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File 130988402160.jpg - (115.12KB , 794x699 , yijbi7.jpg )
4742 No. 4742 [Edit]
This looks promising.
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>> No. 4745 [Edit]
File 130991010899.jpg - (58.78KB , 1280x720 , [Tonde] YuruYuri - 01 720p_mkv_snapshot_04_39_[201.jpg )
This show is awesome!
>> No. 4746 [Edit]
Anything with yuri in the title has my watch.
>> No. 4747 [Edit]
Where can I order one of those?
>> No. 4748 [Edit]
With or without the lipstick stains?
>> No. 4760 [Edit]


>> No. 4766 [Edit]
I'll definitely watch it but I hope some decent group will pick this up, don't wanna watch HorribleSubs' rips again... Then again that's probably just my wishful thinking, I doubt anyone will pick this up; it can't be helped.
>> No. 4770 [Edit]
Try Tonde, They didn't sub the op/ed, but they're not bad I think.
>> No. 4787 [Edit]
Tonde are doing it, and are to release a v2 later with fixed grammar, chapters and the op/ed subbed.

Annoyingly Commie seem to have given up on this season... They're only subbing Natsume and that Gainax show as opposed to like 12 shows last season.
>> No. 4797 [Edit]
File 131008978768.jpg - (26.19KB , 600x338 , yuruyuri.jpg )
>> No. 4798 [Edit]

Based off this scene I wholeheartedly agree.
>> No. 4853 [Edit]
File 131030885964.png - (1.20MB , 1366x768 , It sure is.png )
Since there was a lot of 4th wall breaking I'm really disappointed they didn't mention that Akari got the protagonist seat.

I'm getting obvious Nami vibes from her.
>> No. 4882 [Edit]
So this really is a yuri show, the name wasn't telling me bullshit. I didn't like the first episode at all, so I'll watch the second one and then drop it most likely.

It's really cliché, unfunny and the lack of plot makes me feel like I'm wasting my life 25 minutes at a time already.
>> No. 4903 [Edit]
File 131068947522.png - (753.99KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2011-07-14-20h23m51s208.png )
What a whore.
>> No. 4904 [Edit]
Yeah, I was looking forward to some nice yuri but unless it develops some plot/drama I don't think I can stick with it.
>> No. 4906 [Edit]
It's just a slice of life, it's ok as it is. I'm liking it.
>> No. 4909 [Edit]
if you're looking for plot/drama, you're looking in the wrong place, most you'll get of that is Akari's sister being obsessed with her.
>> No. 4912 [Edit]
File 131070279465.jpg - (186.59KB , 1280x721 , 1309958708123.jpg )
She definitely prefers asses.
>> No. 4913 [Edit]
File 131070281887.jpg - (202.60KB , 1280x720 , 1309958708124.jpg )
>> No. 4934 [Edit]
File 131085155980.jpg - (82.09KB , 1280x720 , [SHiN-gx] Yuru Yuri - 02 [720p][4969F1AC]_mkv_snap.jpg )
>> No. 4938 [Edit]
Her loneliness makes me question her position as the main character.
>> No. 4993 [Edit]
File 131104660621.jpg - (108.99KB , 1280x720 , [AFFTW] Yuruyuri - 02 [720p] [661A9A17]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
This is to much!
>> No. 4994 [Edit]
File 131104770438.jpg - (81.56KB , 327x960 , fgyiur5h7be4dh7r5t7.jpg )
>> No. 4995 [Edit]
She still has her sister.
>> No. 4996 [Edit]
File 131105308518.jpg - (114.90KB , 1280x720 , akari.jpg )
I didn't think I'd love this show so much, but I really do. I just blew through the first 2 episodes, and will probably watch the third before the night is done
>> No. 4997 [Edit]
File 131105826888.jpg - (104.73KB , 596x335 , yuri 3.jpg )
Something's already clear to me: Kyoko's fucking awesome.
>> No. 5002 [Edit]
File 131113009327.jpg - (98.37KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs]_YuruYuri_-_03_[720p]_mkv_snapshot_0.jpg )
Excellent third episode in my opinion.
I love how relaxed the atmosphere in this show is. The characters aren't anything we haven't seen before, yet they're still well done; The humor is not laugh-out-loud funny but still enjoyable and cute, and the art is also pretty good. All in all I'm liking this show a lot more than A-Channel.
Also one thing I rarely think about when watching SoL anime is the soundtrack, but I think the music in this episode in particular stood out. It was very reminiscent of AzuDai at times in my opinion.

Speaking of Azu, I can't be the only one to have immediately thought of Chiyo-chan/Osaka when Kyoko was thinking about Akari's hair, right?
>> No. 5004 [Edit]
>Chiyo-chan/Osaka... Akari's hair.

Yeah, I'm guessing it was a tribute (Kyoko is a bit of an otaku herself, so maybe).

