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File 13447287398.gif - (1.36MB , 480x270 , 1344690005592.gif )
11346 No. 11346 [Edit]
The owner of another site I read has decided to change it. These changes run counter to the needs of persons like myself.

This is causing me a great deal of pain, as this site is the only "mainstream" one I inhabit.

I feel physically ill. I'm shaking and my stomach hurts. It's almost exactly like a flu.

I don't even know why I'm sad. It's not like people have died.

Still, I'm in pain.
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>> No. 11347 [Edit]
>> No. 11348 [Edit]
File 134473013518.jpg - (91.59KB , 1062x1500 , a639120429ad4798ff48b7de417a9a6e3851e43e.jpg )
Just keep in mind that things change/die and you will have to let go of it eventually.

Like Castlevania for instance. I really liked the DS games, but now it's being bastardized to suit somebody else ideas because fuck what it was. We need a pseudo GoW clone in a 2D plane with quick time events to take down enemies in "cool" ways.
>> No. 11354 [Edit]
Huh, yeah, this feels awful familiar.

I was part of one community online, a long time ago, and had a particular affinity for the community there, and one day the site admin changed the servers and replaced the forum attached to the site, slaughtering all the old forum posts in an instant, I couldn't sleep for a few days. I wasn't hungry and I just kind of buckled over in pain for a bit.

Eventually the site was returned to a normal function under the new system, but it was sold to another admin (the community was so interwoven and active that it made the [pretty much crap] site attached to the community worth a good $10,000). The new admin abandoned the site pretty much after trying to make it a big, mainstream site (he actually hosted a webcomic I was making in order to get more pageviews) and failing after two years of trying. The site was then run by a Japanese student nazi who I had several heated altercations with over his banning the only mods who did anything, and after I got them unbanned, the site died down almost completely in 2008 except for some "new to this whole forum thing" kids, and after I was bumped to a mod position the site was abruptly kicked from the servers (despite being a personal project of the owner of the servers, and guaranteed a free spot there for eternity). After that I just didn't care anymore, and felt better about myself.

I miss the people there but there's not much I can do about it, besides track them down and just say "hi".

But I know the feeling. I would probably be driven nuts if TC went down.
>> No. 11356 [Edit]
E-mail him.
>> No. 11373 [Edit]
Can I see your webcomic?
>> No. 11541 [Edit]
Currently going through this in a way. I was playing an MMO on a private server, having fun and making friends - mostly casual, but some that might last - when all of the admins start making some really odd decisions about the direction of the server. Ones that run counter to actually making the game fun to play.

I was cautiously optimistic at first, always believing it was for the best for the community, even as the community dwindled. It was alright for a while, since all the people who stuck with it were nice and always fun to be around, but everyone can see it's not going to last. The person I've gotten closest to is clearly on his way out, and earlier everyone discussed what we might do after this and where we might go, and I just keep replaying the good moments in my head and think about how things have changed. This community has been the only bright light in my life for a while, I honestly have no idea what I might do when it comes to an end.

Change really is painful, especially when the only thing you walk away with is a scar that only serves to remind you how much it hurts.
>> No. 11545 [Edit]
Besides website interface changes pissing me off on youtube or last.fm (artist pages anyways.). The internet remains the same for me. Even a lot of online games on my pc are getting quite old as well like Combat Arms (will always play it. hope servers do not go down for a very long time.) and Half Life 2: Deathmatch occasionally to kill time. Usually I just stick to CA because that game is the ultimate time waster and it's fun for playing late at night before I go to bed. There is also one more game online I play on ps3 called 007: Quantum of Solace. It's a real fun shooter to me but as it gets older and less and less people play servers probably won't last much longer. Well at least my internet life hasn't completely gone down yet but when it does I'll be a mess.
>> No. 11557 [Edit]
I hate when a Youtube user privatizes some of their videos that I like to re-watch every now and then, thinking the videos are "stupid."
>> No. 11597 [Edit]

I always save videos I like to my HDD, partly for that reason.

