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File 136638991458.png - (253.30KB , 600x600 , 9b730a31079dd0cb7aecf580235a63e6.png )
12421 No. 12421 [Edit]
(And her sister, too!)

It's my beloved Oberleutnant's birthday today. Our relationship hasn't lasted as long as some of yours, only about half a year, but the love is strong and she's been inspiring me to do more with myself every day. While i'm still thinking of more ways to celebrate, I plan to rewatch Season 1 tonight and Season 2 this weekend. Hopefully soon i'll be able to buy her Nendoroid for my desk.

Today is also Ursula's birthday, since they're twins. I have a lot in common with her too, she's been inspiring me to read more of the books i've piled on my shelf but not gotten around to.

(I hope this kind of thread is okay, i'm trying real hard to dedicate as much of the day to her as possible.)
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>> No. 12422 [Edit]
Happy birthday! It sounds like you care about her very much. I hope you two have a good time today.
>> No. 12423 [Edit]
File 136639328389.jpg - (442.13KB , 847x950 , 904a450c39bbaf45d03449e823052761.jpg )
Another admirer of the Karlslandic goddess, hi! I'll add to the birthday thread.

This is her third birthday since we've been together, so I prepared a little by avoiding carbs all week for a day of potatoes, snacks, brandy, witches, and fun.

Happy Birthday Frau!
>> No. 12426 [Edit]
Happy Birthday Erica!

I just realized Strike Witches characters have birthdays on same days than the original fighter pilots (which is pretty logical, duh). So happy birthday for already departed Erich too.
>> No. 12427 [Edit]
Happy Birthday, Erica!

Hope you have a great day, guys.
>> No. 12428 [Edit]
Happy Birthday!
>> No. 12429 [Edit]
Happy Birthday, Frau Oberleutnant.
>> No. 12430 [Edit]
File 136640443449.png - (209.34KB , 344x496 , walletpic.png )
OP here, I just got done printing and trimming pic related for my wallet. Now she can come with me wherever I go <3

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