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File 139875943218.jpg - (1.08MB , 1412x2000 , 3af0eeb7330de14db68407aae3e330b1.jpg )
17287 No. 17287 [Edit]
What's the point in living? fight your way through hellish schooling, slave over a job you hate, buy stupid junk you don't need, ram your dick in some sluts then you die. Is that really all there is to life? Why even bother? There's nothing worth living for. The world is a horrible unbelievably place and everything is fucking pointless. Nothing you say or do will ever matter. Even if you are a special snow flake what difference does it make, you're just gonna melt when you hit the ground like the rest of them anyway.
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>> No. 17288 [Edit]
You just have to do things you like. This is super easy if you enjoy sleeping and browsing imageboards like me, but if you don't enjoy anything then you may opt to kill yourself. Unfortunately that's scary and often painful which puts most people off.
So you just have to become brave enough to either catch the train or search for something you enjoy. The latter may require associating with people or even traveling overseas, which is why both options require bravery.
Also the most important thing someone can do in life is prevent more life. The fact that we exist means none of our parents thought about this properly, at least until the age they reproduced.
>> No. 17289 [Edit]
There is none.

If I weren't such a coward I'd have skipped all of this garbage and killed myself already.
>> No. 17291 [Edit]
There is no inherent point or meaning to life. You need to create that meaning yourself, be it the pursuit of happiness, working hard at a job, loving your waifu, etc.
It's hard to find something to live for, really hard. But it's worth it in the end. Even if nothing you do will be remembered or matter a hundred years after you're dead, you can still take satisfaction that you lived a life according to your ideals and worked towards something important to you.
>> No. 17292 [Edit]
Don't forget about the blood sucking leaches known as children OP. You can always devote your life to raising one of those ungrateful black holes of money who will grow up to rebel against all your teachings, resent your way of life, and generally hate your guts while doing everything you'd wish they didn't. ...and that's if the mother doesn't steal away your child in a divorce so you never see them but have to pay to support them anyway even though they're being raised by another man.
>> No. 17293 [Edit]
Really? I was considering having children but now I'm not so sure.
>> No. 17298 [Edit]
Don't live your life by something you read on the internet.
>> No. 17299 [Edit]
But that post was absolutely right, children are disgusting.
>> No. 17300 [Edit]
If you say so
>> No. 17301 [Edit]
Life could be meaningful, but not for me. Not anymore. My past is too heavy now. I've lost every faith I've had in progress. It's not enough to be secure and alone as I had learned. Because work kills you.
It takes from you your freedom, your self-respect and attempts to bribe you with survival and money to buy things people have for sale. But what can't be bought is happiness and convenience of a past not spent in spiraling depression and hounded by curses. It can't buy the ability to forget.
It's not the vacuous activities and the inherent meaninglessness that prevent me from enjoying life. I could spend the rest of it alone and not do anything of objective value.
What I take issue with the most is that I could enjoy life, but the situations in which I find myself prevent any kind of progress. There are so many curses that have plagued me from birth into adulthood; That upon review I was never really 'happy' or 'content', but stimulated. The things I had accomplished or enjoyed had nothing to do with my real desires. The opinions and beliefs I had previously held, or those I had no idea I had were changed irrevocably by my ongoing NEEThood. My entire life I had blamed myself for my failures. I felt that should I be failing or out of control it was my fault for not trying or not strong enough, that no one cares about me because to only be concerned for oneself is natural or that I'm not looking at it from a different perspective. These still made sense and continue to do so, at the time I never realized how mature of an outlook that was.
But what I've come to realize is that all my problems stem from other people. They compound with things that they aren't directly responsible for but are still involved in them and I've suffered all this time.
>> No. 17303 [Edit]
Id like to move to Hong Kong one day and maybe work on breeding new plant cultivars. Theres no point to life. Just do what makes you feel happy.
>> No. 17307 [Edit]
They actually can be pretty damn disgusting. If you have one expect to spend the first four or five years cleaning up after they shit and piss themselves and wiping up their vomit on a regular basses. Then there's all the crying and screaming that never lets you get any peace.
>> No. 17308 [Edit]
I don't actually mind urine and feces that much. Screaming however, is a problem. I've gathered that it's a bit individual how much a baby/child screams.
>> No. 17309 [Edit]
You forgot snot.

