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File 143658772756.jpg - (98.25KB , 800x565 , 676183-protagonist_persona_4_13.jpg )
18508 No. 18508 [Edit]
How do you interact with your waifu on a day to day basis?

I'm newer to this and unsure what ways I can spend time with my waifu and feel closer to her.
>> No. 18509 [Edit]
I kiss my daki, I look at my pictures of her, and I think about her most of the day. Sometimes I listen to her character songs, but I've heard them so many times it doesn't really do anything for me anymore.

It's pretty much just thinking about her in some way.
>> No. 18513 [Edit]
Sometimes I imagine him with me when I'm going about my day, and maybe talk a little with him in my mind. It doesn't have to be about anything profound, just an offhand remark or short conversation is fine.
Other than that, it's mostly thinking about him. Mulling over what happened in the story, wondering about his likes and dislikes, thinking of how he'd act in certain situations, that sort of thing.

Do whatever works best for you, there's no right way to feel close to her.
>> No. 18515 [Edit]
I say good morning and good night to him every day, take out my phone and kiss my wallpaper of him. I don't have a daki, but I have a particular pillow I lay on and hug and think of him.

We watch movies together, I like to show him my favorites and imagine how we'd react. Sometimes I write our conversation about the movie after as well. I imagine it's him washing me in the shower.

Going to the library and picking out books to read together is a new favorite of ours. Quiet places like libraries are perfect to go on dates. Nobody will question ether why you keep looking at your phone, they'll just think you're checking the time.
>> No. 18527 [Edit]
I spend time picturing her, listen to music that reminds me of her, and look at art.
>> No. 18529 [Edit]
What I love to do in the mornings with her is. Making some tea and imagine sitting next to her. While listening to some music. I also have a daki of her to wich I cuddle and kiss every night.
>> No. 18536 [Edit]
>take out my phone and kiss my wallpaper of him
I used to do this before my phone broke (no real need to replace it) so I switched to my PSP instead.

Usually I imagine he's with me most of the day (talk to him outloud or in my head), going to the gym, him being a back-seat driver when I'm playing a video game or I'll make us drinks.
>> No. 18538 [Edit]
Playing games together is fun! I've started doing that once in a while.

I've been thinking of trying to find a quiet spot to have a picnic at, maybe by the library.
>> No. 18543 [Edit]
I tell him good morning/ good night and give a doll of him I sleep with a kiss. I tend to talk to him out loud until I fall asleep or after I wake up. I also have conversations with him throughout the day when no one is around. On days off we cuddle, cook, and play games together. I always take him with me when I go out to run errands and when we explore touristy sights downtown.

We like going to the library together too. I take a miniature doll of him and we look at old cookbooks together in a aisle that's empty for privacy.

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