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File 135901085396.jpg - (299.27KB , 953x717 , CCC White Box.jpg )
7866 No. 7866 [Edit]
Is anyone else looking to this game as much as I am. I personally can't wait to run through cubes with my waifu and play rock paper scissors again. So far it seems like it should be better than the first one, except for the Sakura clones. I'm hoping the story will be better. The story in the first one was pretty shitty.
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>> No. 7868 [Edit]
>should be better than the first one
That's not saying much. All the same, I'd rather not play that game again.
>> No. 7869 [Edit]
File 135901701037.png - (712.91KB , 854x470 , CCC opening.png )
Well I enjoyed it. The only problem I had was with the story being so shitty. Other than that I found playing rock paper scissors for the Holy Grail pretty enjoyable.

The opening is out by the way if anyone is interested.
>> No. 7870 [Edit]
I'm down. It's the only reason I have a psp.
Need to finish the first though.
>> No. 7872 [Edit]
I'm interested in CCC.
>> No. 7873 [Edit]
File 135916666378.gif - (4.08MB , 640x360 , my empressu.gif )
Best part of the opening.

I've been meaning to get around to replaying Extra again before CCC comes out. I've played it probably at least five times by now, but it's been a while since my last playthrough.
>> No. 7890 [Edit]
Is the rock paper scissors combat still in the game, or did they change it to some extent?

I hope they got rid of it entirely. If there was some way to predict enemy patterns, I would not mind the system. However, I absolutely despise how particular enemies have 20 different patterns where missing just two or three attacks can get you killed.
>> No. 7891 [Edit]
File 13594373653.jpg - (194.38KB , 480x272 , ccc image.jpg )
I'm pretty sure they are keeping it the same, no reason to really change it.
Is there a hard difficulty that I haven't unlocked or something? I've seen other people complain about how hard it was to predict enemy moves, and I've played through it at least five times by now and haven't died once.

Post edited on 28th Jan 2013, 9:30pm
>> No. 7893 [Edit]

I chose Caster. She's supposedly horrible in comparison to the others, so that may have been my problem.

I would like it if there were skills or items that helped you uncover enemy patterns more quickly to avoid grinding.

It's a shame that the gameplay frustrated me because I really love the setting and the soundtrack.
>> No. 7894 [Edit]
That's probably it then. I've only used Nero. I'd like to try the other Servants but I can't quite bring myself to use anyone other than my waifu.

>I would like it if there were skills or items that helped you uncover enemy patterns
As much as I love level grinding for hours on end that's actually a really good idea.

The only thing that bothered me with this game was the terribly written story. The music was pretty good, especially the battle music and Servant themes.
>> No. 7895 [Edit]

There is also the possibility that I did a poor job of stat alterations.

I felt like the story was very inconsistent and that it lacked a message, but there were some very good moments of characterization. The final day of each round always made me sad. Dan Blackmore hurt the most though. I really felt bad for him.
>> No. 7896 [Edit]
I've heard with Caster that all you should focus on is Magic and Luck and put a little in her defense, but as I said I've never used anyone other than Nero. I usually just tanked my way through every boss fight. Of course that didn't always work, but a simple strategy of constant healing and raising her defense for a couple turns always turned the fight around.
I don't think the story needed a message as a simple rewrite. My main problem was the pacing and the ending felt pretty thrown together. A few different endings would've been nice other than the shit one it had. Like you said though it did have it's fair share of memorable parts, and the character interaction was good. Hopefully CCC will have a better story. I'm going to be pissed though if I get a bad end for killing the Sakura look a likes. I don't have anything against Sakura, but those things annoy the hell out of me.
>> No. 7898 [Edit]
I also played Caster, and frankly I don't think I would have bothered to finish the game if I picked a different character. Yeah supposedly the game is harder with her, but I thought it was a worth the challenge. and I had no interest at all in the other characters anyway. But the game didn't seem very difficult after all was said and done. it's a rpg after all, you can just grind for hours on end to make things easier, which is what I did. and I didn't find attack patterns hard to guess at all. for one, normal enemies stick to attack patterns if I remember correctly, most were easy to remember. attack attack block block attack attack, or the opposite. and as you defeat enemies, the enemy attacks show up on screen, with enough grinding you'll see every attack they're gonna make. I have say though, caster's noble phantasm sucks. they play it off like something unique that you just have to learn how to use, but in reality it's kind of redundant. it gives you one turn of no MP cost for a turn, which would make sense for caster who uses tons of mp, but caster has the ability to steal mp from an enemy if preforms a guard brake, there's also giving her a mp boost with items. but I stuck to mostly giving her HP heals, and if she didn't need them I'd still give them to her but time it at the half way point of the round so, she would get healed after being attacked.
>> No. 7899 [Edit]
>but time it at the half way point of the round so, she would get healed after being attacked

That's always one of the best things to do. I know with Nero when I fight Cu Chulainn he uses Gae Bolg on the 4th or 6th attack during the 4th turn and usually takes out her hp, she revives herself after that, but she only comes back with a little bit of health, so I always use a health item immediately after she revives.
Though when it doesn't kill it's a waste, not like it matters though since she almost always gets items from defeating enemies.
>> No. 7901 [Edit]
I can't wait to play with Gilgamesh in CCC. I wonder how it will be to play with a servant such as him. But since he is designed to be a "Second playthrough" servant I guess I will have to first use one of the originals.

