot of trouble.
On a related note: the people here are very serious about this stuff and may find it rather insulting if you act like it's a game or meme.
>> No. 16029 [Edit]
Uh... when did I say that I wanted to belong to anything?

I already have a waifu, image is related. Since I'm new to this, I'd just like some tips. I'm not looking to belong anywhere, and I'm not acting like it's a game here.

So I watched this anime and now I have a waifu. What next? What do I do? This might sound really stupid, but I really need help concerning this. And I'm not trying to troll you guys.
>> No. 16030 [Edit]
Tips regarding what? Your post is so open and non-specific that it is very hard to tell you about the things you want to hear.
Just love her.
>> No. 16031 [Edit]
Obviously that's what I'm going to do. But I didn't come in details in my question, please accept my apologies.

So I have been looking at some threads here, like "What do you like most about your waifu", "What would your waifu think of the region you're living in", etc... Should I take waifuism as a real relationship? I mean having this relationship full-time with my waifu like a married man would have a full-time relationship with his wife.

Also, something I'm scared of, is that it might change me for the worse, I'm just a bit paranoid about things in general although I do have faith in my waifu. What could I do regarding this?

Sorry if I seem like a noob, but if you have anything to say to a newbie in waifuism then please go ahead. It is something I want to commit to.
>> No. 16032 [Edit]
Having a waifu is a very personal thing and there's no such thing as a "waifu noob" because everyone has different lifestyles and philosophies. You just have to find your own and form your own opinions.
People usually treat it like any other relationship and commit themselves full-time to their waifu but this doesn't mean you're also forced to do it that way. Though there's no reason not to.
>> No. 16033 [Edit]
Alright, thanks a lot for your quick reply.
Also, my waifu can change me for the better, although I shouldn't be afraid of change because everythingwillbealright... right?

And I shouldn't be worrying about others having the same waifu, correct? I mean, I've seen that first thread where everybody says who's their waifu and I found 2 people. Doesn't bother me much but at the same time I wouldn't want to turn into a jealous prick. Someone told me that the concept I have of my waifu is different from THEIR concept.
>> No. 16034 [Edit]
I can't assure you everything will be alright. You'd have to make your own expriences. Having a waifu can be a pretty destructive force but can also help you turn into a better person.

Here's a thread about people sharing your waifu: >>14921
There are a lot of opinions in that thread, not all are positive, not all are negative. At some point there was a big meanie in the thread trying to tell everyone that they're not living their life correctly but his posts got deleted because it was plain insulting and only the replies remain. Just wanted to say that in case you were wondering why some people are annoyed about empty posts.

If you want to hear other people's views on specific topics just use the catalog function and ctrl+f.
We also have an archive at /arc/.
Oh and don't be afraid of replying to very old threads, it's no problem if you dig them up.

Post edited on 11th Jul 2014, 3:05pm
>> No. 16035 [Edit]
I do realize this, and even though it could 'destroy' me or annihilate my social status I couldn't care less because I have no friends, no real family and I stay home all day.

Thanks a lot for your help. I will look into the threads you've given me. Again, thanks.
>> No. 16036 [Edit]
Just do whatever makes you happy.

Maybe this old article will give you some food for thought.

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