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File 141458094027.jpg - (42.84KB , 400x400 , de98a2ce943447cb0d628de33f931a60.jpg )
18939 No. 18939 [Edit]
I'll show all those fucking people who looked down on me whos the boss!!!
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>> No. 18943 [Edit]
What do you plan to do?
>> No. 18947 [Edit]
Please tell me how killing yourself will make you the boss.
>> No. 18950 [Edit]
Makes you the boss of your life.
>> No. 18952 [Edit]
How will she die with a rope that loose?
>> No. 18953 [Edit]
It's not unusual that the rope is so loose, you can find a lot of pictures of real suicides where it looks exactly like that.
>> No. 18956 [Edit]
I'd argue that suicide is the ultimate white flag rather than a sign of control. It's more "I can't take this anymore, you guys win, I'm leaving this shit you people call life". It's a conscious decision, sure, but anyone who looked down on the person that offed themselves will just laugh at the news.
>> No. 18959 [Edit]
Even though suicide in some circumstances might be considered honorable, there really is no point in doing it unless you do it for yourself and not to prove to someone that you are in control. If you want to show them that you are "the boss", then it would be better to impress them.
>> No. 18963 [Edit]
>If you want to show them that you are "the boss", then it would be better to impress them.
Or kill them. Murder is the best comeback because they won't be able to say anything back.
>> No. 18965 [Edit]
Isn't that just like saying something and then running away, so that they can't reply?
>> No. 18974 [Edit]
N-no! I-it's completely different!
If you just run away, they can say stuff behind your back, or they can say stuff if you see them again!
If you kill them, then you can taunt their corpse as if they ran away! "W-well, I see that you don't have anything to say to that force of logic." Wear sunglasses for bonus effect.
>> No. 18975 [Edit]
That's kind of decently cool.
>> No. 18995 [Edit]
>> No. 19216 [Edit]
If they don't care about you in life, why would they care about you in death?
They'll laugh, live to spite them.
>> No. 19273 [Edit]
Exactly. Suicide alone proofs nothing. Since you failed as a person they just say you were weak all along. No my friend the way to "go" is a killing spree with suicide. Just kill people at random and leave them without any answers to why this happened. That will show them who was in charge!
>> No. 19276 [Edit]
Even if it's suicide for attention, you have to consider that people will eventually move on, even the ones on which your dead will have the biggest impact on. Because they will die too, one day.
>> No. 19298 [Edit]
>> No. 19303 [Edit]
You silly goose.
>> No. 19306 [Edit]
People still find simple answers to the motives behind mass-killings, even if they are wrong and tangential at best.

Drugs, video games, anime, moral decay, atheism, etc.

Mental problems are always assumed but never challenged, because of their inherent complexity. The person who committed the killings was wrong in the head, end of discussion.

A mass killing is only completely senseless to a few. Most people wish to make sense of the world, and many powerful institutions, from politicians to the media, profit from providing a framework for understanding.
>> No. 19307 [Edit]
>completely senseless to a few
The most disturbing aspect of this tendency is the sheer oblivion towards the limitations/inadequacies of the model they are using. I've seen blind reaction and vague, confused projection interpreted as profound/valid simply due to intellectual or conceptual impoverishment. I wouldn't be so concerned if people took a critical attitude towards these understandings, provisionally accepting them on the basis of utility but unable to account for the imperceptible chemical phenomena that underlie. Instead you have an absolute, complacent sense of truth and a qualifier in the form of some variety of social reinforcement. It's particularly frightening when you recognize that the numbing stupidity of the frameworks being promoted is calculated to successfully influence a broad segment of the public audience.

In many cases there is an internally consistent logic underlying such judgements, especially those of a psychological/motivational nature. The logic alone is so utterly simplistic, theoretically impoverished and remote from the physical complexities of reality that it is rendered devoid of utility - this isn't understood by the practitioner, though. Many are content to ignore neurobiology and chemistry as the basis for cognitive processes, ostensibly due to the thought-terminating frameworks that proliferate.

Post edited on 25th Dec 2014, 2:44am
>> No. 19328 [Edit]
Was reading The Trouble With Being Born (E. M. Cioran) today and remembered this thread when:

"Kill yourself because you are what you are, yes, but not because all humanity would spit in your face!"

Shoutouts to some other brohno for posting about this author.

Shit I forgot to sage.

Post edited on 30th Dec 2014, 11:15am
>> No. 19628 [Edit]

The connection between the picture and your comment just tickles me the right way.

They all looked down upon her, but now she's looking down upon them. They might have once towered over her, bossing her around, but no one can tell her what to do anymore.
>> No. 19694 [Edit]
It's an old image, and I remember it from the unrealistic rope physics and the hilarious giant girl perspective.
>> No. 19811 [Edit]
File 142609771141.jpg - (24.81KB , 584x472 , 1416979993113_png.jpg )
My preparations are almost done and then I will get some eternal rest.
Free from all the worldy burden, freed from all of it.
My sins I hope will be forgiven.

I am 28, a good for nothing, literally nothing positive about me, and now the state is starting to hunt me down to collect the debts I have.
This is a last "fuck you" to the state by not giving them a single penny back.
>> No. 19823 [Edit]
I can't look down on anyone more than I can on anyone else.
>> No. 20341 [Edit]
See you soon, man. I wish I could say I had my affairs in order and all that, but really I'm leaving a mess for the landlord and my parents. My only preparation was deleting my porn folders and giving a lot of money to some homeless guy I don't know. I suppose it's in keeping with the pathetic way I lived my life, really. Even at the end I can scarcely be bothered getting out of bed.
>> No. 20342 [Edit]
better to kill your tormentors than to let them make your own hands kill you freeing them from blame
>> No. 20343 [Edit]
Oh wow. Okay, if anyone is reading this do not use the tent/carbon monoxide method. I thought charcoal was meant to be smokeless. Lit the thing and I couldn't open my eyes for the smoke. The tent puffed up from the hot air and it was probably 60 degrees Celsius in there. So hot that I burnt my hand on the zip trying to get out. Then I had to walk like two hours out of the fucking forest to the station and wait four hours for the first train.

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