Post edited on 19th Jul 2011, 8:46pm
>> No. 5005 [Edit]
oh god I want to hug every character in this show so much ;_;
>> No. 5014 [Edit]
File 131119252515.jpg - (130.53KB , 720x400 , [HorribleSubs] YuruYuri - 03_(XviD_AnimeSenshi)_av.jpg )

She really is.
Definitely of the better protagonists this season.
>> No. 5017 [Edit]
File 13111945802.png - (61.56KB , 210x200 , akarin.png )
>> No. 5018 [Edit]
Hm? Who is that?
>> No. 5019 [Edit]
I think the opening sequence is the only thing at all in the show that really points to akarin as being the protagonist.
besides, in shows like this, there never really is a protagonist, or it makes no difference at all.
>> No. 5028 [Edit]

It's okay when Kyoko does it.
>> No. 5036 [Edit]
File 131124513037.png - (1.06MB , 1366x768 , Pimp.png )
Wait, people still think Akari is the protagonist? Because that's obviously Kyouko's role. Don't let the protag seat fool you!

By the way, was I the only one who felt that during first few scenes of the ep she was obstructed on purpose, to further showcase that's she's no protagonist?


>I can't be the only one to have immediately thought of Chiyo-chan/Osaka when Kyoko was thinking about Akari's hair, right?

at first I was shocked as that's exactly what I wondered about just a second before Kyouko mentioned it. But then I got instantly reminded of Chiyo.

I kinda like the ending, it's catchy. And I prefer this art style to be honest, something about the way their pupils are drawn bothers me.

But damn, this, Morita-san, Nekogami, [email protected].. This season is packed with SoL goodness.
>> No. 5037 [Edit]
File 131124523473.png - (885.36KB , 1366x768 , Out of context.png )
>> No. 5038 [Edit]
File 131124605960.jpg - (154.90KB , 640x480 , 1310982811169.jpg )
>> No. 5039 [Edit]
File 131124609799.jpg - (39.62KB , 480x854 , 1310982899249.jpg )
>> No. 5040 [Edit]
File 131124631297.jpg - (49.29KB , 480x854 , 1310982950102.jpg )

So yeah. Anybody seen Monster Inc? Because this reminds me of Mike Wazowski. A lot. //Off top: I didn't know but apparently Monsters Inc will be getting a prequel soon.//
>> No. 5041 [Edit]
File 131124644562.jpg - (119.79KB , 900x550 , 1311014826643.jpg )
Also obligatory crossover.
>> No. 5088 [Edit]
File 131138711871.jpg - (67.26KB , 1280x720 , kyoko bath.jpg )
>> No. 5090 [Edit]
What reminds you of Mike Wazowski...?
>> No. 5097 [Edit]

Didi you actually look at the pictures?

Also this

>By the way, was I the only one who felt that during first few scenes of the ep she was obstructed on purpose, to further showcase that's she's no protagonist?

He was always shown obstructed in the same way in the movie whenever he made an appearance in media.
>> No. 5098 [Edit]

I saw the pictures and I still don't get what do they have to do with Wazowski.
>> No. 5099 [Edit]

Do I honestly have to download the whole thing to take a couple of screenshots?

When there was an in-movie advert about Monsters Inc. Wazowski was in it but in the end he was obstructed by company's logo. Then he was obstructed like that again. Also, I saw some magazine (as in a magazine in a store, not in-movie one) where they slapped a huge code bar on his face, even though he was practically in the middle of the cover. Now look at >>5038 and/or rewatch the first scene in ep 3. If you don't see it then I give up.
>> No. 5101 [Edit]
I've seen the movie several times, and I still would have never made the connection. Don't get mad at us for your moronically vague wording.
>> No. 5106 [Edit]
Yeah, anyways...

I love the OP to this show, just sayin!
>> No. 5108 [Edit]
I have a feeling Yui is going to grow her hair out before the end of the show. They were talking about how it was once long, and now it has that length in the back that looks like she's been growing it.

I love long dark hair~
>> No. 5125 [Edit]
File 131157830548.jpg - (244.26KB , 1280x720 , [AFFTW] Yuru Yuri - 03 [720p][B501B9D4]_mkv_000033.jpg )
I wonder if they're trying to poke fun at the fact most anime protagonists don't stand out much, are bland/boring and are characters nobody really cares about.
>> No. 5127 [Edit]
haha wow, didn't notice it at first, but damn, the creators are being really mean to Akari, I feel kind of sorry for her now.
>> No. 5135 [Edit]
File 131162351238.png - (1.31MB , 1366x1536 , futa.png )
It's been a while since I last looked forward to a new ep of an anime I'm following.

Poor Akari. I was taking caps where they made fun of her lack of presence but there were just too many jokes about it and I gave up midway through the ep. The only one I kept is another out of context cap.

Ayano reminds me of Natsume from Hidamari Sketch.

And who was the mysterious 9th person?

Post edited on 25th Jul 2011, 1:08pm
>> No. 5137 [Edit]

I'll tell you when the good subs come out.
>> No. 5141 [Edit]
File 131162545826.jpg - (303.55KB , 1280x720 , [WhyNot] Nekogami Yaoyorozu - 03 [C5FE53FF]_mkv_00.jpg )
HorribleSubs™: "Subs for the Needy and Desperate."
>> No. 5142 [Edit]

There are none for this series unless you're talking about Anime-DS (the only group whose release I haven't seen). Tonde/Asuka/AFFTW are all terrible and I'm inclined to say they are even worse than the CR rips.