(The other reason is that I only have internet access for part of the day)
>> No. 11729 [Edit]

i am so sorry i hope things get better for you and you are happy once more
>> No. 11769 [Edit]
I know what you mean about the stomach hurting because of mental stress OP, I hate it. Also raises my heart beat quite a bit as my stomach feels like it's turning inside me.
>> No. 12191 [Edit]
As a NEET, ebay is my only source of income as small as that might be, so I have to check up on it every day. They changed their layout recently, which felt kinda gross.
a while back they changed the selling form, seriously dumbing it down and striping it of options, which made it unusable. I don't know if it's still being used, but I found I could get around it by using the 'sell similar' link on items already up.
>> No. 12192 [Edit]

That sounds interesting. Do you buy and sell things, or do you just sell off your own stuff? I've seen people who make a lot of money (well, not a LOT but you know) buying random trinkets from their local asian shop and selling them online
>> No. 12193 [Edit]
recently I've been selling a lot of my own stuff to cover orders. I'm sorry but I rather not go into detail about what I sell, since the last thing I need is more competition, it's hard enough as is.
but I wouldn't get my hopes up about making much off ebay, their fees are a bitch and it's truly a buyers market where in sellers get shafted easly, by both ebay and buyers.
>> No. 12558 [Edit]
For me, its not so much that communities change and gain/lose members of varying quality; I have never really invested in a community, prefering to be anonymous.

The problem is that old standards of the web are dying. My steady stream from Usenet is running dry because of copyright holders, the IRCs are being depleted of everyone except developers and tech support, anonymity is beocming harder to maintain, and perceivible limits are being imposed on the supposedly endless void of the web. In the end, its because the bastions of such networks depend upon elders to maintain them, and the call of life draws them further away each day. I prefer to hide in the shadows, so my goal is simple; be a ratpack. If you cannot maintain communities, personas, fables and tribulations, archive them on 20 rsync'd hard disks, around the world, and wait until the world calls for their retrieval. It may not be alive, but it has life.
>> No. 12559 [Edit]
I think you mean 'pack rat' not ratpack, unless you want to travel back in time and hang out with Frank Sinatra.
>> No. 12560 [Edit]
who wouldn't
>> No. 12581 [Edit]
This thread is the best.
Letting go is so hard. friends provide so much warmth, it's difficult to lose that when you were so used to it. Now it's just something to think back on in solitude, those days when everything was so much like how you liked them to be.

>> No. 12598 [Edit]
I'm happy that there are always some people that are archiving things from chans and other communities or whatever else is out there. The internet though getting larger is dying in a way, true freedom is rapidly being lost in almost all areas no matter where you are on the net. Keeping anything private anymore is getting harder and harder. The only place left you have privacy now is your own mind but I can bet that super accurate mind reading technology is in the making or testing stages right now so you'll have nowhere to hide. Start archiving what you got now and download what you want as fast as you can.
>> No. 12607 [Edit]
It is kinda sad how everyone used to have their own little webzone on the limitless cyberspace to express themselves, now everyone has their own bland and generic little profile on the confined facebook.
>> No. 12614 [Edit]
Just change the Tohno-Chan style to "awesome", it's like you're really on geocities!
>> No. 12625 [Edit]
The internet died the day when Geocites was taken offline.

Now all we have is "Facebooknet" and professionally designed, personality free Wordpress templates.

Things were so much better when people were forced to learn HTML before expressing themselves online.
>> No. 12629 [Edit]
>forced to learn HTML

Not really. "Easy Webpage Maker" type programs have been around longer than Geocities. Even those allowed you far more creative freedom than Facebook, though.
>> No. 12630 [Edit]
Sometimes I get tired of seeing 8/10 websites look the same, all with the same solid white background, only ever changing it for advertisements. but that's just the big sites, little sites like blogs seem go the extreme opposite and have solid black backgrounds. if you ask me, it really is that black and white.

I think it's funny how limited everything is on shitbook. their idea of individuality is a 100px by 100 px mugshot and short description. I'v got more individuality on my passport.
>> No. 12642 [Edit]
File 135371881532.jpg - (46.07KB , 520x600 , dudley.jpg )
We are the old world. I guess the only thing left for us now is to die with dignity.
>> No. 12788 [Edit]
It doesn't matter what web sites look like, you can always edit them for your viewing. I always drop a gray background shade to make it easy on the eyes. Don't know why there are so many sites with blinding white backgrounds like youtube. LED white lights all the time will fucking blind me, geez.

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