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File 165073419476.jpg - (111.11KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Spy x Family - 01 (720p) [8FA646CF]_m.jpg )
36114 No. 36114 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
If you're not already watching this, you should really fix that.
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>> No. 36211 [Edit]
File 165335067485.png - (742.34KB , 608x707 , Screenshot 2022-05-23 at 18-02-47 anya - Imgur.png )
Anya is literally neurodivergent and a minor
>> No. 36482 [Edit]
File 166217949934.jpg - (312.24KB , 850x1134 , aaaaaa.jpg )
Next season soon....
>> No. 36533 [Edit]
>> No. 36553 [Edit]
File 166459753392.jpg - (239.80KB , 850x1248 , bpanz (1).jpg )
How closely is the anime adaption following the manga?

File 165716762042.jpg - (1.77MB , 1920x2694 , 3efd39dfa25ac7b9a5ec2cd238ed6c95.jpg )
36320 No. 36320 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Episode 1 has come out.
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>> No. 36470 [Edit]
File 166197674264.jpg - (233.95KB , 1704x1205 , 838e5b501024c93bb81a85bc3401eb7b.jpg )
Faputa is a neat character. Feral types are rarely this prominent in a story.
>> No. 36478 [Edit]
File 166215551529.png - (1.37MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Made in Abyss - Retsujitsu no Ougonky.png )
Her VA has been amazing and she really powered up this last episode. I love it when she ends her sentences with "sosu", so cute.
>> No. 36480 [Edit]
She played Irumyuui too. Nice range.
>> No. 36552 [Edit]
File 166458396656.jpg - (435.15KB , 2048x1850 , 77794147f35206aaf5a4ea6233d7a35b.jpg )
And so it ends. It'll be looooong time till season 3, if that happens.

File 156719360121.jpg - (939.66KB , 1000x1118 , 151310479484160.jpg )
33339 No. 33339 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Let's post reviews of anime when we finish watching them!

It doesn't have to be from this season; any anime is fine!

I'll post the first review ITT
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>> No. 36463 [Edit]
File 166170455085.jpg - (739.93KB , 1209x1474 , Knights_and_Magic-cover.jpg )

I watched Knight's & Magic. Here are my thoughts:

This anime is about a geeky programmer who gets isekai'd into a fantasy world where he is transformed into an androgynous mecha-fanatic (inb4: wow he's literally me!). The isekai world is like a medieval fantasy setting but with mechs added. Basically, this is a typical isekai show but with a lot of mecha-related content. If you stripped away the mecha theme, this would be an utterly generic medieval isekai. The mecha theme in a medieval setting is the only thing this anime has going for it – there really isn't any other selling point. In general this show feels fun and self-aware of its own silliness.

After the first couple episodes I was feeling cautiously optimistic about this anime, but as I progressed further my enthusiasm declined. I wanted to like this but the actual story is quite dull and boring. The story feels better suited for an LN instead of anime, which isn't surprising since this is an LN adaptation. A large portion of the show consists of the MC tinkering around in the mech mechanic shop, which could be interesting but the execution is so underwhelming (it's probably cooler in literature format). This issue is aggravated by the mechs functioning via some kind of nonsensical magic that isn't ever adequately explained. I think all the tinkering and mechanic shop scenes would have been way more interesting if the mechs operated on physical principles, or at least all the engineering aspects were coherently explained. Anyway, when the mech conflicts do occur they feel totally formulaic. This anime fails to deliver any kind of engaging storyline, and the episodes feel like a slog to get through as a result. I never felt the slightest flicker of excitement or suspense while watching this. It should be noted that I haven't read the LN and can't vouch for the quality of the source material nor the fidelity of this adaptation.

The characters themselves are rather lackluster; nobody is memorable in any way besides the MC. The supporting cast is tropey, generic, and underdeveloped. I liked the MC though – he was fun and his enthusiasm for mechs was infectious. The MC's VA suited him well, and his clingy fe
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 36522 [Edit]
File 166343568133.png - (774.53KB , 1064x1596 , 265028e432eff59aca418fb260b9faeb1611168628_main.png )

I watched Onihei. Here are my thoughts:

