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File 143963404515.jpg - (973.83KB , 3100x1475 , Lucky Star cast older - by 竜胆.jpg )
23775 No. 23775 [Edit]
Is there an all-female cast (mainly slice of life) anime where the girls are older than 25? I feel like it could be fun to watch a group of friends that have different lifestyles than high schoolers. Especially so if most/all of the cast is unmarried. Or if they are all over 75 with their husbands dead.
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>> No. 23777 [Edit]
That would be nice, but I think the best we can hope for is the occasional cute teacher characters. It's rare to see anyone in anime anymore over 20 anymore, let alone in slice of life material where the demographic is obsessed with 14 year old girls.
>> No. 23780 [Edit]
I guess? Not sure if that really counts when it's only got one main character.
>> No. 23784 [Edit]

Ah, not very much plot information on the web. Have you watched it? What is it like?
>> No. 23786 [Edit]
Kaeru desu~

>> No. 23808 [Edit]
I can only think of Nana. It's about two 20+ roomates who just moved to the city. The first seasons deals with jobs and mundane stuff, but by the end, it becomes a soap opera, with pop stars.
>> No. 23814 [Edit]
Well, there is Joshiraku.
>> No. 23816 [Edit]
Well they all have full time jobs from what I recall and I don't remember any of them ever mentioning school.

Nana is bad and you should feel bad for mentioning it.
>> No. 23878 [Edit]
Hataraki Man might be it, but it has some males.
>> No. 23900 [Edit]
File 144119944718.jpg - (879.66KB , 1527x1080 , z20150903.jpg )
There's such a thing?!?
>> No. 23925 [Edit]
This looks relevant:


Though it looks a bit boring.
>> No. 23926 [Edit]
Actually, every series suggested in the thread looks unattractive. Guess adult life is boring in anime as well as RL.
>> No. 23927 [Edit]
I'd say that's one of the reasons why there isn't much of this out there. Kids and even teens still have lots to explore and learn about the world and can have fun doing so. Adults on the other hand just work the same tedious and repetitive jobs day in day out as the life slowly gets drained out them. They fall into a routine and before they know it months are flying by like minutes. All the while worrying about dying alone and hoping they can at least spread their genes before they die. Occasionally drowning out their misery in alcohol or numbing their brain with trash TV, anything to null the pain. Average everyday adult life just isn't that interesting to watch.
>> No. 23990 [Edit]
File 144266574444.jpg - (108.41KB , 546x800 , Cover.jpg )
Does it have to be a group?
>> No. 23993 [Edit]
He's apparently gynophobic so that won't do.
>> No. 23998 [Edit]
File 144284302829.jpg - (1.66MB , 2008x3000 , 5.jpg )
Try this manga my friend.
>> No. 24004 [Edit]
There's a series of one-shot Josei-genre specials called Otona Joshi no Anime Time. I watched the first one and I thought it was simply not fun. I consider it slice of life, but the protag was about the only female and she was a divorcee which bummed me out.

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