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File 132860570634.jpg - (209.02KB , 984x1000 , 1266641923622.jpg )
8346 No. 8346 [Edit]
I just came up with idea to have nyotaimori served on your favorite dakimakura. I can't see something so obvious being a new concept, but I've never heard of it beforeā€¦i tried to find pics of this, but there don't seem to be any
>> No. 8347 [Edit]
That... that's interesting...
>> No. 8349 [Edit]
I dunno, but I find nyotaimori a bit...unsavory. But to each his own, I guess.
>> No. 8352 [Edit]
I can't really see the appeal of eating off my waifu, I'd rather eat out my waifu.

>> No. 8355 [Edit]

I'm disgusted. With the fact I did not actually see that coming. After all, isn't that a universal desire, here?
>> No. 8357 [Edit]
But then the cover would get dirty from having all that food lying on top of it.
>> No. 8361 [Edit]
I would guess so, it is only natural to want to make her pleased and happy.
>> No. 8363 [Edit]
I'd be lying if I said the idea doesn't turn me on massively. But it would depend on whether my waifu would be ok with that, of course, since it seems particularly cumbersome on her side.
Oh, and I don't have a dakimakura, so I don't know how the hell I'd perform it.

Put a plastic cover on top of the dakimakura?
>> No. 8368 [Edit]
The more I think about this, the more appealing it sounds...
>> No. 9227 [Edit]
I can't really combine sex with food, sorry. I get this gagging feeling.
>> No. 9228 [Edit]
If your waifu is a birdgirl, is it okay to eat eggs around her?? I have the feeling it'd be a major faux-pas to ask her if you could eat her eggs, but it'd be even weirder to eat other girls' eggs...
>> No. 9231 [Edit]
i gotta agree with this

food and sex doesnt do it for me
>> No. 9232 [Edit]
Well, eggs are just 'bird periods' right? Unless its fertilised, then it'd be similar to eating an unborn child..

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