I dropped this halfway through but picked it up again a few months later and managed to complete it. Overall it was pretty mediocre but did have a couple positive qualities. Foremost, this show does a good job of depicting the 18th-century Japan setting, both visually and from a sociological perspective – many social themes that prevailed during that time period are featured in the writing (ex. caste system, prostitution and infidelity, criminality and law enforcement, gambling and drinking). This anime can be interesting from a sociological perspective. That said, I found the constant focus on burglaries became boring and repetitive, even from early in the runtime. The screentime used to demonstrate the thievery (like sneaking in, etc.) is often quite dull and repetitive, as well as lacking creativity. The low-budget undynamic animation also certainly did not complement these burglary scenes. Although there are many frames in which the setting (ex. building architecture) looks nice, the animation is not dynamic at all – it often feels like a Powerpoint presentation. There are certainly some nice static shots in here, but the character animation feels very low effort, including during the short-lived action scenes.

The plot is mostly episodic with stories that are self-contained within their respective episodes. However, there is a core set of characters who persist across episodes. Unfortunately, these recurring characters are underdeveloped and not particularly likeable or memorable in any way. The episodic plots usually involve the characters reacting to some kind of conflict (i.e. generic burglary scheme #9001 + ratchety hoodrat drama that belongs on Jerry Springer), leaving little room for any kind of character development – this issue is compounded by the large size of the cast. Overall I found the storywriting tedious and repetitive. The episodic plots are quite generic and felt like they came off an assembly line – there was nothing in here that I hadn't already seen many times before in fictional writing. Like, a third of the episodes somehow involve a guy falling in love with some dumpy hooker bitch – this gets tiresome very fast, yet the theme gets repeated over and ov
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 36529 [Edit]
File 166388419947.jpg - (171.99KB , 854x480 , chimimo11.jpg )
Chimimo's final episode aired today and I feel inspired to write a review, so here goes.

Chimimo (made by Shin-Ei) is a classic fish-out-of-water comedy about three sisters - Mutsumi, Hazuki, and Mei - whose lives are turned upside down when their home is visited by a cute round creature called a Chimimo... followed by an army of Chimimoryo... followed by their owner, Jabberwock the 8th (Jigoku-san for short). What the sisters don't know is that Jigoku-san has been sent there on a secret mission to turn Earth into a living hell - and his boss demands progress and constant reports.

At first, Jigoku-san's attempts backfire spectacularly due to incompetence or simple miscommunication. But as the series goes on, he develops a real fondness for the human world and the sisters who graciously gave him a place to stay, so he spends most of the series grappling with the conflict between his job and his true feelings.

Comedy anime often falls flat for me, but this show gets a lot of mileage out of the culture shock between Earth and Hell. The most mundane parts of life, from cooking food to dealing with crappy bosses and teachers, becomes downright hellacious when viewed through the eyes of Jigoku-san, often to great comedic effect.

However, this show doesn't hesitate to tug at the heartstrings either. In one episode, Mei thanks Jigoku-san for being the father figure she never had; in another episode, a game of "Chimiseek" becomes an excuse for the sisters to dig up old scrapbooks and reminisce about the past.

Although this review has mostly talked about Jigoku-san and the sisters, don't take this as a suggestion that the Chimimoryo are sidekicks in their own show. They take center stage a lot of the time and the writers love to play around with their demonic powers. One episode follows them on their first errand. The aforementioned game of "Chimiseek" uses their shapeshifting powers in cute and creative ways, as does an earlier episode where they fuse into Godzilla and a giant robot and fight each other.

The artstyle is adorable. The watercolor backgrounds conjure up memories of old games like Legend of Mana and SaGa Frontier 2, while the character designs are in the same wheelhouse as Battle Cats and Neko Atsume. You would think these aesthetics
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 36547 [Edit]
File 166427659062.png - (327.21KB , 813x1000 , __kurata_sayuri_kanon_drawn_by_mota__a9e1e2e83b169.png )
I finished Kanon yesterday. The issues I had with the first half or so didn't really last. I feel that early on, the anime stuck too close to VN which made the differences a bit jarring. As things started to diverge from the VN, it became much more enjoyable.

I think it was an excellent adaptation over all. It didn't miss much of the VN's content, while changing things up, be it out of necessity or to generally tie what were separate stories together. It was enough for a fresh experience.
It did change my perception of Clannad. Outside of After Story, Kanon really blows it out of the water. Not to say Clannad was bad, but it feels a lot more laid back, which is great in it's own right, but not what I feel will stick with the viewer. Again, that doesn't include After Story, which I don't think is comparable. Still, I really enjoyed both Kanon and Clannad. I do think that a middle ground between the two would be best.

