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File 133720135384.jpg - (80.68KB , 684x1092 , 2ch-makes-3d-moe-3-030.jpg )
14795 No. 14795 [Edit]

I think we should voice our support for this man.
>> No. 14796 [Edit]
I like one of the comments there...

>There are millions of people are fans to Manga which has been around for hundreds of years

Hundreds of years?
>> No. 14797 [Edit]
Even Jesus Christ liked manga!
>> No. 14798 [Edit]
>"A photo depicting a real child could have been used to make the drawing."

How does any sort of court even look at a sentence like this and take it seriously
>> No. 14799 [Edit]
At least she sounds desperate, and even the criminal investigators (in the child porn division) say this is a waste of time. I don't think the guy even needs any more support
>> No. 14802 [Edit]
Article titled "Pregnant reindeer death shock: 'they all exploded'" caught my attention and I forgot to read yours the first time.
>> No. 14807 [Edit]
>But according to Hedvig Trost of the prosecution, it can be hard to draw a line between what is an animation and what is a photograph.
>“The ban is there to protect children in general, whether it is real children depicted or not,” she said in court.

This is a sound argument and it's not the least bit strange. Think of the rights of fictional children.
>> No. 14838 [Edit]
>Think of the rights of fictional children.

I don't think they mean it in that way. Its probably saying that people shouldn't sexualise children.
>> No. 14904 [Edit]
Technically he's right.
The Hokusai manga was first published in 1814 but I doubt that that's what he was referring to.
>> No. 15048 [Edit]
My respect goes even higher for Sweden.
>> No. 15050 [Edit]

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