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File 140107363971.png - (88.00KB , 680x486 , e45.png )
15613 No. 15613 [Edit]
Is there anyone else out there searching for their waifu?

I visit her occasionally and see other boards where people have improved themselves and gotten pure satisfaction from being devoted to their waifu/husbando. I feel I lack direction in my life and wish I felt so strongly about anything.

I almost felt something like what others describe, but her source material was so terrible (and turned out to be smutty) so it killed any attraction I might have initially felt. And shouldn't it be an immediate thing anyway?

Anyway, yeah... That's my life. Still searching for The One.
>> No. 15615 [Edit]
Well, my waifu's source material is also absolutely appalling, but I don't think you should let that stop you from appreciating her specifically. I treat her as a separate entity from the game and don't really associate her with that at all. I advise you to consider doing the same.
It wasn't an immediate thing for me, either. It wasn't until months after I had played the game she's from that I began truly falling for her.

But if it doesn't work out with her then my advice to you is: don't do anything. Just continue doing what you normally do and don't even think about waifus. You don't want to force it. Your waifu finds you.
>> No. 15616 [Edit]
>Just continue doing what you normally do and don't even think about waifus. You don't want to force it. Your waifu finds you.

This is sound advice. Also, it can be immediate for some people, but it doesn't have to be. Though I liked my waifu just fine when I first saw her, I didn't realize that I was starting to become enamored with her until a few months later.
>> No. 15617 [Edit]
I have a waifu, but I always felt weird about obsessing about her, kinda like that "feelings of unworthiness" thread. I can never fantasize about her or anything because, well, what would she think? It makes me feel like a stalker or something. All I can think about is her finding out about my huge image collection and that I watched her anime several times and she'd just cringe at that. I respect her a lot, and I guess for that reason I can never get attached to her or feel any real intimacy with her.

I kinda do envy people who are head over heels with their waifu. I'm just really cold and have attachment issues.

I'm still devoted to her though! 5 years strong, and I brand everything in her name.
>> No. 15618 [Edit]
I'm the one who created that thread. I understand how you feel completely and I was surprised that so many posters in there disagreed with my views completely.

This is how I imagine a confrontation with my waifu going.
I'd first attempt to casually approach her. The chances of this succeeding are probably dangerously close to 0%, but I might as well try. Once that inevitably fails, I'd then shamelessly beg her to make me her eternal slave to do with as she pleases and possibly show her my collection of shit dedicated to her if I think it has a chance of benefiting me at the time. Who knows, with as egotistical as she is, maybe, just maybe my undying obsessive love for her would impress her slightly. But probably not.
I'd then shoot myself in the face without hesitation if she rejects me.
...Or maybe stalk her for the rest of my life. It's easy for one to say that they'd pull the trigger in a hypothetical scenario but maybe I wouldn't go through with it. I'd follow her to the end of the earth and photograph her every movement. That could actually be pretty great in its own right. I wouldn't be good at talking to her anyway so maybe loving her from afar as always would be for the best.

Post edited on 26th May 2014, 12:09am
>> No. 15619 [Edit]
It's okay though, I made a thoughtform using a character based off my waifu, she's two years old now and the best friend I've ever had or could ever hope to have. I guess it's how I cope.
Making a thoughtform of my waifu herself would be like the ultimate creepy thing, I think I'd kill myself if my waifu was ever real and found out about that.

I'd say "tulpa" but it sounds almost demeaning for some reason.
>> No. 15620 [Edit]

The work was a fan-made creation thing (she was purely fan made), and while it started deeply flawed but interesting it really just nose-dived because the author's personal goals/whatever. It just really changed my view of the character. I've tried "isolating" her in my mind but it just never seemed to work. I may try again, especially since the work seems "dead".

Thanks for the advice. I know something like this can't be forced. I shouldn't be so impatient but it's hard almost being lovesick for someone you're not even sure exists.
>> No. 15621 [Edit]
Go back to 4chan
>> No. 15622 [Edit]
one can't help but wonder why one would essentially come to a waifu board to post "i do not have a waifu"
>> No. 15624 [Edit]
he wants to be cool
>> No. 15626 [Edit]
The guy is obviously interested in the idea, he just hasn't found one for himself yet. It's not like you can expect them to pop up in the first game you play or anime you've seen.
>> No. 15627 [Edit]
Doubtful. Having a waifu is about as socially unacceptable as it gets. It doesn't work in the 'hipster' sense either, as many internet communities have become aware of the concept but it's still subject to complete ridicule everywhere outside of a few tiny communities.
>> No. 15628 [Edit]
The reason I want a waifu is that it is painfully obvious that 2D love is not in the cards for me, for a lot of reasons I see brought up time and time again on sites.

Sorry if I'm intruding, I just wanted to know if I'm the only one who visits boards like this without having a waifu but wanting one, what the experiences of others are, etc.
>> No. 15629 [Edit]
Having a waifu is not really a good thing you know. It can be a very destructive force. Hope you never fall in love with 2D, it's nothing but suffering.
>> No. 15630 [Edit]
Loving your waifu is suffering?
I think you're missing the point
>> No. 15631 [Edit]
Not being with her is suffering. I get it better than you do.
>> No. 15632 [Edit]
The point differs for many.
>> No. 15634 [Edit]
2D is suffering.
3D is suffering
People is suffering.
Life is suffering.

But with 2D you live for the ideal!
>> No. 15635 [Edit]
If you have zero imagination and want your waifu to become "real" as 3dpd are, doesn't mean everybody feels the same.
>> No. 15636 [Edit]
wanting to be with her doesn't necessarily mean wanting her to be 3DPD, not everybody feels the same.
>> No. 15637 [Edit]
Hey, guys, lets just take it easy and realize we all have different outlooks about our waifus.
>> No. 15641 [Edit]
You expect too much from the new /mai/
>> No. 15643 [Edit]
go fuck yourself
>> No. 15645 [Edit]
Lurkers don't speak, they can't speak. The knowledge of wise that you seek is mute.

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