I think they did great translating the environments. There isn't much to say, but it really stood out. I liked that Kitagawa became more of a character where he felt pointless in the VN. The inclusion of the real Makoto was good.
My only complaint is that some of Mai's new lines felt out of place, though I can forgive it because it was important to move things forward. Her arc also makes up for it, as it worked better with animation.

I'd recommend both the VN and the Anime, in that order.

File 129989592936.jpg - (53.83KB , 704x476 , [SpoonSubs]_Hidamari_Sketch_x365_-_02_(DVD)[DB9270.jpg )
2446 No. 2446 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Let's have a thread for "old" stuff (i.e. not from the newest season) that you're catching up on.

Pic related: I'm watching Hidamari Sketch x 365 (AKA the second season). I've been thinking for awhile lately that I wanted to watch something with a "weird" character like Osaka/Rin, and Miyako kinda fits the bill, so this was just what I'm looking for.

What are you watching?
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>> No. 36515 [Edit]
File 166321484476.png - (342.82KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2022-09-15-00h03m47s021.png )
Also, it just struck me, why is every single goddamn ship in this universe piloted by a high-EQ 18-30 year old female?? Half the decisions they make are because they don't personally like the feeling they get from people they're encountering in or off the battlefield. No wonder things are so fucked up in this universe. The Eternal, Archangel, Minerva, and Dominion are all piloted by emotionally volatile women, three of which are at the worst possible female age of late 20s or early 30s.
>> No. 36516 [Edit]
File 166322845055.png - (340.85KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2022-09-15-03h38m45s346.png )
These guys are total psychopaths. Letting a genocidal maniac get away and then kill ~2 million people is not as big of a deal to them as... the evil of solving problems through genome editing? Something every Coordinator does? I honestly think they must be insane, the big evil plan of the chairman was this? This was worth letting the alliance/logos/blue cosmos kills millions for by stalling the war efforts of ZAFT? It's like something a kid would do, getting mad over human lives being predetermined, but for that to be the driving cause of a group that is essentially opposed to a very small nation fighting for it's survival is just madness. I think you'd have to be completely screwed in the head to see the PLANTS as anything but justified in the war. The only thing I can think of is that the writers just completely neglected to give us any reason to agree with the supposed heroes of this story. They've done nothing but cause chaos and extra carnage everywhere they go, all in the name of stopping ZAFT from self defense because they just hate fighting that much. Now they've effectively indirectly allowed millions to die just because they had to autistically throw themselves into a battle. If they'd made the chairmans plan a little more evil than this, I guess it would have been possible to suspend disbelief, but they just didn't even bother. Using genome editing to determine peoples roles, for the sake of preventing war, is just about the least evil "evil act" we've seen in the entire series. At this point it's more of a philosophical question than a "big evil plan" which leaves me baffled as to how I'm supposed to be rooting for the side that has actively opposed every military effort to bring the war to a close, and failed, and now wants to keep doing that right at a time when the Coordinators are risking being full on genocided because, uh, they don't agree with the leader of the Coordinators political philosophy? Potentially letting millions die to win a political argument has to be the most ridiculous thing I've seen in fiction so far. It's all made so much worse by how heartfelt and wounded these characters act every
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 36535 [Edit]
File 166407757057.jpg - (145.18KB , 620x997 , __misaka_shiori_kanon_drawn_by_sugimura_tomokazu__.jpg )
Watching Kanon today after finishing the VN. I was curious how it would be handled. It's still great so far with some things I really like, but I have some issues with it. I guess an adaptation will always be a mixed bag at best. I'll probably write a review of sorts when I finish.
>> No. 36546 [Edit]
File 166425733462.png - (2.03MB , 1920x1080 , im streaming because ive not set up a vpn at my fr.png )
This was great. I cant believe I never saw it before. One of the most grounded depictions of a relationship in anime that I've seen, all things considered. Feels like I should've seen this years ago. I recommend this to anyone reading this post. Very refreshing and very original in my honest opinion. I mean it.

File 161411602316.jpg - (4.32MB , 6992x1181 , __original_drawn_by_you_shimizu__64eaed554a806522d.jpg )
35476 No. 35476 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
A thread for anime you have something to say about but don't want to make a thread for. Thought that this might be a good alternative to the seasonal anime thread and encourage people to post more.