Plus they just put a massive limit on your life for so many years - can't go out where and when you want (can't really take kids anywhere because of how they act), the money element already mentioned, dealing with shitty kids' entertainment and it's the extra hassle of looking after another person.

Better just to get a dog. Dogs love you back, cheaper, can be trained, less retarded and smell better.
>> No. 17312 [Edit]
Plus they bark less than kids talk/cry/scream, are loyalty embodied and will generally be good companions for life. Or could also get cats, they won't necessarily love you back but are even easier to deal with and will provide warm, fluffy company to you.
Why did nature had to curse such beautiful animals with short lifespans, while human turds can endure more than 80 years, is a true mistery to me. I wish my pets would last my whole life.
>> No. 17313 [Edit]
I don't care what you guys say, I think raising a child with the person you love more than anything in the world is the most beautiful thing that you can do. I know kids can be a pain in the ass, I have an 8 year old little sister who was born when I was 11.
>> No. 17314 [Edit]
they could be alright if they were clean anime peoples
>> No. 17315 [Edit]
>they won't necessarily love you back
Cats really belong to a house instead of belonging to a family, but they like things to remain the same. So it's less like love and more like they're used to you like a nice piece of furniture. That's a type of love.

If only it was ever that simple. What if you stop loving that person? What if they stop loving you? What if your child turns out to be a piece of shit?
>> No. 17317 [Edit]
You are wrong about the cat, and you're a very pessimistic piece of shit in general.
>> No. 17318 [Edit]
What are you talking about? I love cats. They like things to stay the same and if you're always there they're familiar with you and like you. If they didn't they wouldn't be there.
>> No. 17320 [Edit]
Not all cats are the same and it also depends on how you raise them.
>> No. 17322 [Edit]
I know that. It's like the idea that cats are assholes. I never understood that and I'm pretty sure anybody who has that idea was in the wrong. Sure they have temperaments so some will react harshly to being disturbed but I wouldn't put the blame on them. Plus they are cats who simply don't want any affection at all who only come home to eat - that sort of attitude easily upsets owners.

That aside animals are a good reason to keep going. Somebody has to care for them.
>> No. 17323 [Edit]
Cats don't love or necessarily even like their owners. They see humans as their food providing possessions. They tolerate you becuase you're useful that's all.
>If they didn't they wouldn't be there.
Stop giving them food and see how long they stick around.
>> No. 17325 [Edit]
Well, if you stop feeding them they're not going to like you any more so of course they would leave. They like you because you function in a way they want - food, warmth, entertainment, security and so on.
>> No. 17327 [Edit]
Full of shit. I have a cat that never leaves me alone whether I like it or not (follows me into bed, sits next to the shower when I'm in it, even stays here all day long when I'm on the computer)- but I don't even feed her. My father is the one that does that. If she only wanted food she'd be bugging him, not being affectionate towards someone that doesn't provide anything to her except company.
>> No. 17330 [Edit]
Apparently cats will often respond to lack of attention as a welcoming gesture. Don't know how well that applies to your case, he/she might just be your bff.
>> No. 17331 [Edit]
Don't forget that it's been discovered they actually hate being petted and have a tendency to ignore their owner's calls in spite of hearing them full well.
>> No. 17332 [Edit]
>Don't forget that it's been discovered they actually hate being petted

Really? It looks like they love it.
>> No. 17334 [Edit]
>> No. 17335 [Edit]
I do pet her and give her plenty of 'warmth' and affection, though. I'm just not the one that supplies her food.

I've found that most cats will come to you if you call them and they can see you (assuming you're on good terms with them), but they won't come running from anywhere in the house or earshot like a dog will. Which is fine with me. I've had plenty of both animals, and they can both make great (or sometimes lousy) companions, but I find cats a bit more convenient for a hikikomori lifestyle personally.
>> No. 17336 [Edit]
Keyword "some". There definitely are cats that do not like being petted, with some even cutting you if you dare try. You can still rub them under the chin, though - I don't think I've ever seen a civilized domestic cat that didn't like the under-chin rub, even if they were inconductive to petting or prone to biting and scratching.
>> No. 17339 [Edit]
How is this a new discovery?