It's funny because the most common argument against CR is seemingly 'hurr overamericanized shit' and yet the only group whose subs are actually better (SHiN) uses western name order (while CR uses Asian name order and honorifics).

So yeah, I'm not gonna wait a week for subs which aren't even that much better and annoy me as I hear them say one thing and read something else (I'm still talking about the name order of course).
>> No. 5143 [Edit]
What's wrong with them?
>> No. 5145 [Edit]

Didn't you know? It's cool to hate on CR-rips!
>> No. 5146 [Edit]
ass ugly font, rips from crunyroll, who sometimes don't even bother to.... ... ... ?
and do localization crap sometimes.
Their name says it all man.
>> No. 5147 [Edit]
Didn't you know? CR sucks!
>> No. 5149 [Edit]
How about you discuss the show instead of arguing over sub groups like console warriors
>> No. 5150 [Edit]

>ass ugly font

Unless I'm blind they use the exact same font as SHiN for this series.

>rips from crunyroll, who sometimes don't even bother to.... ... ... ?

From my experience CR rips tend to be more accurate than your average fansubs. There are like 5 currently active groups who are actually better (none of them are subbing this series).

>and do localization crap sometimes.

This time it's SHiN who do, though.

By the way, I'm >>4766. I really hoped EveTaku would pick this up but they didn't and as I said all other groups (sand Anime-DS, I think they picked it up a little later so I didn't check out their release) are as bad (or worse) than CR-rips and they sure take their sweet time in releasing stuff.
>> No. 5151 [Edit]
This place isn't very busy, thus it's not that hard to tell who's who.
>> No. 5152 [Edit]
Not saying SHiN is any better.
Why would I use subs from a self absorbed asshat who thinks he is his own waifu?
>> No. 5153 [Edit]

Then enlighten me which subs I should watch as again, I've seen everything sans Anime-DS and it breaks down like this:

Tonde/Asuka: absolute shit
AFFTW: On par with HS and they release their stuff later
SHiN: Would be best if not for name flipping (I wouldn't mind not having honorifics since you hear them either way)

Anime-DS: ??? The only thing I can say is that the font is enough to give your eyes cancer and the other guy (as I assume it was not you) complained that HS use 'ass ugly font'.
>> No. 5154 [Edit]
File 131162792980.jpg - (144.66KB , 720x400 , [HorribleSubs] YuruYuri - 03_(XviD_AnimeSenshi)_av.jpg )

Wait for the HorribleSubs™ avi and download that.
>> No. 5155 [Edit]

Cool ad hominem, you almost managed to dodge the question while making me look stupid! Gee, that was a close one.
>> No. 5157 [Edit]

I have no idea what you're talking about good sir.
Was just offering some friendly advice.
>> No. 5158 [Edit]
File 13116286228.jpg - (217.22KB , 500x681 , kagamin.jpg )

WhyNOT use subs from a self abosorbed asshat who thinks he is his own waifu?

That sounds awesome.
>> No. 5175 [Edit]
Coalgirls are doing this show now, meaning edited CR subs with 10bit encodes and ordered chapters. Each episode is only like 100mb, this new stuff is insane. You need the CCCP beta from the 11th of July or mplayer2 to play it without artifacts, however.
>> No. 5181 [Edit]
File 131170906611.jpg - (442.81KB , 1280x720 , [Coalgirls]_Yuru_Yuri_04_(1280x720_H_264_AAC)_[3C1.jpg )

No idea who that was. Though, judging by the camera angles it could have been any one of them.
>> No. 5182 [Edit]
File 131170920627.jpg - (362.20KB , 1280x720 , [Coalgirls]_Yuru_Yuri_04_(1280x720_H_264_AAC)_[3C1.jpg )
>> No. 5183 [Edit]
File 131170931289.jpg - (474.11KB , 1280x720 , [Coalgirls]_Yuru_Yuri_04_(1280x720_H_264_AAC)_[3C1.jpg )
>> No. 5184 [Edit]
File 131170941437.jpg - (339.27KB , 1280x720 , [Coalgirls]_Yuru_Yuri_04_(1280x720_H_264_AAC)_[3C1.jpg )
>> No. 5185 [Edit]
File 131170952770.jpg - (349.28KB , 1280x720 , [Coalgirls]_Yuru_Yuri_04_(1280x720_H_264_AAC)_[3C1.jpg )
>> No. 5186 [Edit]
File 131170966433.jpg - (450.16KB , 1280x720 , [Coalgirls]_Yuru_Yuri_04_(1280x720_H_264_AAC)_[3C1.jpg )
If Kyoko had it her way... this would be the yuri version of School days.
>> No. 5188 [Edit]

>No idea who that was. Though, judging by the camera angles it could have been any one of them.

