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File 134451301918.jpg - (2.71MB , 1870x4844 , 1344327551373.jpg )
10798 No. 10798 [Edit]
v 1.0
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>> No. 10799 [Edit]
Initidal D S5
Hidamari Skech S4
To Love-Ru S3
Bakuman S3
Hayate no Gotoku S3
Seitokai no Ichizon S2
Hiiro no Kakera S2
Jormungand S2

Sequels. Sequels. More sequels.

Minami-ke S4 might air in Autumn, too. Didn't list Jojo's since it's technically the first TV series.

I remember there was a guy who wanted a 'Four-tank girls and a dog' anime so yeah, there you go.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, they changed the cast of Ichizon. Mostly people changing agencies and whatnot, can't be helped.
>> No. 10800 [Edit]
Robotics;Note, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Sukitte li na yo, Little busters, Bakuman 3, Shin sekai yori, are the only things that interest me at first glance...Probably end up watching 90% of things that air anyway.

The madoka movies are coming out a week apart? What's with that?
>> No. 10801 [Edit]

Aren't those two just a recap of the TV series?

>Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Natsume <3
>> No. 10803 [Edit]
Most of it looks boring...sequels and prequels and rehashes. There are a few shows I'll definitely be watching all the way through, but I think I'll just pick them all up and drop them if and when the time comes.
>> No. 10804 [Edit]
Yeah, but it seems odd that they'd release them so close together.

Looks like I messed up my first kakusu, woops.
>> No. 10805 [Edit]

Personally I think it makes sense. I mean, what if they aired them half a year apart? 'Oh, Part Two airs next week, cool, I should probably go and watch it. ... Wait, what happened in the first movie again?'

One week might be pushing it a little but anything > than a month apart would be kinda stupid.
>> No. 10810 [Edit]
I might watch girls and panzer, assuming it's like upotte and is so ridiculous that it can never be taken seriously even by itself
>> No. 10931 [Edit]
More Hidamari can't be a bad thing seeing as xSP was well done. Sadly it will probably be a lot closer to S3 than S1 in its structure.
Hayate wont be a S3 nor by manglobe so I'll give it a go.
Little busters is quite a hyped up VN so that's on the watchlist. JC-staff does sometimes do realy well despite their habit of typecasting Kugimin in that role in super clishé shows
Kyousougigas ONA was cool despite it's story beeing less coherent than FLCL but I will apoint that to it's briefness and check it out. I do like Kugimins voice when she gets the chance to do something outside of her standard Tsundere antics

Post edited on 18th Aug 2012, 2:27pm
>> No. 10977 [Edit]
This summer was the worst season on anime that I can remember and thats a long time.
Fall couldn't possibly be worse.
>> No. 10978 [Edit]
why does hayate look like a tweaker in that image?
>> No. 10979 [Edit]
I hope that they do justice to the Jojo anime. I don't want to see something I love get bastardized.
>> No. 10980 [Edit]
Will watch Robotic;Notes and that is it. Everything else seems mediocre or lower. Maybe I download the Ooshima Michiru soundtrack of the show she'll be composing for but the autumn season seems pretty weak if that chart is correct.
>> No. 10981 [Edit]
The premise of Hitchi Hikari Club really caught my attention, but not sure if I'll follow. The art style of the manga made me feel like a fat teenager who's into metal, SMT and Death Note again.
>> No. 10982 [Edit]
>> No. 10984 [Edit]

Really? I thought it was decent enough, especially compared to the likes of Winter ths year or last year.
>> No. 10990 [Edit]
I quick glance over the list and I see nothing of interest.
but after a few more passovers I notice there are actually a few shows that should prove interesting.

As someone who kinda liked chaos head (even if for petty reasons), and thought Steins;Gate was interesting, for the most part. I'll be sure to check out Robotics;Notes, I'm sure it should prove neat, who doesn't like Robots?.

Everyone has been wanting a little busters anime for what seems like forever, and while It's a bit odd to see JC doing it rather than kyo, but that shouldn't be that big of a deal, hopefully.
would be a fool to miss it.

