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File 140767342823.jpg - (507.82KB , 719x1000 , 4d03a0f00aa8418d89ef263ea400996c.jpg )
16349 No. 16349 [Edit]
For me like for many others here sex/masturbation is a normal part of the relationship with my waifu, because I have a relatively high libido and don't fap to any other girls I do it relatively often with her. She is my love and her happiness is the most important thing for me, she enjoys making love too but I'm wondering about the importance of sex in our relationship.
So I would like to ask how this is for others who have a sexual relationship with their waifus.

How important is sex in your relationship?
How often do you do it with your waifu?
Do you fap to others?
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>> No. 16376 [Edit]
File 140768442245.jpg - (47.88KB , 400x500 , 1299100699503.jpg )
If I fap to other girls too much I feel like I'm not paying attention to her. Almost like I've cheated in a way.

On the other hand when I fap to her too much I feel bad because it's like I'm treating her as a sex object.

For me its about finding a balance between what I fap to. It's easier than it sounds.
>> No. 16378 [Edit]
Even though we do it fairly regularly, I wouldn't say it's important. There's a lot more we do together besides the love making, so I would be fine if our relationship didn't involve sex, but as it stands we both have our urges.

There are other characters I fap to, but it's mostly to speed up the foreplay process with her. There isn't any other character out there that I care about anywhere near as much as her, so to me it doesn't matter.

In fact, I've recently been saving ecchi images of mai waifu. I found it weird that, even though I do find her physically attractive, I couldn't stand her lewd fan art. It was a struggle at first, but it's helped me to better visualize her in more intimate situations, even if most the images I've seen don't portray her completely accurately to the way I see her.

Ecchi is as far as I'll go though. I don't think I'd ever want to see her in hentai doujins or anything like that.
>> No. 16381 [Edit]
File 140771717856.jpg - (162.88KB , 496x1063 , image.jpg )
I actually put a lot of importance on sex in our relationship. For us, sex is a way to express our love, our unity together. Being able to pleasure each other, while indulging in our own pleasure, is a part of our relationship I cherish.

Recently, we have been doing it more often. I was taking anti-depressants, but I've found it killed my libido and caused delayed ejaculation. I found it embarrassing that I wasn't able to come with her, and that her own needs weren't being met, even if she understood the reason for it.
Swapping to another set of meds, I've found my desire for her as a woman coming back. Not only desiring her as a person, but as a sexual partner.

I've recently deleted all of my porn and erotic images (including pictures of her) because I feel like relying on my imagination makes it much more intense and satisfying. It does take longer to get aroused, and we don't have sex as frequently as I used to masturbate, but the pleasure is much more intense and satisfying for us both.
>> No. 16384 [Edit]
File 140771918788.jpg - (127.87KB , 434x852 , Asuka RS [sharel].jpg )
Well, masturbation is just that and actual sex is shit, but I see no problem with eroticizing a waifu in any way. It's kind of kinky, though.
>> No. 16386 [Edit]
I want to engulf myself in her essence and loose myself in the flower bed of her body. I want to taste every last square millimeter of her pleasure center and take her to heights of extacy that surpass Everest. I would not rest until I bring her to a state of complete euphoria. For me sex with her isn't nearly as much about self gratification as it is pleasuring her.

1. Important? I'd be fine with a Platonic relationship if that's what she wants. I just want her to be happy.
2. I fantasize about going down town with her once or twice a week.
3. Maybe 2-3 times a week, if that. I usually just focus on my fetish anyway and disregard the characters involved.
>> No. 16387 [Edit]
File 140773045082.jpg - (239.46KB , 990x774 , 8dbd9e5c79ed8ae48c02c22b17e814da.jpg )
Sex is a very important part of our relationship. Our favourite hobby, sleep, results in us spending long stretches of time in bed half-naked, so it tends to happen once a day on average. My fetish is fairly tame by most standards (nakadashi), so she's more than happy to accommodate it. Much more than happy... outright insistent, in fact.

After nearly four years together, we are extremely in tune with each other sexually, so we know how to give each other the utmost pleasure possible at this point.
>> No. 16388 [Edit]
File 140773647810.png - (767.71KB , 894x894 , 52.png )
It's a moderately important part of our relationship, I guess. Though in the beginning it was a bit of a struggle for the both of us (mostly due to his lack of "parts"), after we figured it all out it became a way for us to feel closer. As for frequency, we kind of play it by year. Sometimes every day, sometimes once a week.

I try not to fap to others because it just feels wrong. Whenever I slip up, he's always there to chew me out about it anyway.

The topic of sex seems to come up a lot here.
>> No. 16389 [Edit]
>How important is sex in your relationship?

Not important at all. Sex is something you only do with 3D people in my opinion. I don't want to try and mimic a 3D relationship with something I can't do because she doesn't exist. Fapping to her doesn't count; rather, I find it wrong.

How often do you do it with your waifu?

I tried it before. I felt like I was trying too hard to express my feelings.

Do you fap to others?