Not really. Go count the watermelon slices - there were 9 of them. It could've been just some 4th wall breaking (i.e. the 9th person is the cameraman) but somehow I doubt it.
>> No. 5213 [Edit]
File 131182883484.jpg - (369.97KB , 1280x720 , [Coalgirls]_Yuru_Yuri_04_(1280x720_H_264_AAC)_[3C1.jpg )
But that implies that everyone at only "one" watermelon slice. For all we know, Yui was feeling lucky and decided to indulge for a day.

Try again anon-kun.
>> No. 5222 [Edit]
The missing person is probably the student body president. She appears in the later chapters of manga.
>> No. 5223 [Edit]
File 131185077183.png - (1.60MB , 1366x768 , Exhibit A.png )

>Try again anon-kun.

Challenge accepted!

First, take a look at this. From this perspective it should be obvious that the only person who has a free hand to take another slice is the one at the bottom of the screen, as the girl who sits left of her (assuming there's noone in between which I'll later prove false) is using both hands to grab a slice.
>> No. 5224 [Edit]
File 131185087157.png - (860.45KB , 1366x768 , Exhibit B.png )
However, as it can be clearly seen here, the mysterious 9th person uses both hands to grab her slice, too!

Post edited on 28th Jul 2011, 4:10am
>> No. 5225 [Edit]
File 131185104010.png - (1.55MB , 1366x768 , Exhibit C.png )
Now, (ignoring the angle the hands come from) you could say that one of the girls just grabbed one slice, put it aside and then helped herself to another one. But if that's the case you'd think you will see it here...
>> No. 5226 [Edit]
File 131185114925.png - (1.01MB , 1366x768 , Exhibit C (2).png )
... nor here. Of course, you could also say that she just hid it far away from here and that's why you can't see it but...
>> No. 5227 [Edit]
File 131185131030.png - (1.16MB , 1366x768 , Exhibit D.png )
... wouldn't it be more logical to assume the girl who's sitting left of Chitose (on her right, looking from Chitose's POV) is the one holding it? Also, why would you divide the watermelon into 9 pieces if there are only 8 girls?
>> No. 5230 [Edit]

I think it was pretty obvious that the person who handed the tissues to Chitose was the one eating the watermelon.
The fact that you don't know who he is is the whole joke.
>> No. 5238 [Edit]
This show went from being meh to amazing in the first 3 episodes. Why is this season so good?
>> No. 5239 [Edit]
File 131190503789.png - (630.58KB , 854x480 , MilkyHolmes91.png )

Excellent deduction Watson.
>> No. 5299 [Edit]
File 13119716337.jpg - (103.14KB , 1280x720 , ayano n kyoko2.jpg )
I love this show
>> No. 5336 [Edit]
File 131213284317.jpg - (50.49KB , 848x480 , [HorribleSubs]_YuruYuri_-_01_[480p]_mkv_snapshot_0.jpg )
Glad you guys kept this thread going on for so long because I finally got off my ass and tried the first episode and am thoroughly impressed. Jokes, timing/pacing, certain quirks they give to how the characters move, scene changes, etc. None of that seemed half-assed and even the animation quality was far better than I had expected it to be. Looking at the staff listing, I'm pleasantly surprised to see that the director of Yuru Yuri also directed the two Mitsudomoe seasons, which, despite some subpar episodes starting out, ended up being one of the most enjoyable and the sole anime I was following in two otherwise boring seasons. I think I originally avoided watching this show because I thought the character designs in one of the the promotional pics included in the summer chart listed looked too derpy, but watching an entire episode has really made me like how round the eyes are. So thanks again, brohnos, for not making me overlook a pretty good anime just like you guys did with Milky Holmes.
>> No. 5339 [Edit]

You can always rely on /an/ to give a truthful opinion on most shows. Sometimes we're a bit divided but in most cases, when it's said it's good, it usually is.
>> No. 5355 [Edit]
File 131215762245.jpg - (100.79KB , 680x384 , [Otaku-Base] [Tonde] YuruYuri - 01 (Xvid) [384p] [.jpg )

I'll be honest, I dropped it as soon as this scene came up. I'm glad I gave it another chance though.
>> No. 5368 [Edit]
File 131222585866.jpg - (102.61KB , 1280x720 , 1312224583877.jpg )
Why is Chinatsu such a meanie?
>> No. 5370 [Edit]
I dont understand why people like this series so much. It is decent, but not any kind master piece, not even in "cute girls doing cute things" category.
>> No. 5371 [Edit]
It's all in the name bro.
>> No. 5372 [Edit]
Because it's cute, funny, and I love all the characters
>> No. 5379 [Edit]
Isn't it sad Akarin?
>> No. 5381 [Edit]
File 131223334725.jpg - (154.77KB , 1002x711 , 23425.jpg )
Can't say for sure, Akarin. I've been out of touch with that kind of stuff for a while as well.

