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File 134825528233.jpg - (445.21KB , 1073x878 , 04.jpg )
11916 No. 11916 [Edit]
Just curious, does anyone else here talk to themselves a lot?

I mean a lot. Not just making a few passing remarks to yourself when you're alone, I mean having long, rambling, introspective rants, ponderings, or one-sided would-be conversations with someone you know who's not there, all out loud. I tend to just spit out whatever's on my mind when no one's around, like I'm narrating my own life half the time. I find it helps keep me from going batshit from boredom though, so I don't question it.

Could just be me, but I doubt it's that uncommon. Anyone?

Also, pic related, I am my own waifu.

Post edited on 21st Sep 2012, 12:31pm
>> No. 11918 [Edit]
I talk to myself a lot. I only have one friend and they are not online all the time, so I have to vent somehow...
>> No. 11919 [Edit]
Most of my decisions come from arguing with myself, out loud
>> No. 11920 [Edit]
I'm the same, except I usually don't talk out loud.
>> No. 11921 [Edit]
>I tend to just spit out whatever's on my mind when no one's around, like I'm narrating my own life half the time.
yeah, I do that a lot, but not when I think people can hear me.
I've tried talking to my figs a few times but they always ignore me.
recently I started narrating/voicing video games as I play them, almost as if I was doing a 'lets play' video.
>> No. 11925 [Edit]
When I talk to myself, I tend to just do impressions of whatever crap I might have watched whether it'll be something off YT, a movie or a video game. Sometimes I might act out sketches of my own using different voices. Of course, this is done when I'm alone in the house.
>> No. 11926 [Edit]
I used to, but then I realized it was easier just to not talk with myself at all.
>> No. 11927 [Edit]
>recently I started narrating/voicing video games as I play them, almost as if I was doing a 'lets play' video.

I used to love doing this with older, more text-heavy RPGs. Preferably the ones that let you name things (characters, Pokemon, all the stuff Earthbound let you name, etc).

Still do it now and then, but I've kinda lost enthusiasm for it.
>> No. 11928 [Edit]
I do, but not really talking. I usually just move my mouth but the words only sound in my mind. It helps me think more clearly. My mind is a mess so it's hard to focus on something when every 30 seconds there's a voice screaming or something. I think I've grown so used to it that I do it even when I'm waiting for the bus or something like that. I must look like a nut.
>> No. 11929 [Edit]
I've done this more and more frequently lately as well. It's definitely a lot easier of a way to keep your thoughts organized.

When I think silently, most of it's a jumbled, incoherent mess, and when I talk, I tend to mumble and slur stuff a lot.
>> No. 11931 [Edit]
All the time. I've lost hours without noticing, giving reverberating conferences to imaginary companions, to myself, or to the void.
>> No. 11932 [Edit]
I talk to myself all the time and sometimes I don't even realize it or if I'm public my head is somewhere else as I have a conversation with myself. When I'm in bed I pretend I'm sleeping with someone and talking to them, and it makes me feel more comfortable even though I know no one is there.
>> No. 11933 [Edit]
I do this all the time.

I think it is an inevitability from being really isolated. We need someone to talk to, even if he or she is not there.
>> No. 11935 [Edit]
Usually the conversation goes, "you should have killed yourself as a kid, you worthless fuck, everyone would have been better off." "fuck you, shut the fuck up." and then repeats for a while in slight variations. Often it happens after remembering some stupid thing I did. Sometimes it happens in public, just because it's such an ingrained habit. Then I just start muttering "fuck" and try to get away from anybody who might have heard me as fast as possible.
>> No. 11936 [Edit]
I talk to myself so much. I don't even try to, it just happens.

This results in me leaving out details when it comes to talking to other people, so it becomes a little difficult for them to fully understand me since I just don't care enough to tell them exactly what I meant. I understand myself so well that I'm like my own friend.
>> No. 11959 [Edit]
I do the exact same thing, only my dialogue is internal as opposed to external. I only talk to myself physically on very rare occasions.
>> No. 11978 [Edit]
I don't think I ever talked with myself. Like, ever. On the contrary, I always wished I were mute. Would be so much easier on me.
>> No. 11995 [Edit]
yes, it helps me organize my thoughts if i speak them out loud
i can totally control it and all that, it's just a habit.
who the fuck cares guys, it's not even weird.

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