Post edited on 23rd Feb 2021, 11:02pm
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>> No. 36528 [Edit]
File 166355593158.png - (492.14KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Digimon Ghost Game - 43 (720p) [5F7C0.png )
Would have been funny to have one of the victims be a guy who crawls under the sidewalk to get focused glimpses of pantsu.
Anyway, nice to see a jealous Jellymon.

>Urusei Yatsura remake
>> No. 36543 [Edit]
File 166415900252.png - (338.81KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Digimon Ghost Game - 44 (720p) [B7588.png )
Don't fret Jellymon-sama, being an entrepreneur is all about failure and learning. (And don't use shit software, too.)
>> No. 36544 [Edit]
File 166416318858.jpg - (140.25KB , 853x480 , jellymad.jpg )
Jellymon was cute this episode. Cancel! Cancel! CANCEL!
Also nice to get a hint of what's going on in the Digital World with Hokuto.
>> No. 36545 [Edit]
I'm wondering whether they'll spend any appreciable time in the Digital World. Though if they do, it'll probably be to rescue a certain father figure.

File 166052889697.jpg - (282.63KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Lycoris Recoil - 01 (1080p) [E9D36F13.jpg )
36427 No. 36427 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Seems this one's leading the seasonal popularity contest so far. Anyone here on board with it so far?
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>> No. 36525 [Edit]
File 166343683815.jpg - (131.06KB , 1920x1080 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Yeah no, he's fucking dead. Did the director watch BlackWidow before this scene?
>> No. 36540 [Edit]
File 166414760759.jpg - (781.73KB , 3840x2160 , [NC-Raws] Lycoris Recoil - 12 (B-Global 3840x2160 .jpg )
Aesculapis: Greek god of medicine

I guess you can forgive the javascript code since she's probably writing this on the spot. In the background you can see the obj-c stacktrace from a few episodes back I mentioned in a previous post.

Post edited on 25th Sep 2022, 4:24pm
>> No. 36542 [Edit]
Also now that the series is over, what did you think?

The ending felt a bit anticlimactic and unsatisfying to me. I never found the whole Yoshi/Alan Institute character arc that compelling in the first place, yet that's what the bulk of the ending focused on and even then they didn't flesh out any motives to make this believable. On the other hand, the arc that _was_ quite interesting, Majimas attempt to expose the DA and the question of whether a "forced peace" is worth keeping never ended up being resolved conclusively since we're back at square one. Chisato/Takina's friendship was highlighted satisfactorily I suppose, but the payoff here doesn't seem in magnitude with what was at stake.
>> No. 36551 [Edit]

File 151829273370.png - (1.38MB , 960x540 , group photo.png )
30778 No. 30778 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 36415 [Edit]
File 166037088460.jpg - (79.86KB , 1280x720 , SubsPlease_Delicious_Party_Precure_-_18_720p_EB52C.jpg )
>> No. 36416 [Edit]
File 166037152744.jpg - (98.24KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Delicious Party Precure - 20 (720p) [.jpg )
At first I was like "These two seem like they'd be good friends."

Then I was like "...They're gonna lez out, aren't they?"
>> No. 36517 [Edit]
File 166343194389.jpg - (89.50KB , 848x480 , [SubsPlease] Delicious Party Precure - 24 (480p) [.jpg )
I wonder who's decision it was to make this 30 year old man just chill out with a group of 14 and under girls? And why they thought it wouldn't be weird or awkward?
>> No. 36539 [Edit]
File 16640950282.jpg - (1.24MB , 1736x2456 , 8e2f3312da5225967a350a3861b8428767263e5174719daba1.jpg )
There's potential for a fantastic doujin otome game about Kokone breaking out of her shell and romancing the cast. Not just the other PreCure but Gentlu if you snatch her up early, or Takumi stolen out from under stupid oblivious Yui, or Kome-kome if you like oneeloli, or of course Narcistoru because he's the bad boy.