I didn't think Chinatsu had it in her, to be honest.
>> No. 5384 [Edit]
I know, it's the title and all, but that was unexpected and I laughed my ass out of it all.
>> No. 5386 [Edit]
File 131224315537.jpg - (86.33KB , 848x480 , [HorribleSubs] YuruYuri - 04 [480p]_mkv_snapshot_1.jpg )
Because of Anshin Angkor Wat and Iranai Niagra falls. I want one of these for each episode.
>> No. 5387 [Edit]
why can't this show get some decent subs already?! ;_;
>> No. 5388 [Edit]

It's one of the better series in an overcrowded genre.
>> No. 5401 [Edit]

Really? I totally saw it coming to be honest and I didn't know what the title of the ep was.
>> No. 5403 [Edit]
File 131231557655.jpg - (303.04KB , 1280x720 , [한샛-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 05 (D-TX 1280x720 x264 A.jpg )
Well I sure didn't see this coming.

This reminds me of one of those awkward moments, at a friend's place, and you find out a lot more about them than you wanted to.
>> No. 5404 [Edit]
File 131231568434.jpg - (473.60KB , 1280x720 , [한샛-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 05 (D-TX 1280x720 x264 A.jpg )
She makes those glasses work.
>> No. 5405 [Edit]
File 131231575369.jpg - (196.82KB , 1280x720 , [한샛-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 05 (D-TX 1280x720 x264 A.jpg )
Is this really how it ends?
>> No. 5406 [Edit]

She's crying because she knows she's ruined for marriage.
>> No. 5420 [Edit]
File 131240776281.gif - (1.23MB , 480x270 , akarin kiss.gif )
Huh? Does this break the rules somehow and was deleted or did it fuck up when I posted it?
>> No. 5433 [Edit]
  Nightmare fuel
>> No. 5444 [Edit]
File 131252523377.jpg - (296.25KB , 1280x720 , [한샛-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 05 (D-TX 1280x720 x264 A.jpg )

I wonder what could have been going through the mind of the man that created this.
>> No. 5445 [Edit]
I sometimes wonder if the guys that make stuff like that hate the source material, or if they're just trying really hard to be funny/different.
>> No. 5449 [Edit]
File 131257068837.jpg - (204.89KB , 1389x781 , kyoko entered.jpg )
>> No. 5453 [Edit]
At this point I realized why it was she gets sidelined, made fun of and treated kind of bad.
She's the only character in this show that isn't into girls!
>> No. 5456 [Edit]
You were treated badly for being homosexual back in the days. Today is the other way around.
>> No. 5472 [Edit]
And with this, I don't feel nearly as sorry for her as I did before.
>> No. 5473 [Edit]

>At this point I realized why it was she gets sidelined, made fun of and treated kind of bad.

Well I noticed she's not part of the love triangle going on between Chinatsu, Kyouko and Yui few eps ago. I mean heck, just look at OP's pic. While they focus on said love triangle Akarin is left out. I thought it was done on purpose, too.

Also, you may say that only she is straight but so far Yui didn't really show interest in any of the girls (just the opposite at various times). The subtext was way more clear even when it comes to Himawari and whatever-thath-second-girl-was-called.

But yeah, if anime has taught me one thing is that all girls are secretly (or not) gay for one another, some are just slow to realize it.
>> No. 5474 [Edit]
>all girls are secretly (or not) gay for one another, some are just slow to realize it

This is sadly true.
>> No. 5475 [Edit]
I thought the same about Funami, but she's just more reserved.
I get the feeling she's kind of interested in Kyouko, a little more then just friends.
plus, she didn't have to give Chinatsu that kiss.
>> No. 5477 [Edit]

I think the fact that she kissed Chinatsu proves that she thinks nothing of her. She even said that she could kiss her on the lips but it's too embarrassing. So Chinatsu is more or less out of question (if you take your goggles of that is).

Kyouko is somewhat possible as there was ju~ust a little bit of tension when she was spending the night at her place. But it's really minor and Yui said she doesn't have interest in anyone in particular when they were talking about love so it kinda balances out (yeah well she couldn't outright state it's Kyouko but she could've at least there is someone or something; let's just say it's not very important but not completely meaningless). So yeah, if you take off ze goggles I don't think you'll see any subtext.

... I can't believe we're seriously discussing pairing in a comedy show.

But I wanted to direct your attention elsewhere. Look at >>4853 this. I never noticed it but Akarin's hairdo consists of:

✔ odango
✔ intake
✔ small ahoge

Looks like she did her best to stand out a little. Or maybe I'm just thinking too hard about this.
>> No. 5478 [Edit]
File 131264813568.jpg - (410.13KB , 1280x720 , [Anime-DS]_Yuru_Yuri_05_[B4639C83]_(720p)_mkv_0002.jpg )
yeah, you're right, I also got the feeling she didn't kiss her because she liked her, she was kissing her in a sort of "you're not the girl for me, but here's something for your troubles." sort of way.

>take off your goggles
Remind me what the show is called again?
heck, just look what happens when one of the characters takes her goggles off.
>> No. 5479 [Edit]

>heck, just look what happens when one of the characters takes her goggles off.

