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File 136175482668.png - (4.65KB , 1000x1000 , 1Mcolors.png )
13213 No. 13213 [Edit]
wouldn't it be funny if a bunch of people were japanophiles except they don't watch a lot of anime or dress like idiots but instead get crippling depression and shut themselves off from the world until they commit suicide? lol, yes, that would be funny as fuck. all laying in bed and sighing and thinking how great japan is and how wise its people are
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>> No. 13214 [Edit]
Man, you're losing it.
>> No. 13215 [Edit]
I don't think that "japan is great" nor do I think about "how wise its people are". I mean, I do like the stuff they make over there, but I am not going to like people no matter of the products they produce because they're still people.
>> No. 13216 [Edit]
I don't think "Japanophiles" would end up in a place like this. I'm certain that 99% of this board's population already knows that Japan is horrible when it comes to social policies and societal demands.

Just because I enjoy the entertainment that is produced within a certain country won't mean I would want to live there or identify myself with its culture. And in Japan's case, I certainly wouldn't say that the people there are wise.
>> No. 13217 [Edit]
>I don't think "Japanophiles" would end up in a place like this.
You'd think...
>> No. 13218 [Edit]
truNEETs don't care about any social interactions and would rather not be pestered and prevented from shitting on the floor
>> No. 13219 [Edit]
I define Japanophiles as people who are obsessed with Japan to the point of wanting to live there for the rest of their lives, constantly going on about how great it is, going to cons, adopting cultural mannerisms, exclusively buying Japanese things, and so on. Basically, full-blown weeaboos who are blind to the reality of things (for the living in Japan part). Think back to when Gaia was hated on 4chan. They didn't want Japanophiles taking over.

There's a difference between primarily consuming Japanese media and being obsessed with the country. Most Japanophiles are teenage girls, though. Most grow out of it, some live their dream (regardless of whether or not their adolescent fantasies are fulfilled). Not sure how many stay in Japan for the rest of their lives, but I suppose no such statistics would be available for another half a century as Wapanese people only surfaced around 20 years ago.

tl;dr: The *chan mentality repels Japanophiles, and liking Japanese animation/video games doesn't make you one.
>> No. 13221 [Edit]
File 136177608094.jpg - (40.92KB , 593x400 , RedHandedDetail_copy.jpg )
I don't really watch anime any more.
>> No. 13222 [Edit]
one word; Shinden.
>> No. 13223 [Edit]
>> No. 13224 [Edit]
Japan seems like a really shitty country and I imagine I would've already commited suicide multiple times had I been born in that shithole.
>> No. 13230 [Edit]
There are plenty of nice things about Japan, but there's plenty of shitty things to go along with it. no place on earth is perfect.
>> No. 13242 [Edit]
*chan culture was weeaboo from the start
>> No. 13310 [Edit]
Japan seems like any other country but more, uh, "convenient".

The great public transportation being probably the best example.

But they also seem very rigid, as a society.
>> No. 13312 [Edit]
Maybe they're convenient becuase they're rigid?
US society in comparison is more loose and laid back, and we use public transportation as our restrooms, carve or paint our names onto anything we don't own, use our roads and sidewalks as trashcans, steal/take anything we think we can get away with, and in general have a "it's someone else's problem" mentality.
This is why we can't have nice things, but Japan can. It always amazes me to see photos of things from japan like fancy trains that aren't covered in graffiti, or things for public use that aren't bolted down.
>> No. 13328 [Edit]
European countries have good public transport but they aren't rigit
>> No. 13329 [Edit]
Weeaboo =/= Japanophile. Again, I made the distinction between *chan and Gaia. That should be more than enough.

On second thought, I did use "full-blown weeaboo" to describe Japanophiles. Maybe that wasn't that right word. My mistake.

Post edited on 5th Mar 2013, 9:00pm
>> No. 13332 [Edit]
>in general have a "it's someone else's problem" mentality.
I agree with this. I hate to be "that" guy, but in many East Asian countries, you're expected to put other people before yourself. And if you do something to inconvenience others, you'll be held accountable for it. That's why you see things like stricter building codes and overall better infrastructure.
I think they do take it too far when it comes to socialization, to the point where they lie to your face in order to seem polite. But I'd take fake politeness over blatant disrespect any day.

