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File 134599582045.jpg - (498.48KB , 992x1403 , 6ea6704867f742c63ab139f6ba3a2a3c.jpg )
16539 No. 16539 [Edit]
You are now the hero/antihero/villain (doesn't matter, really) in some episodic villain of the week (or hero of the week, I'd like to watch that) series and you desperately need a one liner you'll use before defeating/killing your opponents.

You need to come up with one in 3... 2... 1...
So, what's the result?
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>> No. 16540 [Edit]
I guess that that other line might be a little too much. So I'll go with: "You're already dead".

Post edited on 26th Aug 2012, 10:15am
>> No. 16541 [Edit]
I don't do so well under pressure.
>> No. 16542 [Edit]
I'd rather be the end-of-season villain of a shounen that gives a lenghty nihilistic discourse but eventually gets subdued by the main character's counterargument based on the values of friendship, hope and pink ponies baking pies fighting powers. Can't I? Maybe make a one-liner based on my wish to be that if the first can't be done then?

Post edited on 26th Aug 2012, 1:33pm
>> No. 16543 [Edit]
I'd be some mid-boss underling sent to stop the opponents from getting to their objective with a lenghty fight scene but no signifcant dialogue and I would die at the end of the episode and in my last breath I'd mutter "...master...forgive me..." then shed a single tear and fall to the ground dead
>> No. 16544 [Edit]
I would come up with a cheesy line based on the method of killing them then laugh to myself about how dumb it was
>> No. 16545 [Edit]
>> No. 16548 [Edit]
"My butt hurts"
>> No. 16550 [Edit]
"*Opponent's name*-san!!!!"
>> No. 16551 [Edit]
Take it easy you baka
>> No. 16555 [Edit]
"It doesn't matter"
>> No. 16557 [Edit]
"Should've stayed in bed..."
>> No. 16559 [Edit]
'I'll make you fall for me' is the only acceptable answer here.
>> No. 16562 [Edit]
"I'm hungry..."
>> No. 16565 [Edit]
"May Haruhi have mercy on this pathetic human's soul..."
>> No. 16572 [Edit]
Nothing. Silent villains are far more intimidating.

Failing that, I'd do like >>16544 and take a page from the Cesar Romero Memorial School of Villainy, something like "ICE to make your acquaintance" or "have a nice TRIP, see you next FALL," depending on the context. Also optionally giving my opponent an insulting nickname like "Bat-Dork" or "Captain Stupid"
>> No. 16584 [Edit]
"Talk to the bullets, motherfuker!"
>> No. 23513 [Edit]
File 138927728766.jpg - (62.18KB , 367x461 , danskjävlar.jpg )

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