Yeah but those are reverse goggles. Kinda Cyclops (the X-Men one) like.
>> No. 5493 [Edit]
File 131267800052.jpg - (262.26KB , 1280x720 , [한샛-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 05 (D-TX 1280x720 x264 A.jpg )

Her name is Sakurako.
>> No. 5502 [Edit]
File 131271502827.jpg - (204.03KB , 623x900 , 1312410834944.jpg )
>> No. 5503 [Edit]
File 131271505786.jpg - (287.36KB , 793x623 , 1312445699509.jpg )
>> No. 5504 [Edit]
File 131271508535.jpg - (47.04KB , 600x563 , 1312497924408.jpg )
>> No. 5515 [Edit]
The scene with her and the other girl's loli sister was so cute/funny I almost died
>> No. 5527 [Edit]
File 131280783873.png - (691.52KB , 742x1227 , Kissing.png )

It's normal around here. Especially common for girls their age who kinda want to show 'we're not elementary schoolers anymore!'. Few years back I saw mostly high schoolers doing it, then middle schoolers picked it up and as a result high schoolers seemingly stopped.

Humans are funny.
>> No. 5539 [Edit]
For the last few days I wondered what they'll do with the first scene. When Kyouko appeared I was 100% positive I actually guessed it right and there's gonna be a replacement after what happened last week (it seemed like the only logical course of action to me). But then it turned out they completely ignored it! Haha, oh wow. Well, I don't mind at all.

Still, it's a shame we're already halfway through.
>> No. 5542 [Edit]
File 131283743688.jpg - (79.47KB , 848x480 , [HorribleSubs] YuruYuri - 06 [480p]_mkv_snapshot_0.jpg )
>Still, it's a shame we're already halfway through.

Say it ain't so, Joe. I just hope sales are high enough to warrant a couple OVAs, if not a second season.

Also, I thought the tune for China Sue was unfitting at first, but these last 2 episodes have made me understand why the staff deliberately chose it.
>> No. 5567 [Edit]
File 131285633057.jpg - (411.65KB , 1280x720 , [한샛-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 06 (D-TX 1280x720 x264 A.jpg )
She finally got her to put it on.
>> No. 5568 [Edit]
File 131285644058.jpg - (314.39KB , 1280x720 , [한샛-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 06 (D-TX 1280x720 x264 A.jpg )
I think this ep pretty much confirms Yui as straight, which means Akarin is the "whipping girl" just cause.
>> No. 5569 [Edit]
File 131285663946.jpg - (117.54KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] YuruYuri - 06 [720p]_mkv_snapshot_2.jpg )
Why is Chinatsu-chan so evil?
>> No. 5570 [Edit]
what is it with all the people trying to paint them as strait?
Even in a show that's clearly about yuri, people are going at it with a innocent until proven guilty attitude?
Shouldn't this be the other way around?
I say they're all lesbians until proven otherwise! and we've yet to have seen any of them suck a dick.
If you don't like yuri go watch something else and stop trying to ruin something pure.
>> No. 5571 [Edit]
File 131285840195.jpg - (436.17KB , 1280x720 , [한샛-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 06 (D-TX 1280x720 x264 A.jpg )

I don't know, but I like it.
>> No. 5572 [Edit]
File 131285997598.jpg - (239.11KB , 1280x720 , [한샛-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 06 (D-TX 1280x720 x264 A.jpg )

>I say they're all lesbians until proven otherwise! and we've yet to have seen any of them suck a dick

That's what I initially assumed as well, but their reactions, to certain cliche yuri scenarios, has proven otherwise. I don't think it's fair they should have whore themselves out just to prove their sexuality.

>If you don't like yuri go watch something else and stop trying to ruin something pure.

>> No. 5573 [Edit]

Look at her face.
That's her response after hearing you tell her to "suck a ****" to prove if she's straight.
>> No. 5574 [Edit]
You would rather her have to prove she's not strait?
becuase for many people out there, their demands are just as unresonable as that when it comes to yuri.
It's always "they're just good friends" or "they're just playing around" "people are all just close like that in japan" "they're just experimenting is all" "it's not cannon unless they're sleeping together, in a bed!"
the demands of people in denial of of yuri are always completely unreasonable, There are people out there that think Nanoha and fate aren't lesbians, just because they don't fuck on screen.
I don't want to see any of them anywhere near a dick, but that seems to be what people like you want in equivalency, for one to eat a vagina because if they don't, then they must be strait.
I hardly think it's wrong to assume the main characters in a show with yuri in the title are into other girls, but to jump to conclusions about them being strait without proof?
Like it or not, yuri is everywhere in anime, sorry if they don't all wear signs saying so, but this one does, and you're ignoring it.
>> No. 5575 [Edit]
yuri is just what young japanese girls do before they've discovered the wonders of men
one day they'll grow up and get a boyfriend and look back on those days and laugh

(USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING A FAGGOT(or would this be, not being a faggot?)!)
>> No. 5576 [Edit]
File 131286230792.jpg - (349.71KB , 1280x720 , [한샛-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 06 (D-TX 1280x720 x264 A.jpg )

To be honest, it doesn't matter much to me. Straight...