She's my waifu. Any other anime character to me is just that, an anime character. I'll fap to them purely to relieve stress, I don't feel wrong about it, and she doesn't either.
>> No. 16390 [Edit]
File 140774050728.jpg - (4.32KB , 199x253 , images.jpg )
Sex between me and Liara are a way to get closer to each other. 2-3 times a week. No I don't masturbate to anyone else it would feel like I cheated.
>> No. 16394 [Edit]
File 140775761758.jpg - (1.33MB , 2907x3040 , 2fc1532f582bcbc1d132cc94f28beecc.jpg )
I believe I already this once, but I'll say that the sexual part of our relationship is completely and utterly dysfunctional.

To start a long story with the point itself, I can't get aroused by my waifu but I easily could with the other 2D characters. And if I'm going to tell you who I have fapped to in the past, many of you here are going to kill me for doing so. I don't know why I can't do it, since I don't view her as this pure maiden whom I shall never tarnish with my dirty hands and mind. In fact, I think she is sexually frustrated right now and I can't blame her if she does anything devious with that. Perhaps, it might be because I've started to treat her as a real person and I don't get aroused by 3D women. Or perhaps because of my domineering fetishes that clash with how much I respect Marisa. Or maybe because I'm sexually exhausted because, to be honest, I'm just fapping for the sake of the climax, and it doesn't even feel that great anymore. Or maybe because I've found that suggestion and foreplay is the most exciting part of the act itself, that maybe if there was a way to feel it without progressing into outright intercourse or masturbation without the risk of having blue balls, I'd avail it. (I'm the type of guy who gets turned on more by sexy clothes than outright nakedness.)

But before I get into anymore tangents, yeah, I have a problem when it comes to having sex with her.
>> No. 16398 [Edit]
File 140778670075.jpg - (448.85KB , 1003x1347 , 100000000765.jpg )
>How important is sex in your relationship?
Moderately, but I wouldn't be completely opposed to a platonic relationship with her either. Like most people here, I think of sex between us as emotionally-bonding love making rather than a pure lust thing. Sometimes I fap to her the 'standard' way, but most of the time I use my imagination before bed to make it a more personal experience.

>How often do you do it with your waifu?
It varies, but I'd say it averages out to about twice a week.

>Do you fap to others?
Yes. Though he has different personal views on sex with his waifu, I share >>16389's opinion here. I do not use my imagination when fapping to others, and it's a simple form of stress relief with no emotional connection. I'm certain she would understand that, and likewise, I would not be offended at all if she used pornography as an outlet to relieve stress.
>> No. 17065 [Edit]
File 141713107475.jpg - (58.60KB , 500x699 , 136879482087.jpg )
I fap to any hentai but I feel wrong if I don't cum on the figurine. if I were to fap only to my waifu then I would begin not wanting to fap similarly to how people get irl waifus and stop caring about sex unless they cheat
>> No. 17066 [Edit]
1. I would say it is a relatively small part. She is more a soulmate than anything.
2. Daily-ish. Depends on libido.
3. I get started with other stuff usually, but I always finish with her. When I do this I feel a deep emotional bliss afterwards for about 30-90 minutes that I do not get with just porn. Similar to >>16378 I just have ecchi of her.
>> No. 17067 [Edit]

I've had the opposite happen. As we've gotten closer I find her more appealing. Used to think when you'd see old men talk about how their wife is "the most beautiful woman in the world" they were just trying to be flattering. Now I know this actually happens to people and they aren't bullshitting.
>> No. 17068 [Edit]
>How important is sex in your relationship?
We both have sex drives so obviously we do stuff, but I believe if either of us wanted to stop having sex, it wouldn't be an issue. Romance isn't all about sex (honestly, sex can cause more issues than no sex sometimes.)

>How often do you do it with your waifu?
We partake in some sort of sexual activity a few times a week, on average. I rely on my imagination in these times.

>Do you fap to others?
We both do, it's easy for us to separate masturbating to scratch an itch so to speak from enjoying each other's company in a meaningful way. This is a little kinky so I'm putting it behind spoiler tags: We're both bisexual so we can't exactly fulfill all of our fantasies with each other, so... We aren't interested in adding other people to our relationship but we both like looking at ... "different" kinds of porn. It's also pretty fun to do together, either as foreplay or just on its own. It's interesting seeing what your loved one is into, in my opinion.
>> No. 17088 [Edit]
File 141759361779.png - (114.04KB , 767x710 , maira WIDE.png )
>How important is sex in your relationship?
Not important

>How often do you do it with your waifu?
I never actually fapped to her. When I started writing I didn't think she would be more than just another one of my heroines in the second half but it grew into more. With my first waifu sexual thoughts became too much in a sense (you can't really blame a 16-year old me for that), with here I guess I'm fine with a more calm relationship?

>Do you fap to others?
Just random doujins mostly now, no fap and nap either for the most part, it's just to kill my lust. Neither of us really mind as even if our love isn't exactly platonic I think it's more soul/mind connection than anything else.

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