File 147840577020.jpg - (89.95KB , 650x366 , 578357bf5386b.jpg )
27314 No. 27314 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What do you think are some of the greatest harem animes of all time? In my opinion Haruhi, Lotte no Omocha, Sora no Otoshimono & Love Hina are all near the top of the list.
14 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 27362 [Edit]
That comparison really doesn't make sense at all.
There aren't too many harems which would make a legit substitute for the pornography you prefer. Harem shows have the characters interacting socially, while H-amine is mainly just uses low quality artwork to depict cold mechanical sex with the same "OMG I'm cuming in a echo chamber" sound effect repeated every 20 seconds.
>> No. 27373 [Edit]
You know where else they also hate harem anime? Practically every other anime forum.
>> No. 36538 [Edit]
Matantei Loki Ragnarok has the best harem...
>> No. 36541 [Edit]
I don't think Haruhi is considered a harem anime? Oreimo probably, although at least the first season isn't that strong in this.

As one of the other anons here said, harem anime is in a weird place because in order for something to be a harem anime there necessarily needs to be non-trivial interaction with lots of different people (otherwise it's just a romance or side-gag), but doing so doesn't really lend itself to depth of interaction. So it's a bit of an odd island, even most shows that may start off as harem anime usually temper it down as things progress.

I'll also throw in what I perceive to be popular shows I'd class as harem anime after watching several episodes, although I'm sure others would disagree:

* kanojo okarishimasu
* oregairu

File 147546037242.jpg - (44.57KB , 1280x720 , a2969075.jpg )
27013 No. 27013 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Looks like they're making a shitty remake of working!
This after turning a good show into vomit the last season.
Greedy Japs can't make good anime anymore, they only do formulaic crap and remakes.
28 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 27487 [Edit]
i like it
>> No. 27572 [Edit]
i was just searching ovas on nyaa and and saw some genshiken stuff. that reminded me of how greed and lack of creative abilities amongst the anime industry neurotypcals can take hold of a good series and ruin it real hard.
if you're not familiar with genshiken it started out as an all male anime club with one member having a gf and the series being somewhat unique and particularly amusing & interesting to real otaku. after a few seasons it was an all female costume club anime with a focus on relationship drama and fanservice.
working! was similar, it was uniquely good slapstick comedy in it's opening seasons and turned into just another soap opera by s3. makes me kind of happy for all the great animes which never got the 2nd or 3nd seasons they deserved. most of them would have been ultrashit. you thought endless 8 was crap? what if next season is a chunimoe crossover? suddenly endless eight is an all-time classic.
what do you estimate the odds are that the moneymen at kyoani or any of the other big time anime conglomerates & subsidiaries could produce a worthy sequel to any of the unfinished works of art which pepper anime history?
>> No. 34030 [Edit]
I really liked Working OP1
>> No. 36537 [Edit]
File 166408030222.jpg - (99.75KB , 800x1105 , a_mtgpla (7).jpg )
>they only do formulaic crap and remakes.
It sure seems that way...

『るろうに剣心 -明治剣客浪漫譚-』

File 166308386374.jpg - (275.80KB , 850x580 , sample_363bc833b4bdc1562e3b33ab58cf1e5e.jpg )
36511 No. 36511 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
anime like noir,please?
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 36514 [Edit]
just finished it, its a sad ending unfortunately
>> No. 36519 [Edit]
Have you tried Madlax?
>> No. 36523 [Edit]
File 166343577488.jpg - (653.72KB , 1556x2197 , MV5BZDdiMDM3ZjUtYTFhNS00NDY3LWEzZTMtNzQxOGIyMWU3Nj.jpg )
Jormungand is pretty good too although I haven't gotten around to finishing it yet
>> No. 36536 [Edit]
Have you tried Black Lagoon?

File 145768290589.jpg - (148.66KB , 1721x1079 , iD5JMWH.jpg )
25650 No. 25650 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
I think it's been years since we last had a favorite OP/ED thread.

whelp, You guys know what to do!
47 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 36483 [Edit]
File 166217970835.jpg - (8.46KB , 127x200 , bria (6).jpg )
The opening (OP) is Daten by Creepy Nuts
Best OP for a vampire anime since Nekomimi Mode.
>> No. 36484 [Edit]
Yeah, it's a good one.
yeah yeah yeah yeah
>> No. 36490 [Edit]
File 166254664815.jpg - (82.38KB , 574x863 , bmtg (2).jpg )
The ED is pretty banging too.
>> No. 36530 [Edit]
File 166389054023.jpg - (176.53KB , 850x537 , dh (1).jpg )
Fake Peace soundtrack

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