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File 136858258753.gif - (237.17KB , 400x640 , 90e.gif )
21875 No. 21875 [Edit]

after how many years down? its up again
>> No. 21878 [Edit]
anonib still exists? i thought that it had died a long while back.
>> No. 21879 [Edit]
it was dead for fucking YEARS. Well the admin said he would put it back up EVENTUALLY...
>> No. 21903 [Edit]
A couple of those posts are me.
>> No. 21904 [Edit]
What happened with all of the FF H that was on there? Why is the site different? I remember that it used to be a bunch of tags and links.
>> No. 22043 [Edit]
Me too. It's so sad this place died, easily the best hikki board before the big death. Some probably came here, but there were some discussions with people who weren't necessarily into anime/japanese culture that this place won't attract. RIP /hikki/

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