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File 139249681774.jpg - (81.43KB , 848x480 , 1345491067457.jpg )
16827 No. 16827 [Edit]
If science one day found out how to turn roneries like us into Ford Drivers for good, would you accept treatment?
>> No. 16828 [Edit]
Wow, "normal-fags" is automatically turned into Ford Drivers?
>> No. 16829 [Edit]
You're the only thing stopping yourself from being a normal.
>> No. 16830 [Edit]
>> No. 16831 [Edit]
You're not helping your case in the slightest, OP.
>> No. 16835 [Edit]
It would be pretty ignorant to assume that normals don't struggle with the same issues of worthlessness and depression. The difference between us and normals is that they have a little more determination and drive on top of everything else. Though granted there are some normals who don't suffer, which explains why they choose to have children.
>> No. 16836 [Edit]
>The difference between us and normals is that they have a little more determination and drive on top of everything else.
Or that they just went with the flow, ate the shit they were given and became such idiotic slaves.
I am and remain here because I chose to.
>> No. 16838 [Edit]
Would you accept science pumping in determination and drive into you with neurotransmitters then?
>> No. 16839 [Edit]
Yes, though I don't think there is anything in particular anyone should be driven toward. I would probably use the determination to become better at video games or cooking.
>> No. 16841 [Edit]
Ultimately it's your choice and what makes you happy. That I agree with you on. What I don't is judging others who make a different choice. If they're unhappy about then yes sucks to be them. But honestly some normals like what they do or the great rewards they get from it.

It does seem that you may have lingering resentment and/or even jealousy towards normals.
>> No. 16842 [Edit]
Well, it's my opinion but I think a lot of roneries would be a bit less ronery if they didn't feel so rejected by normals through past experiences.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2014, 11:48pm
>> No. 16843 [Edit]
Admittedly, I also had a I hate all normals phase. It's everyone's fault but mine that I'm not emperor of the world.

Honestly it'd be hard to think of a situation where there isn't clear fault on our side though. Whether it's giving nothing and leeching welfare, deliberately refusing to follow taught social conventions or in the above example trying to pick a fight or otherwise taking a condescending attitude with them there's clear problems on this side.
>> No. 16845 [Edit]
My parents are paying for college and I don't have a job, but I hope I won't have to ride off welfare. The way I think of it people are just born with different natures and roneries can be just pissed that they aren't born with the general social nature that normals were born with and that society has to cater to to an extent. (As said in another thread, a bunch of normies uniting and making meaningful opposition is a bigger threat than the occasional ronery going an hero with firearms.)

The way I think of it is just tough luck and deal with it because I know there are definitely people who fought through worse. Laughing immaturely can be fun sometimes but hatred, even righteous hatred really feels like a waste of energy to me.
>> No. 16853 [Edit]
I don't think you get what being a "normaIfag" constitutes
Please don't throw around meaningless buzzwords, it really detracts from the quality of your posts. Especially if you're going around attaching a name to them

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