On a side note, is social conformity really a huge thing in Japan? You see all those different subcultures in Akihabara and shit. With all the bullying and suicide incidents in Japan, it makes me wonder if they're just isolated incidents.
>> No. 13333 [Edit]
>but in many East Asian countries, you're expected to put other people before yourself. And if you do something to inconvenience others, you'll be held accountable for it. That's why you see things like stricter building codes and overall better infrastructure.

Yeah, I guess that's why Chinese politicians and building inspectors cut cost when they're building shit to bad ends as shown in Siuchan earthquake? Or the bullet trains in China being straight out rip-offs of French & Japanese designs? Or high speed rail being flimsier and less efficient than designed due to again cost cutting measures/corruption & siphoning of money?

Hell, they filled a damn bridge with garbage in Shanghai as its' 'base' and it collapsed from that.
>> No. 13334 [Edit]
I think everyone already knows China isn't exactly the leader in high quality goods.
>> No. 13335 [Edit]
>East Asian countries
I know I said this, but only not to come off as a desperate weeaboo. China and North Korea couldn't give less fucks about their own people. Taiwan is just a little bit better in that regard.
>> No. 13336 [Edit]
so from your own admission you see it is not per se east asian culture which allows this. Remember I posted earlier that European countries do the same thing
>> No. 13337 [Edit]
as in good public transport, etc without a stifling oppressive culture. And no I do not consider German culture to be stifling/oppresive for that matter, or even Russian cultures.
>> No. 13338 [Edit]
File 136260757917.jpg - (46.26KB , 640x480 , 1302384337794.jpg )
Swing and a miss.
>> No. 13340 [Edit]
>On a side note (...)
Subcultures are in a way an implication to the fact that there's something more to a conformist society than conforming to the norms. A free and easy society doesn't strictly produce outsiders and the outsiders doesn't produce subcultures, because they are to the government a part of their society - which is what makes it free and easy. For the Japanese to bully their outsiders, and for the more productive outsiders to form a number of subcultures, are very much in line with the notion that the Japanese society is socially conformist.
>> No. 13349 [Edit]
so White/Black American Society is just as 'conformist' as Japanese society is due to all the subcultures? Or conformist in different ways. Is it less so or more so. Just wondering
>> No. 13353 [Edit]
The North-American society is conformist too, yeah, just a bit differently. Capitalism is more deeply rooted in the culture, so you'll see conformism manifest itself in more capitalistic ways. Atop of that you have a government with a history of racism (the Republicans), so you'll see a lot of conflict and oppression between the white population and everyone else. Of course there's more to it, but I'm not really educated enough to go much deeper.
>> No. 13354 [Edit]
>Atop of that you have a government with a history of racism (the Republicans), so you'll see a lot of conflict and oppression between the white population and everyone else.

Oh boy, here we go. Can you keep your misinformed political butthurt out of TC, please?
>> No. 13359 [Edit]
File 136277178619.gif - (22.39KB , 294x218 , sandman.gif )
Do you think somewhere in Japan there exists a small group of people enamored by western comic books and culture? They dream of living in America and they are all alienated by their peers for liking American Civil War reenactment dramas and such.

Something comical to think about.
>> No. 13362 [Edit]
File 136277634684.jpg - (99.24KB , 800x267 , reverse.jpg )
>> No. 13368 [Edit]
Of course they exist.

The population of Japan is above 120 million; if less than a thousand of those people are America otaku I will eat my hat.
>> No. 13379 [Edit]
found one: http://asotaku.blog98.fc2.com/
>> No. 13382 [Edit]
File 13628930827.jpg - (13.17KB , 198x255 , images.jpg )
Yeah, kind of like that. Only I imagine them watching bootlegs of Mission Hill, jerking off to untranslated issues of Love and Rockets, and talking about how great Ralph Bakshi's early work was.
"I cant wait until I move to New York and get to see all the places featured in my comic books"
"Japanese Hentai sucks, I'd rather whack it to my Tijuana bibles of Popeye"

Ha ha. He probably ONLY lurks on American Imageboards!
>> No. 13589 [Edit]
File 13636904311.jpg - (140.73KB , 485x600 , ganguro.jpg )
Found this on the internet today.
Reminded me of this thread.
>> No. 13591 [Edit]
I quite like that comic.
>> No. 16981 [Edit]
I keep seeing an anime face in that picture with the corners of my eyes. It has blue hair like Rei and a creepy smile.

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