As long as the show is entertaining, that's what matters most... does it not sir?
>> No. 5577 [Edit]
Please don't act like I started it, I wasn't the one that said she was strait.
>> No. 5585 [Edit]
If you're going to keep using that word, learn how to spell it correctly.
>> No. 5621 [Edit]
File 131301315161.jpg - (735.04KB , 1440x1399 , genius.jpg )
Title: "Unstoppable Love Paradox Eternal" (incomplete series)
Artist: Yoshikawa Chinatsu
Media: Mixed (lipstick on stuff)
Major influences: Rouault, de Kooning, Kokoschka, drawings made by other molested children.

Post edited on 10th Aug 2011, 3:40pm
>> No. 5640 [Edit]

Sup, Tohno.
>> No. 5652 [Edit]
File 131310860079.jpg - (330.64KB , 1280x720 , [한샛-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 06 (D-TX 1280x720 x264 A.jpg )

>There are people out there that think Nanoha and fate aren't lesbians, just because they don't fuck on screen.

I could see how some might think that, though they at least go both ways with their canon actions... if they're not full-on yuri. I think a lot of it remains subtle so fans are allowed to believe whatever they want. I like him, as a character, but Nanoha x Yuuno would have been terrible... in pretty much every way possible. The series wouldn't have gotten even half of its popularity.

Imao that's why Dog Days failed.
Tsuzuki should have just stuck with the same formula... but HAD to insert a generic love interest with no personality. An action series with a female centered main cast, with yuri undertones, would have been 50% less generic (repeating of course).

Back on track.
I take back what I said.
I agree that confirmations should be put on hold until the series ends. However, to be fair, the series has been trolling the viewer since the first episode, so I'm not sure what to expect from the next one.
>> No. 5658 [Edit]
Do you people HONESTLY expect any relationship developments? This is a comedy show and there's ABSOLUTELY. NO. WAY. something definitive is going to happen. At the beginning of the series I would label people who hope for that naive but now (after ep 5) I must say they are delusional beyond belief.

I don't want to offend anyone - just enjoy the show.
>> No. 5662 [Edit]
File 13131755119.jpg - (91.70KB , 1280x720 , marichan.jpg )
How is this show doing in Japan? I really hope we get second season. It's so cute and funny it would be a shame if one is all we got
>> No. 5665 [Edit]

Every time I watch the opening now, I feel it's going to break off into that abomination.
>> No. 5666 [Edit]
>> No. 5738 [Edit]
File 131355200351.jpg - (220.82KB , 1392x778 , no breasts allowed.jpg )
>> No. 5739 [Edit]
File 131355475435.jpg - (94.80KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] YuruYuri - 07 [720p]_mkv_snapshot_0.jpg )
This feeling is why I watch shows like this
>> No. 5740 [Edit]
File 131355927141.jpg - (228.77KB , 800x449 , Awkward.jpg )
TC meetup.

Also I think this is my favourite slice of life since K-On ended, although I can't help hoping that Kyouko ends up with everyone.
>> No. 5747 [Edit]
Damn the pairings were disappointing. You'd think the whole point would be introducing new pairings but it was about as orthodox as it gets (if you'd switch Yui and Kyouko you'd have pretty much standard pairings). I was hoping for something like Yui and Himawari or Akari and Ayano...
>> No. 5749 [Edit]
I begin to wonder if they're gonna introduce the student council president/teacher in the last ep.
>> No. 5905 [Edit]
File 13142445441.jpg - (67.92KB , 1280x720 , ladder.jpg )
What's with the ladder in Yui's apartment? Where does it go?
>> No. 5906 [Edit]
File 131424619122.jpg - (101.61KB , 1280x720 , kyoko hair.jpg )
I was sad there was no Akarin in the episode, but Kyoko's expert cute + cool powers made up for it
>> No. 5907 [Edit]

Are all single apartments in japan the same?
Yui's is an exact copy to Sato's from welcome to the NHK
>> No. 5908 [Edit]
Like >>5907 said it looks like Satou's apartment in Welcome to the NHK. I quess higher place where ladders go is just storage place.
>> No. 5909 [Edit]

>> No. 5912 [Edit]
>no Akarin
They said it at the intro and all, but I forgot about it completely: I sincerely didn't notice her absence.

