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File 131863066627.jpg - (153.20KB , 500x333 , 2679262701_dbfb47414c.jpg )
6641 No. 6641 [Edit]
I've developed a hypothesis that all show with the word Strawberry in the title are excellent. So far I can't find a flaw in my prototheory, so I'd like to open it up to TC for peer review.
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>> No. 6642 [Edit]
Strawberry Panic, Ichigo Mashimaro. I'm okay with this theory.
>> No. 6644 [Edit]
Thanks for the vote of confidence, I haven't seen Panic yet and I'm only halfway through Eggs (its not a fully researched concept, which is why i tagged it as a hypothesis rather than a theory), so its nice to hear that I have some more ichigo quality to look forward to.
>> No. 6682 [Edit]
Panic is really good. Especially if you haven't watched any full yuri anime yet.
>> No. 6934 [Edit]
File 131995396592.jpg - (68.08KB , 635x478 , motherfucking AWESOME!.jpg )
OH holy fucking crap, Panis is SO FUCKING GOOD, I am enjoying the shit out of this shit like you wouldn't fucking believe. THREAD PREMISE FUCKING CONFIRMED
>> No. 6937 [Edit]
File 13199557608.jpg - (51.81KB , 499x373 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
*Just as planned.*
>> No. 6953 [Edit]
Your hypothesis works for some, but not others.

Despite being somewhat of a yuri fanatic, I wouldn't rate Panic that highly at all. On the other hand, I'd gladly give Mashimaro a resounding thumbs up.
>> No. 6954 [Edit]
what about Ichigo 100%?
>> No. 6955 [Edit]
Also, Ichigo Ichie
>> No. 7102 [Edit]
File 132071507276.jpg - (57.43KB , 636x478 , HORSE.jpg )

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