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File 143215020328.jpg - (78.48KB , 700x994 , 06.jpg )
20132 No. 20132 [Edit]
Anyone else here in constant regret because of how they wasted the earliest part of their life? I spent my school days doing absolutely nothing. I just went there to class, maybe listened to the lesson, came back home and did nothing for the rest of the day. Repeat for a few years. Didn't have friends or even any conversations. Now how the fuck do I do those things? Guess back then I didn't care much because I was still surrounded by people even though I didn't have many interactions with them, but now it's real bad. And all this anime, manga and the like I consume is making it worse, even the not so happy stuff like pic I posted. Guess I just want to go back to those years and do differently.
Of course this media is usually made to be better than real life. schools are full of dumbshits etc, but I'd say it's also stupid to think you can't make meaningful and fun friendships. I don't know if there is much I can do now though.
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>> No. 20133 [Edit]
All the great mathematicians and physicists did their major works at 18-20 years old. I'm 24 and couldn't even graduate yet.
Yes, I know the feeling.
>> No. 20134 [Edit]
I don't regret the highschool and earlier days, but I'd go back in time and kick my ass in my first years of university.
>> No. 20135 [Edit]
I regret how I was treated and how I didn't do anything about it (not that I could have done anything, or know better at the time), but I don't regret anything that I was sololy responsible for.
>> No. 20138 [Edit]
This never fails to make me feel bad. It's as if I am apathetic enough to never accomplish anything I find meaningful, but not apathetic enough to truly not give a fuck. I have tried working towards things and I have tried fostering total apathy. Both failed. I can't stomach suicide but at least I will die one day.
>> No. 20139 [Edit]
File 143222929927.png - (76.33KB , 463x506 , 14272110604.png )
Kinda, but not in that way OP. Skipping class, ignoring most people, dropping out of college and coming home as soon as possible allowed me in some twisted, lucky way to focus more on the internet and do things that currently keep me afloat. I don't wanna imagine a life with friends because it would probably be worse in every other aspect except the having friends part, which I don't even care about anyways. I think I enjoy this unconventional lifestyle I have.

However, I do regret some of the things I've done recently. They have nothing to do with school or friends, but poor money management. That was pretty stupid of me, I'm baffled at why I did it. Well, other than being stupid.
>> No. 20144 [Edit]
Not really, school sucked one way or the other.

I behaved like a real fucktard in early school, if anything i should have kept my mouth shut, but there was little that went wrong or could have went wrong otherwise.

Sure i made mistakes like everyone else, i wish i was less passive and anti-social in later years.
Even then things would have more or less come out the same way.

I hadnt had a puberty or adolescence, i feel like some sort of non-entity really.
What i most regret is not having an decent social life in my 20s, where i should have went out drinking with friends and exploring the real world and all that shit.
Now that is really biting me in the ass.
But it fairly much was out of my reach for circumstances beyond my own really.
>> No. 20147 [Edit]
Not really.
I put effort into wasting my youth.
Growing up with the internet was fucking wild.
>> No. 20335 [Edit]
Only regret not building skills earlier. Artistic and programming skills not built in ones teens outside of maybe writing are generally never able to compete. I also wish I had pursued languages earlier as well and that my parents didn't allow me to play videogames literally all day, but I guess it really wouldn't have been any different any other way.

- What I would have said maybe two years ago, can't say I really care anymore. Regrets often, at least in my personal circumstance, grow out of imagined possibilities that had little real potential more often than the other way around. The past seems full of promise should things have gone differently, but it is just a cruel illusion that will break you if you let it. Things could easily have been different, but I doubt they would have been any better or worse.
>> No. 20366 [Edit]
The thing that hurts me the most is having no skills whatsoever. I don't have any hobbies either, apart from browsing imageboards and watching the occasional episode of anime (usually too much effort). This hit me like a ton of bricks recently when I was lying in bed in my old room at my parents' house. I am a category 5 manchild in his mid-twenties. How could this happen?
>> No. 20367 [Edit]
I'm not sure. I'm 23 and yeah, things could have been different, I could have been more in many respects, but I think that what I have now is possibly okay. And by that I mean, it isn't necessarily bad what's happening to me now. Not until I get myself in a hole that I can't get myself out of. Then I'll probably regret having had a poor adolescence. I don't see what's happened, what with the isolation and depression and mental suffering I endured, and I'll have wanted to be a normal person. I'm still not sure though. I think that I'm okay with how things are. That, or I simply don't care about my life. It seems like I'm destined to be a big loser for the rest of my life. I'm not sure I would want to carry on in that way.
>> No. 20369 [Edit]
Honestly I don't even remember much of high school. I "only" graduated 5 years ago but it may as well have never happened. Brainfog has fucked my memory, every day is the same.
>> No. 20370 [Edit]
I mean I never really thought about it until now but it is pretty fucked I spent 6 years attending school and have no lasting memories of it besides a year or two of getting bullied. Oh well.
As >>20366 said having no skills in the present is the worst. What fucks me up even more is that when I was 14-15 I *started* on the path towards a whole lot of skills - art, music, languages, programming, science, all kinds of shit grabbed my attention but I was always lazy and spent more time infatuated with the idea of getting good at them rather than spending time actually getting good at them. If maladaptive daydreaming counts as a skill then I'm a master. So really, there's a number of things I could've been great or at least decent at by now if I'd only kept it up. Annoying, but it can't be helped.

The memory thing is fucking with me now though. I can't remember school, a place where things actually happened. It doesn't bode well now that life is a grey repetitive blur of nothing. Years will pass without notice, I can feel it.
>> No. 20371 [Edit]
I think trying hard even as an adult can help fighting the brainfog. I do still often feel very stupid, but giving my best at Japanese certainly has had a positive effect on me. Back when I did absolutely nothing but browse a couple of websites I felt like my brain had become void.
>> No. 20375 [Edit]
Slowly getting back into that.
>I felt like my brain had become void.
It's like amnesia. As if I just woke up at 23 and my very faint memories of past events didn't happen, maybe I watched them in a movie. Sometimes I'll stumble upon certain memorable things like old blog posts, sometimes find essays I wrote in high school around my room, and remember it DID really all happen but at the same time if you told me these things were written by someone else I could believe you. It's weird. The most I can accept is that today is happening, but by next week today will just be another 24 hour addition to the formless blur.
>> No. 20377 [Edit]
I have pretty bad brain fog... absent mindedness isn't quite the right word for it. I can't really tie it down to stress or anything like that. Meditation can be good for it, but really, I just have to let it come and go. It's not fun trying to do ... anything ... with it.

I can't remember much about my childhood, let alone this month. Meh. You get used to it. Stimulants help me a bit, but that's just day to day.
>> No. 20494 [Edit]
I wish I could get an amphetamine prescription. I can't stand the brainfog, lethargy and apathy any longer. What are the chances of that though? Doctors will think I'm a drug abuser because I sure look like one, when really I just want some energy so I can attempt to improve my life. I can't buy speed off the street either because that would require some semblance of bravery and social skills. I really need to top myself ASAP.
>> No. 20496 [Edit]
ikr. If only I could get my hands on amphetamines then I'd go full Erdős and own combinatorics and travel around the world doing crazy math stuff and eat Bourbaki on the breakfast and be happy probably not.
>> No. 20497 [Edit]
Just talk to a doctor and tell him that you have trouble with your attention-span or paying attention in class. He will probably give you something like adderall no probs.
>> No. 20506 [Edit]
idk; plenty of people have advice on getting prescriptions for adderall. google is your friend

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