Also: seeing Kyoko crying almoust broke my heart.
>> No. 5913 [Edit]
File 13142887851.jpg - (115.69KB , 1280x720 , [Tonde] Yuru Yuri - 05 [720p] [9289119F]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
Her illusions are why I watch this show.
>> No. 5916 [Edit]
File 13143080232.jpg - (409.03KB , 1280x720 , [Anime-DS]_Yuru_Yuri_07_[3DA100AD]_(720p)_mkv_0008.jpg )
Whenever I see them together, all I can think is "just fuck already"
>> No. 5961 [Edit]
File 131464473066.jpg - (347.26KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 07 RAW (TX 1280x720 x26.jpg )
I never thought this would be one of my season favorites.
>> No. 5962 [Edit]
I didn't either. I was actually hesitant to watch it because I thought it would be stupid, and now it's the one I look forward to the most each week
>> No. 5965 [Edit]
File 131465049270.png - (1.56MB , 1366x768 , Twintails.png )
>> No. 5969 [Edit]
Oh lord
>> No. 5993 [Edit]
File 131484115880.jpg - (97.56KB , 1280x720 , president blushing.jpg )
Class president is cute!
>> No. 5994 [Edit]
File 131484120410.jpg - (127.58KB , 1280x720 , president beach.jpg )
Also the case of the extra watermelon slice is solved
>> No. 5995 [Edit]
This show is so good. Best SoL series since Lucky Star.
>> No. 6033 [Edit]
File 131521868512.gif - (909.61KB , 192x160 , 1315038712239.gif )
>> No. 6036 [Edit]
Who would expect the plot to develop this way, I thought we'd never know the ninth beach person.
>> No. 6046 [Edit]
File 131528188252.jpg - (132.56KB , 832x719 , gfchjgu].jpg )
>> No. 6055 [Edit]
File 131535729529.jpg - (509.72KB , 1280x720 , [Coalgirls]_Yuru_Yuri_08_(1280x720_H_264_AAC)_[D3D.jpg )
I wish to be the dog.
>> No. 6079 [Edit]
File 131550973746.jpg - (106.04KB , 1280x720 , chitose eyes.jpg )
>> No. 6138 [Edit]
File 13158565342.jpg - (62.94KB , 848x480 , [HorribleSubs] YuruYuri - 11 [480p]_mkv_snapshot_0.jpg )
Fuck you China Sue, I thought it was adorable.
>> No. 6141 [Edit]
Crybaby TOSHINO KYOUKO! and toughie Yui, nice. Now that I think about it such personality changes in flashbacks really change the mood and they are amusing. I hope to see more of them in the future.

But I think this would be better as the last episode. I wonder what they'll do next week.
>> No. 6142 [Edit]
File 131593069858.jpg - (390.05KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 11 RAW (TX 1280x720 x26.jpg )
Chinatsu's cruelty amuses me.
>> No. 6147 [Edit]
I was eating some chips while watching this. I think some shards got stuck in my throat from laughing too hard.
>> No. 6153 [Edit]
This episode bummed me out a bit, but everything turned out OK. It's good, since I was worried it would carry into the next episode
>> No. 6155 [Edit]

It did get kind of serious at one point. They even had "that" music playing.
>> No. 6210 [Edit]
File 131638602493.jpg - (319.89KB , 1280x1120 , kyoko wants ice cream.jpg )
>> No. 6218 [Edit]
File 131646605526.jpg - (411.66KB , 1280x720 , [한샛-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 05 (D-TX 1280x720 x264 A.jpg )
Kyoko makes me want to try Rum Raisin.

"Plump raisins are soaked in rum to create a flavorful, heady treat. added to pure, sweet cream, the touch of rum infuses the ice cream with just the right hint of warmth."

That sounds good.
>> No. 6220 [Edit]
>> No. 6222 [Edit]
File 131647451042.jpg - (95.17KB , 850x480 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Good night sweet princess. You've suffered enough.
>> No. 6223 [Edit]
So how well did this show do in Japan? Is there a chance of a second season?
>> No. 6224 [Edit]
She'll go blind if she uses her mystic eyes so often!
>> No. 6227 [Edit]
File 131648010869.jpg - (176.92KB , 1280x720 , marichan.jpg )
>> No. 6230 [Edit]
File 131648213385.jpg - (96.94KB , 1280x720 , yui kiss.jpg )
So much lost innocence in this episode...

I'm gonna miss this show ;_;
>> No. 6240 [Edit]
Ruined for marriage, all of them.

Akarin's heroic sacrifice will not be forgotten. I won't forget it today.
>> No. 6243 [Edit]
File 131653749116.jpg - (523.79KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Yuru Yuri - 12 END (TX 1280x720 x26.jpg )
Akari sure took it for the team this episode.
>> No. 6246 [Edit]
File 131656025062.jpg - (94.76KB , 1440x810 , yuru-yuri-episode-12-078.jpg )
Stupid as fuck. Funny enough.

Didn't feel much like an ending thought, even for a SoL (Mirakurun's à la Madoka ending was better and just as WTF).

Post edited on 22nd Sep 2011, 4:44pm
>> No. 6247 [Edit]
File 131656069937.png - (172.28KB , 594x335 , YES.png )

"What? Again??..."
>> No. 6248 [Edit]
File 131656090238.jpg - (93.34KB , 1280x720 , yuru-yuri-episode-12-007.jpg )
>> No. 6418 [Edit]
I wonder if we'll get to meet Akari's sister in season 2...

There damn well better be a season 2!!
>> No. 7761 [Edit]
File 132414853135.gif - (268.10KB , 500x371 , kyoko nosebleed.gif )
>> No. 7762 [Edit]
Hell yeah!
>> No. 7763 [Edit]

>> No. 7764 [Edit]
File 132415966645.jpg - (80.13KB , 1280x720 , yuru-yuri-episode-2-good-imagination-of-yuri-01.jpg )
>> No. 7781 [Edit]

Oh god...not sure if I am ready for this.
>> No. 7782 [Edit]
File 132420658741.jpg - (14.16KB , 249x234 , waiwai.jpg )

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