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File 144746444286.jpg - (124.80KB , 792x1080 , 93d162a795a78bf3e9f524bcbf3783374f9ec2dd.jpg )
27898 No. 27898 [Edit]
Third times the charm.
Last year only one person was interested in participating, year before that people simply complained we were starting it too late and it never went anywhere.
Simply sign up there to join our group and fill out how people can send you something and what your interests might be.

Dead line for entry will be December 5th at which point we'll randomly draw who gets who. This should be enough time for people to find and ship something and have it arrive before Christmas.
Home made items and digital goods are perfectly acceptable.
Figure we'll place the limit at $20. Please try to remember than many people here are piss poor and probably can't afford to send you more than a drawing or a song, so try not to expect much.
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>> No. 27899 [Edit]
You will (not) recieve.
>> No. 27901 [Edit]
I wish I wasn't so paranoid and had such low self esteem in order to participate.
>> No. 27902 [Edit]
File 144753390356.png - (324.13KB , 720x568 , haruhi smoking a weed.png )
i'm mailing someone $20 worth of the smelliest weed i can find and its not gonna be in a bag or anything. i might even add terpenes to kick up the reek some.
>> No. 27903 [Edit]
Stuff like this is why I don't blame anyone for not giving their address when taking part in this.
>> No. 27904 [Edit]
weed is legal man
>> No. 27905 [Edit]
Well, this got ruined.

People just keep ruining things lately. I don't understand why there are so many shitty people trying to ruin everything for everybody, it's like it's their god damned purpose in life to ruin everything for everybody at every single given opportunity for no real reason other than because they feel like it. It's only gotten a lot worse in just the last few weeks.

I hate this world so god damn much.
>> No. 27907 [Edit]
I think we can still do this as there's still digital goods, gift card codes, steam gifts and so on. If someone decides to use their address they'd do so understanding it's at their own risk.
>> No. 27908 [Edit]
I don't live in America and sending parcels abroad is quite expensive (last time I did it it cost me $60) so sadly I can't participate
>> No. 27909 [Edit]
>digital goods, gift card codes, steam gifts and so on.
>> No. 27914 [Edit]
I don't want any of those
>> No. 27918 [Edit]
Tohno-senpai, if I send you a bunch of stuff can you distribute it for me? I'm located outside USA so I think that would be efficient.

I honestly have a bunch of figures I want to get rid of. Some brand new and sealed. Not trolling.
>> No. 27922 [Edit]
umm, I'm not sure how well that would work. I mean it would probably end up with a number of people each getting two gifts I guess. or were you hoping each recipient would send you something in return?
I'm not even sure if I can see people's addresses, I think once the names are drawn that info goes to the santas only. That does sound a lot better than smelly weed and used sex toys though. I dunno, we might not even do it this year anyway since only two people have signed up.

Gotta say, I appreciate that you'd consider trusting me with something like that.
>> No. 28012 [Edit]
Deadline today!
>> No. 28014 [Edit]
Because of the low turn out I don't think it's gonna happen this year.
>> No. 28042 [Edit]
File 144936787820.jpg - (99.05KB , 870x626 , Dittolain_zpsd36a1581_jpg~original.jpg )

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