A long time back I tried watching a Jojo ova thing, was extremely odd that the first half looked somewhat modern yet the second half looked like it was made in the 80's, and I for one didn't think it was the horrible pile of crap people make it out to be. still, if this is supposed to be a lot better than that, It'll probably be awesome, though I'm still expecting to see a lot of complains about it not being faithful to the manga.

I found the first season of Seitokai no Ichizon pretty darn nice, and welcome a second season, even though I'm sure I'll really hate some of the references this time around.

initial D fifth stage, easily looking forward to this one more than any other, even if some of the past stages were a little lackluster.
Edit: seems it was removed from a updated version of this chart, damn.

If girls und panzer is anything like uppot! I'm sure it would be a fun and very enjoyable anime.
and it seems to be a common comparison.

I guess I've got some slight interest in checking out kyousogiga, if nothing else to make sense of that horrid nonsensical ova, which was said to really just be a preview for this, we'll just have to see about that.

kinda curious if aikatsu is gonna be anything like Hime Chen, I loved that show...

If I ever bring myself to finish the second season of hayate, I might check out the third, but that seems unlikely.
but then again, it's said to be completely independent from the other anime so far, and it's not being done by JC surprisingly enough, so who knows.

There's also the macross fb7 movie there, but I'm sure we wont see subs or even raws on that for at least a year after it comes out.

Post edited on 23rd Aug 2012, 4:26am
>> No. 10994 [Edit]

>It's a bit odd to see JC doing it rather than kyo, but that shouldn't be that big of a deal, hopefully.

Actually there are lots of comparison pictures flying around (I haven't saved any and I'm too lazy to look for one, sorry) and the difference between character designs in VN and anime is big. Now I don't plan to argue which ones are better but it's a clear cut case of JC Staff QUALITY.

Isn't the VN almost completely translated anyway? Not that I'd know because >KEY but I wonder if there's a point to watching a butchered adaptation if that's the case.


>and it's not being done by JC surprisingly enough, so who knows.

If the movie was any indicator of what manglobe can do and what they can't do (and it surely was because I refuse to believe they had no budget) I'm afraid we'd be better off with JC Staff...
>> No. 11002 [Edit]
one of the first things that I figured as a given was the generic JC style, and possibly low quality depending on how high they rank this on priority, but since it's little freakin busters here, I'm sure the quality will at least be decent.
Remember a few seasons ago when JC was doing six shows at once? Shana got most of the attention and look pretty decent, where as milky holes on the other side of the spectrum looked like a complete mess, even the OP was full of QUALITY.
I really don't think it would look any better if it was in the hands of kyoto animation.
Past key works they did looked wonderful, but it seems like most of what they've put out ever since angel beats, aside from Nichijou, look like they belong to the k-on universe, even the second season of haruhi was given a k-on fueled design update.
So as far as designs go, I'd kinda sorta prefer JC's style over kyo's current style.

designs aside though, going with JC staff does make me worry they might try and steer the series into a tsundere lolicon harem lolsorandom focused direction, while getting Rie to voice half the characters.

as for hayate, I've heard many many bad things about the film, but haven't seen it, so just gotta take your word on that.
makes me wonder just how many times exactly they're gonna remake the darn show.
poor hayate will never pay off his debt at this rate...
>> No. 11237 [Edit]
All I need. I feel as if I can finally die happy now. Perhaps that's hyperbole, but god damn. Exciiiited. I thought I wasn't ever going to see a continuation at all - That the world of "Kyoto-Wonderland" was going to be limited to that 30 minute OVA. But it's not. Words can't describe how good I think it's going to be. Definitely going to be in the "underrated until 10 years after the fact" deals. But that's fine. It's better than hoping every season for some news of it, even in passing. But now it's actually happening.
>> No. 11239 [Edit]
File 134741504183.jpg - (3.85MB , 1870x5704 , iD69Mom5mxb9w.jpg )
A new version.
>> No. 11240 [Edit]
Once again I am watching ~everything like true otaku.

Expecting a lot from KyoAni's new anime and R;N. Also I want to believe Little Buster anime will be good...
>> No. 11243 [Edit]
I don't mind when sex appeal is used to enhance an anime. But when its the main draw and everything supporting it is crap, and most anime coming out is like this, well I get annoyed.
>> No. 11249 [Edit]
otaku are pervs, it's not to be unexpected. but it really does bug me when it's shoved into shows that I would otherwise really like, such as dogdays.
>> No. 11263 [Edit]
Hm, these are the ones I will watch for sure, and drop if they turn out lame. Might watch some not included, if I hear they're any good.

