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File 141469021914.jpg - (330.56KB , 1045x1045 , b64e5d972f6c18dc5bb2c1a04d348a20.jpg )
25298 No. 25298 [Edit]
How did you come across tohno-chan?

Are there any of you which didn't actually find this site from a *chan site?
>> No. 25299 [Edit]
It was several years ago. I was researching on the waifu concept and somehow made it here. Been trapped here ever since.
>> No. 25301 [Edit]
>> No. 25303 [Edit]
I got invited. Used to post on the old /a/ mal group and got messaged about it by Popo. Quite a few came from that who used to post, most of them tripfags. Not sure how many are still around.
>> No. 25304 [Edit]
Google too.
>> No. 25305 [Edit]
I got invited but by someone who told me it was a lot different than what it is actually like, so I was pretty confused for awhile.
>> No. 25308 [Edit]
Somewhere off /jp/ if I had to guess, but It might have been a different chan. I don't exactly remember
>> No. 25314 [Edit]
Some guy had posted of those "what are you still doing in /jp/? We're all waiting for you at _!" linking to Tohno-chan some years ago.
>> No. 25316 [Edit]
I thought everyone came here from /jp/
>> No. 25341 [Edit]
I came here from wizardchan. Am I still welcome? I am not sure about what the opinion on us is around here, I am pretty new.
>> No. 25343 [Edit]
I don't think it's a problem.
>> No. 25344 [Edit]
/r9k/ rejects too cool for 4chan
>> No. 25346 [Edit]
As long as you don't bring their overly paranoid witchhunt mentality that derails every thread into another debate about what is wizardly and what isn't, there's no problem.
>> No. 25347 [Edit]
When I saw a few people talking about it here they said it's full of normals, so at least some people won't like it. It's best you don't mention it and don't post weird stuff from there.
>> No. 25349 [Edit]
That's something I really dislike about it as well, instead of sticking together, many of them constantly try to fight about who's life is the worst. If you are better than someone else in any aspect, you're automatically a normie.
>> No. 25350 [Edit]
You people change subjects so fast. When did we start talking about /so/?
>> No. 25351 [Edit]
Another question is: is there anyon who came to this site who has never frequented any *chan sites at all>
>> No. 25352 [Edit]

Probably something like this. I'm pretty sure I found /tc/ through /jp/, not /a/.


A good chunk of userbase (and almost 100% of initial userbase) came from /a/.
>> No. 25354 [Edit]
>> No. 25355 [Edit]
Waifu wiki.
>> No. 25361 [Edit]
It's gotten even worse now, to make me actually miss the days of the biggest loser contest. Ever since they went into full lockdown mode during Gamergate and that shooting in California, every topic cannot be discussed without someone coming and saying the topic is for normies and reports everything in the thread. There's also been a massive influx of /pol/ users who constantly spam their vaguely motivated hate everywhere and are constantly lobbying on /meta/ to ban large portions of the userbase because they don't like them.
>> No. 25362 [Edit]
Can we please stop talking about other sites on /tc/? I don't just mean in this thread.
>> No. 25482 [Edit]
Haha, wow. I never thought inviting people would actually have a lasting effect on the userbase. Yet here we are, 5 years later. That actually makes me feel like everything I put into this place was not pointless.
>> No. 25493 [Edit]
I can't remember, which probably means it was something not worthwhile.
>> No. 25500 [Edit]
How could anyone expect wizardchan to be a good site? Look at the premise of it, for heaven's sake. A group of dudes who define themselves by their inability to have sex. It's ridiculous.
So if the whole userbase cares about something so meaningless, is it really surprising that the site has cultural problems?
>> No. 25513 [Edit]
I'd hardly call it meaningless. Not being a mindless whore and saving yourself for the person you plan on being with for the rest of your life is admirable. People who fuck anything in sight without a care are little more than barbaric savages. That said however, I get the feeling most people on wizchan aren't virgins by choice. Rather than resentment directed towards others who don't share the sentiment, they instead reek of bitterness that comes from being left out of something they'd like to partake in but haven't been allowed to. Yes, nothing good would come out of that. That's all just speculation of course.
>> No. 25514 [Edit]
Someone messaged me on IRC and said that I should come into #waifu (on Rizon, I think) and then I did, and from there on I found tohno-chan.
>> No. 25522 [Edit]
Saving yourself for somebody isn't what Wizardchan is about. It's about never having sex, ever. Them main issue with it though, is that they are ridiculously harsh on normalfags, to the point where somebody who is even somewhat normal is literally banned.
>> No. 25525 [Edit]
They ARE normalfags though, they're just bitter normalfags who think they're not so because and only because no one wants to have sex with them.
>> No. 25526 [Edit]
I checked that channel out. Seems to have next to nothing to do with waifus and is filled with 3dpd lovers.
>> No. 25542 [Edit]
>It's about never having sex, ever.
That sounds good.
>> No. 25547 [Edit]
Due to a technicality, I might qualify. I searched google for something I saw posted on another board and the results linked me here.

It was around 2009 or 2010 or something, I can't remember.
>> No. 25552 [Edit]
Yes, but not as the sole basis for an entire website. Tohno-chan at least has hobbies, anime, and waifus. As well as some level of quality control.
>> No. 25554 [Edit]
I was browsing one of those sites which compiles an index of all the active imageboards.

This one seemed very cozy, so I browsed and found it enjoyable.

Although I had been browsing Krautchan and 4kanal, actually found this site before I went on /jp/, so this site came across as extremely niche.
>> No. 26211 [Edit]
Found it through wizardchan. Even tough I am not that much of an otaku, I feel people are mentally similar to me here, as I found out on a personality thread that alot of posters are INTP, and are less "toxic" that wizardchan and have more empathy. So yeah, I feel good browsing this chan. And the posts are of very good quality and often what posters say is very interesting.
sorry dont hunt me down cos im not that much of an otaku, i've liked anime ALOT before but stopped for no reason
also polite sage, i hate having a too strong presence
>> No. 26212 [Edit]
We have kakusu here, you should use it for maximum imperceptible presence potential.
>> No. 26302 [Edit]

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