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File 139120943499.jpg - (1.47MB , 3264x1836 , IMG_20140131_180048_580.jpg )
16687 No. 16687 [Edit]
Do you feel as if your senses are failing?

Besides my eyesight and sense of time passing changing, I also am losing a grip on perspective and size. When I saw these buckets from across the building I thought they were about knee-high. Turns out they're actually rubbish bins.
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>> No. 16689 [Edit]
File 139122301655.gif - (0.97MB , 499x499 , IsThisRealLife.gif )
I have trouble distinguishing between some images in my memory and those from photo-realistic video games. It's messing with my ability to recall.
>> No. 16690 [Edit]
Definitely sense of time. It's very sporadic and messes with my schedule on a daily basis.
>> No. 16691 [Edit]
Only my sense of time. I also have tinnitus and a little hearing loss from a bad reaction to some medication a few years ago, but that's hardly related to my lifestyle other than the fact the medications were prescribed for sleeping/depression - problems which I think would be worse if I were homeless or working.
>> No. 16695 [Edit]
My ability to respond to others in spoken conversation decayed, decoding what they say, and then forming my own response took longer than it used to, I consider this to be because I am out of practice.
>> No. 16715 [Edit]
I mumble and grumble like a wild animal now. I'm not sure why I should reply or what even if I thought it over more. I always sucked at small talk. I can sort of talk to friends fine on video/voice chat though.
>> No. 16716 [Edit]
Sense of time, definitely. I also have problems with talking and distinguishing memories in my past and memories of dreams.

My knees and back hurt, but I attribute that to getting older. I'm nearly 30.
>> No. 16717 [Edit]
Yeah... I kinda feel as though I'm not even keeping up with the world any more. I already had a terrible memory and couldn't remember much of my childhood, but it's gotten a bit worse and I can't remember much within the last couple of years. It only feels like I became a NEET not too long ago, but it's been 5 years (which still kind of surprises me).

Also, my way of talking and train of thought has really gotten a bit complicated. I can't speak clearly for some reason and speak in a somewhat weird way even if I force myself to speak a bit better, which is weird since I can hear it perfectly and coherently in my head, but it gets all jumbled up and I end up stuttering or tripping up on my words.

I can't say that it's all bad as my imagination and some other sense has gotten a bit better.
>> No. 16718 [Edit]
I've only been a NEET for a few years and I already have a plethora of unpleasant physical problems. One in particular is severe and is greatly impacting my quality of life.
>> No. 16743 [Edit]
I am going blind. Most of my sight is gone from my left eye, but my right eye is still usable.
I also have some bad short-term memory problems likely due to stupid choices I made as a kid.
>> No. 16758 [Edit]
This is really hard to describe but sometimes when I'm writing I'll type a word that I know, but at the same time, it looks weird. Like something's not right about that word. I'll get paranoid and start wondering if I spelled it wrong or if that word even exists.

Like the words "about" or "foreign", I got caught up on those a little while ago. I immediately know how to spell and use them in a sentence, but they look so strange.
>> No. 16762 [Edit]
Sometimes I see stars, for a few moments, my vision gets a tad blurry and I see little bright spots all over the place. Some other stuff too but I can't remember right now.

There is a name for this if I'm not mistaken. It happens to me too, sometimes when I repeat a word a lot of times, other it happens spontaneously
>> No. 16770 [Edit]
File 139210144994.jpg - (1.03MB , 2048x1260 , IsthisFromAVidya.jpg )

This is me.

I can't tell if this is from a video game or not.
I want to say it's GTAIV but it's probably a legit pic from Detroit. We're not even that close to photo-realistic games though. It's just me being a shut-in that destroys the gap.
>> No. 16771 [Edit]
That's obviously not from a game. way to much detail for starters.
We're ten years away from games that looks like that.
>> No. 16774 [Edit]
Don't know if a videogame, but that's obviously a 3D/hybrid render (probably over a photo background). See how those wood textures smoothly cover the well defined polygonal faces of the house and its very sharp edges?...
>> No. 16777 [Edit]
I have been having a lot of trouble speaking lately. It will take me 4-5 times to get a sentence out, and there are some word combinations I can't say unless I really slow down.
I also have been having trouble spelling / reading some words recently. I wonder if it might be related.
>> No. 16779 [Edit]
I feel that things are farther away than they really are. Most of the time I just go into a weird trance where things right in front of me start to fade out into the distance, and it's very relaxing, but I have to actually force myself to snap out of it.
>> No. 16780 [Edit]
That's called micropsia/macropsia. I experience the exact same thing. It's far more likely to occur when I've gone over 40 hours without sleep.


I used to have extreme deja vu as a kid, which I've since learned were "complex partial [epileptic] seizures" which failed to spread to the rest of my brain. I'd hallucinate the smell of lawn fertilizer and experience the sensation of micropsia as a precursor to the deja vu, then become extremely nauseous/tired and need to sleep.

I've outgrown those episodes, but I'm curious: Have you experienced something similar?
>> No. 16782 [Edit]
When you use a word too much, it temporarily loses all meaning.
>> No. 16787 [Edit]
I've had fears that I can't trust my senses. Also that I can't trust my memory, that many of my memories may be false. I still can't give details on events I've witnessed except those I am positively sure of, and it is easy to make me doubt (if you ask me if I'm sure that something happened in such a way, I'll have to pause and think or admit that I can't really know, given my embrace of doubt)

When I was more anxious, I feared that I would randomly flip out at times. I disliked being put into positions where I was told NOT to do something, for the fear that I may do it. I did/do not believe I have control over my own actions.
>> No. 16789 [Edit]
File 139231607554.jpg - (1.52MB , 1500x1148 , 1368224875798.jpg )
My ADD & low attention span is the major reason why my life sucks so much and I haven't achieved anything.
It's bad enough that I'm useless at work and anything that involves social interaction, but I can't even participate in the few things I actually enjoy in my spare time.
Like reading, I have to reread sentences + dialogue multiple times to make sure I understood it and read it properly. With anime & TV shows I constantly have to rewind everything because I get lost in my own thoughts all the time while watching.
I was born with a broken, inferior brain. I can't do shit. It isn't helped by the fact that I have no skills, talents or interesting personality to go with it either.

I can feel it getting worse, too. I cant even do basic arithmetic operations correctly and I'm forgetting everything. Years of an horrible diet consisting mainly of fast food, very fucked up sleep schedule and thousands of hours of porn are taking its toll.
>> No. 16931 [Edit]
I'm just the same as you.
It's really difficult.
Now that my body and mind are failing me, I feel that it is too late to turn life around, whereas before I at least had a chance.

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