I've played through the first game with the three servants, and out of all of them I think I liked the most playing with Archer.
With Archer the aspect that you are in a war and that you are fighting for survival and to win the holy grail war was more emphasized and thus the overall situation looked more serious, which I found it good for immersion in the game.
Playing with Nero was also great, albeit a bit too easy. I don't have any complains about Nero and I kinda like her as a character, but she is not my cup of tea although I have to praise her determination.
Playing with Caster though was totally bonkers and a little exasperating. I liked playing with her but her personality always triggered my tsukkomi side during her room talks and other interactions. I spent her first week asking myself what the heck did I just summon. Still it was a nice experience playing with her and in the end of the day I liked her too as a character.

Also, quick summary of what was like playing with MC&Archer during the last weeks:
>> No. 7902 [Edit]
I really hope this gets a US release. I don't see why it wouldn't, first one sold really well. I can't wait to play it.
>> No. 7924 [Edit]
I would want a local release of it too!
>> No. 7925 [Edit]
Don't worry. I'm sure we'll get one.
>> No. 7926 [Edit]
What makes you sure?
>> No. 7927 [Edit]
No reason we wouldn't. The first one sold well, and the psp is just as dead as it was then. If I remember correctly Aksys has another game coming out soon as well. The odds are pretty good.
>> No. 7928 [Edit]
Yeah, and it's some Hakuouki beat em up. They have no problem releasing extremely niche stuff.
>> No. 7929 [Edit]
The odds for CCC look even better than I thought. Hopefully they will license it soon after it comes out.
>> No. 7945 [Edit]
File 136070348438.jpg - (1.38MB , 1500x1200 , 146015.jpg )
Despite being a Nasuwhore, I just can't bring myself to get into Extra and CCC for plot reasons. I get this "It's not your daddy's Grail War" vibe, and not in the good way.
>> No. 7948 [Edit]
File 136073630334.jpg - (122.04KB , 1024x576 , mai empressu alternate outfit 2.jpg )
So I can play dress up with my waifu? I want this game to come out even more now.

Post edited on 12th Feb 2013, 10:22pm
>> No. 7997 [Edit]
File 136143341457.gif - (717.31KB , 400x225 , mai empressu rose.gif )
Best Servant.
>> No. 7998 [Edit]
Dumb question, but is this actually a new game or just fate/extra with some minor alterations?
>> No. 7999 [Edit]

It appears to be a sequel if what Nero says in the opening is anything to go by.

Post edited on 21st Feb 2013, 12:05am
>> No. 8029 [Edit]
File 136173544494.jpg - (196.37KB , 479x322 , typical gilgamesh playthrough.jpg )
Haha, no. The True King on the other hand, is worth the sacrifice of three command seals.
>> No. 8030 [Edit]
File 136173612871.jpg - (26.80KB , 640x360 , my empress bed.jpg )
Nah, I think I'll just stick to Nero for every play through. I don't see any point in using any of the others. I was thinking about maybe trying out Gil since he's supposed to be a bit different to play with, but I don't think I'd be able to tolerate him. He annoys me.

Post edited on 24th Feb 2013, 12:03pm
>> No. 8032 [Edit]
File 136173939267.jpg - (187.68KB , 721x810 , 1361125752997.jpg )
He's the new game+ playthrough. And his story really is different. He teams up with the MC not for some wish, but to destroy the Moon Cell/Grail War.
>> No. 8033 [Edit]
File 136173998945.jpg - (184.47KB , 850x1200 , mai empressu.jpg )
I know, but as I said I'll more than likely just stick with Nero. Never bothered with any of the other Servants, and I still don't plan to.

>to destroy the Moon Cell/Grail War
Why won't Nasu ever let us have any fun?
>> No. 8034 [Edit]
I really wanted to choose Gil as my servant.
I hate that you "can't" do it right away.
>> No. 8035 [Edit]
It's easy, just download a savefile.
>> No. 8067 [Edit]
That's not the point.
The point is that you "can't" do it for plot reasons.
>> No. 8100 [Edit]
File 136265778112.png - (283.46KB , 480x544 , shut up gawain.png )
I can't wait to kill Gawain again. I'm really liking the new music for the game too. I am going to miss the elevator music though.

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