Giving anybody unwanted attention is going to annoy them, animal or human.
>> No. 17340 [Edit]
File 139903584672.jpg - (112.69KB , 660x440 , st_obsessed_robot_f.jpg )
The whole college/employment/career ladder apparatus is built with one man supporting a whole family in mind. In this modern world where basic neccessities are cheap and plenty, it is quite easy for a man with no family obligations to live a comfortable life off part time or seasonal work and spend the rest of the year with free time.

Pic related: its my hero, Jamie Mantzel. Works one month a year and spends the rest of the year on his forested mountain building his fucking giant spider robot.
>> No. 17343 [Edit]
>In this modern world where basic neccessities are cheap and plenty, it is quite easy for a man with no family obligations to live a comfortable life off part time or seasonal work and spend the rest of the year with free time.

I don't know where you live, but even a full-time job in the US is barely enough to pay for the rent alone in the cheapest apartments, let alone food and other bills. The only people who can get away with working part-time or seasonal jobs are the ones that are in high end fields and are paid exceptionally well for what they do. I'm not so sure anyone here has the connections to take advantage of that kind of situation, as nice as it sounds.
>> No. 17345 [Edit]
>Is that really all there is to life?
Not really.

You seem to be having a very short sighted and pessimistic view of it all.
>> No. 17346 [Edit]
Learn how to look for new things, and if it all seems like shit keep looking and keep thinking. Even if you find something to occupy time with it might not justify your existence after you're done with it, but in a sense you'll forget that life is inherently purposeless and subjective values will redeem it for a bit.
>> No. 17347 [Edit]
This. Distraction is key, you just need to find a distraction you like.
>> No. 17348 [Edit]
That's a pretty cute image, OP.
>> No. 17351 [Edit]
Studying something you find very interesting may help
>> No. 17355 [Edit]
I always hear people say this but what if nothing interests you? Like you have absolutely no passion or interest for anything.

This is the main reason why I dropped out of college. I couldn't handle another 4-5 years of being miserable.
Not that I'm much better off being NEET but at least I don't think about killing myself every waking moment.
>> No. 17361 [Edit]
Well, it could be literally anything...
Your favorite animal, galaxy, tv show, video game...
Just learn everything about your favorite tv show that is there to know, as long as you're not depressed there should be no problem.
>> No. 17362 [Edit]
what if you don't care enough about anything to learn eveything about it?
>> No. 17363 [Edit]
Then learn just what you deem worthy of your attention and move on to the next thing.
>> No. 17364 [Edit]
If you get out of bed every morning to eat and browse the internets, there is probably something you are interested in, don't you think so? Maybe you convinced yourself a long time ago that everything is too hard, time-consuming, and ultimately pointless to be worth learning. In that type of situation, even if you have things you want to do, they are out of reach in your domain and it's impossible to motivate yourself.
>> No. 17365 [Edit]
Like I said, then you're depressed and need medicine
>> No. 17369 [Edit]
Whenever I've had depressive periods, I lose interest in most things - things I know I'm inherently passionate about under normal circumstances. That's how it goes, and by that point I know I'm depressed. It's a reality check of sorts, an opportunity to realize that this isn't how life really is. That in itself is hope, one can suppose. I can tell you to bear with it, get help or whatever, but I don't really care about you.

On this board there are 3 typical responses to topics like this:
1) Relish in the despair.
2) Internet rescue force.
3) Look towards the dystopian future with androids and whatnot.

What a joke this is.
>> No. 17374 [Edit]
there is no point, that's the secret. that's why everybody can make up their own "point" in life. i tried to end it a few times but was stopped every single time, so i just think that it takes less effort to simply live meaninglessly then to end your life and have to go through pain to finish it, and then have to worry about what comes next.
>> No. 17375 [Edit]
I don't think it's wrong to want something, let's say, uncommon from life. I think it would be entirely possible to get involved with those things IRL even, if not for the apathy.
>> No. 17382 [Edit]
>I don't think it's wrong to want something, let's say, uncommon from life.

