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File 134334992030.jpg - (51.74KB , 848x480 , hayate loli.jpg )
10546 No. 10546 [Edit]
What are you looking forward to, /an/?

Hayate no Gotoku thread go
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>> No. 10548 [Edit]
season 3 can't be as bad as the second season or movie.
>> No. 10575 [Edit]

Nothing could possibly get as bad as the movie. S2 was bad but it had some good eps (the one - or half of it rahter - where Nagi went shopping with Hayate and got lost is hilarious). Haven't heard Tanaka Rie/Payo Payo in ages, looking forward to some Maria and Nishizawa.
>> No. 11101 [Edit]
The movie was actually pretty good, but I have to admit the visuals were sub-par. These are my current HnG rankings:

S1 8.5/10
S2 8.5/10
Movie 7.5/10
>> No. 11103 [Edit]
I can't understand for the life of me why some people adore this series and are so devoted to it.
>> No. 11109 [Edit]

If it were me I'd rate S1 ~7.5/10, S2 ~6/10 and the movie 3/10 (or less). At least I'm fairly confident S3 won't beat the movie.
>> No. 12029 [Edit]
File 135068362544.jpg - (118.85KB , 1440x810 , hayate-no-gotoku-cant-take-my-eyes-off-you-episode.jpg )
How did they fuck up the character design so badly? Why does everyone have such a massive head with even bigger hair? Why is the animation so awful?
Why Manglobe?
>> No. 12033 [Edit]
The weird designs made me dislike this a bit too it's just so odd.
>> No. 12034 [Edit]
File 135071588147.jpg - (6.23KB , 177x158 , 1349314365996.jpg )

I've seen much worse character designs.

Personally I'd be more inclined to complain about the generic design where every has hair like light from death note. (Just one random example of uncountable many)

It's bad, but I don't really think the designs are what people need to be complaining about.
>> No. 12036 [Edit]
good heavens...
>> No. 12039 [Edit]
File 13507241578.png - (69.20KB , 452x102 , hina.png )

>It's bad, but I don't really think the designs are what people need to be complaining about.

If designs and overall QUALITY were the only problem I wouldn't complain but...

I was looking forward to S3 (how many years has it been since S2, really). The first ep had me worried, it was all serious business with minimal amount of humor (not to mention the ep itself was awful). But then they got my hopes up again since they ignored Index all the way. But the show didn't improve either way. I wish it could go back to being a stupid harem parody show. As it is now I don't have any idea what's it supposed to be either way. Can't see it as romance, it certainly isn't comedy. SoL?

I'm >>10575 and >>11109 and even though I said I'm confident it won't beat the movie it's totally on par with it. It's awful beyond all belief. The overall quality (not just QUALITY) actually made me cringe a couple of times. Dropped 3 eps in. I think I might rewatch S1 instead because that's what I was thinking about the whole time during the first 3 eps - that I miss HnG and wish it could be good again. Since it ain't happening with S3 I might as well go back to S1.

H - I - N - A

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