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No. 8259 [Edit]
its sad, but this is really what it has come to.
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>> No. 8260 [Edit]
I gave up on most western games a long time ago. I still play them every now and then, but you know... Also wow what the fuck a troll face Halloween mask? What's next, a meme face action figure collection?
>> No. 8262 [Edit]
I do realize that but did you really have to remind me? I come here to get away from all those awful things, not to talk about them.
>> No. 8264 [Edit]
What the hell is ``The King of The Nerds''? Is it a crappy show like The Big Bang Theory?
Also, what is wrong with Minecraft? It's a good game, even if it's popular.
>> No. 8265 [Edit]
File 13677092666.png - (159.22KB , 499x390 , 1347934149150.png )
>> No. 8266 [Edit]
whats wrong with capcom or masseffect?
>> No. 8267 [Edit]
I exclusively play doujinshi games now. If it wasn't for the over saturation of 2hu it would be perfect, but ever with that it's still miles better than every other cancerous shit game market.
>> No. 8268 [Edit]
I pretty much stopped caring about video games around 2008. Looks like I'm not missing much.
>> No. 8269 [Edit]
File 136777246138.jpg - (66.53KB , 600x450 , 8960372.jpg )
Same here. I tried to keep up with it but after my transition from dreamcast to ps2 games I sort of sizzled out. I like to think it was a personal change that made me lose interest and not some perceived lack of quality games or the commercial growth of a weird 'gamer' subculture.
But now days I am not too sure.

My nephew just graduated from video game design school. I should attend and pick his brain. I'd be too afraid of inadvertently crushing his soul with my negative outlook of life after graduation though.
>> No. 8270 [Edit]
I deleted OP's image for violating the rules on 3D pictures.

I uploaded the image <a href="">here</a> if you want to see it.

I have to say I agree, as soon as there was a "gamer" culture popping up this was what it was doomed to be. "Geek chic" is annoying shit.

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