>if not for the apathy
Well that's the problem, right.
>> No. 17383 [Edit]
I don't know.
I am about to break down again, because I went to college again with 28.

Can't take this shit anymore just after a few months.

I have been mentally the stablest when I was doing literally nothing all day, everyday.

>> No. 17384 [Edit]
go to your fucking doc, you have depression
>> No. 17385 [Edit]
Hit up dat shrink, write up dem prescripshuns. Take dem meds, pop dem pills. Get on dat mental health swagger, depresshun's your bitch. Yoloswag dat college, get your career options. Academy pursuit on your consious. Get set, get made, no more leechin off parents dat shit's gay. Waifu proud, ballin fo the rest of yo days.
>> No. 17386 [Edit]
File 139979607775.jpg - (199.89KB , 1194x1608 , 1356746922671.jpg )
The pursuit of the material can definitely distract you for a while. After you reach a certain point though... say having car, house and disposable income instead of debt then you may feel empty again.

That is, when you realize the only thing that you don't have is the most important - the waifu. Getting a bigger house and even more of that green won't change that fact ;_;
>> No. 17387 [Edit]
File 13997979699.png - (117.44KB , 690x1039 , NHK026-24.png )
Posting this page because I think it reflects the feelings of many in this thread, including me.

It's like in video games when you get to the end, and it's like, "what now?" And the only expansions are shitty reskins of shit you already have. Also, I need 12 hours of sleep a night. If I work 8 hours and spend 1 hour commuting, that's 9 hours of shit for 3 hours of relaxation. There's weekends, but still, that is not a good trade.
>> No. 17388 [Edit]
File 139984628010.png - (47.57KB , 872x604 , 1362549232252.png )
Everyone needs something to believe in worth fighting for.

It's funny that I now envy the ones who can be fully occupied in the material and always lust after the latest shiny iShit or car. At least they haven't run out of steam and don't have to feel in perpetual limbo.
>> No. 17389 [Edit]
File 139985146290.jpg - (158.04KB , 574x1298 , Despair.jpg )
But I have truly given my all to something and failed hard. What is more, I afterwards realized that it was such a petty thing what I was longing for. That's how this entire fall began: I lived lots of things but never found satisfaction, even when things supposedly went right. I came to think it's all a trap, always, to trick us into slavery; but this option is, at some point, void as well since we can't stop growing old and feel abandoned by the very world we pretended to abandon ourselves. I just have no answer to anything but the unveiling of farces and thus an endless feeling of deceive.

TL;DR It all seems to amount to nothing.
>> No. 17391 [Edit]
I know this feeling all to well. Everything is a trap, I've tried everything. Nothing leads to anything but comfort sometimes. Lately I've even taken to buying books to read for my own enjoyment but I realize even that may have been a waste. I just know anymore, I feel satisfaction in very brief bursts of mania where I'm happy with just living. I feel something eternal, something that simply can't be reached here and kept no matter how close you try to live to it. I'm 21 but my body is already starting to get tired of trying already. So many mistakes I've made, so much damage I've done, and all for a desperate struggle maintain a comfortable peace of mind somewhere. So far almost everything has failed and that, that has succeeded I can only feel shortly.
>> No. 17392 [Edit]
File 139994285969.jpg - (282.15KB , 850x850 , faggot.jpg )
May the power of Christ compel you.

In seriousness though, I guess that I feel life sort of is either confining yourself into being enraptured into a sort of "mini-world" where your beliefs and actions are limited (it's arguable that normalcy may be a mini-world) as well as your viewpoints, so you thus feel a sense of purpose. In the greater scheme of things, nothing really matters and everything comes into conflict. I feel that many people just end up sharing >>17391 's sentiments -- I certainly did when I felt more idealistic for a type of true, eternal happiness. I guess nowadays I just view the things I do as different forms of entertainment and "mini-worlds" where I'll just temporarily enjoy something before I get tired of it.

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