Going to be a busy season.

Shin Sekai Yori
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Litchi De Hikari
Jormungand 2
Wooser no Sono Higurashi
Chuunibyou demo Koi...
Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb
Busou Shinki
K / K-Project
Onii-chan Dakeko Ai Sae Areba...
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Bakuman 3
Haitai Nanafa
Little Busters!
Ixion Saga DT
Sakurasou no Pet...
Girls und Panzer
Initial D Fifth Stage
Aoi Sekai no Chuushin...
>> No. 11267 [Edit]
File 134763547432.jpg - (1.90MB , 1870x5704 , yeahno.jpg )
Hope my expert, detailed opinions help someone.
>> No. 11279 [Edit]
You seem boring.
>> No. 11282 [Edit]
You can't imagine.
>> No. 11290 [Edit]

Litchi DE Hikari Club isn't even worth the effort to put the slashes, eh?
>> No. 11362 [Edit]
Shin Sekai Yori looks interesting.
I barely noticed it among the hype I got from Kyosogiga. Which is 8 minutes. One of the bigger disappointments of the year (which either proves that this was an extremely good or extremely boring year).
>> No. 11453 [Edit]
I guess it's finally the time to give the chart a closer look...

Definitely watching (100%):

• Himdari S4 - it's Hidamari, what could go wrong
• Hayate S3 - looking forward to all the pandering
• Litchi Hikaru Club - I'm very anxious about how this one will turn out. It's the first time something by Furuya Usamaru is getting adapted and to me it seems like they picked something that won't work well as an anime. Should've chosen Music of Marie or Genkaku Picasso instead. I'm a bit of a fan of Furuya Usamaru so I'm really hoping it will turn out well but...
• Jormungand - marathoning both seasons after S2 finishes airing has been my plan ever since they announced S2
• Kyousogiga - more Kyousogiga can't be a bad thing

Will probably watch (80%):

• Jojo's - even though I don't expect it to be any good
• R;N - somehow the plot summary doesn't sound half as interesting as S;G (or even C;H for that matter) but I'll probably end up marathoning it after it finishes airing either way
• Psycho-Pass - the plot summary does nothing for me but damn, that fucking cast
• Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo - getting Nodame vibes here (although I don't expect the actual show to be any good)

Might watch (50%):

• Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - an okay manga but I haven't read a single volume in a long ass while for whatever reason. Really liked Natsume, Natsume is clearly the best girl.
• Aikatsu! - [email protected] expect it's not [email protected] Might work I guess.
• Teekyuu - K-On! except it's not K-On!. 'Tee', almost like a pun (although I'm 99% positive it's pure coincidence; too lazy to check when it began serialization). The thing is I didn't like K-On! all that much.
• Girls und Panzer - Upotte! expect it's not Upotte!. Okay, now I'm pushing it.
• Aoi Sekai no Chuusin de - the most interesting show on the chart based on plot summary alone but like all good ideas Japan ever came up with it'll be ruined by subpar execution. Interesting to see Nintendo as 'the bad guys' since I used to be a Nintendo kid during the Nintendo - Sega wars.

Overall a surprisingly decent looking season. Autumn delivers on annual basis.
>> No. 11459 [Edit]
>Girls und Panzer - Upotte! expect it's not Upotte!. Okay, now I'm pushing it.

Should've said 'Sora no Woto except it's not Sora no Woto' but I somehow forgot about SnW exsitence when I wrote that. Then again I must've been high period since I only managed to write 'except' properly once in three attempts.
>> No. 12142 [Edit]
File 135119407477.jpg - (676.47KB , 1300x1738 , 1351182482798.jpg )
Winter chart...sticking it here until more shows are announced and it can warrant its own thread.
>> No. 12146 [Edit]
wholy dicks, that looks like a good season. kind of surprising after how utterly shitty spring and summer were this year.
i'd thought the industry was dead.
>> No. 12189 [Edit]
When are we going to get Ippo s3, damn it

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