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File 139396796745.png - (688.11KB , 1280x720 , quicktime-2014-02-20-11h08m57s178.png )
18818 No. 18818 [Edit]
I went to see The Wind Rises a few days ago and it pretty much sucked, so don't bother.
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>> No. 18820 [Edit]
No reasons?

I cried at the very end like a baby.

Everyone says it's ""POLITICALLY CHARGED!!!!1!!1!!11!"" but I don't see why.
>> No. 18822 [Edit]
>Everyone says it's ""POLITICALLY CHARGED!!!!1!!1!!11!"" but I don't see why.
You god damned anti-semite. Go die in hell with your "glorious Nazi leader" and get raped by stalin.
The movie didn't paint the Nazi leader in a negative enough light, also it tried to imply that said Nazi leader's allies to the East weren't wrong either morally or ethically in several places throughout the movie.
It's politically charged thinking like those that will forever hold back Japan and prevent them from becoming a multicultural paradise that will lead the world as a super power, or any sort of powerhouse as far as the world is concerned.
Seriously, if it wasn't inherently obvious as to just how ludicrous the film was, pushing the envelope clear off the table as it did, you were either born yesterday or a god forsaken skinhead.
>> No. 18823 [Edit]
Oh cool tumblr can follow me here as well.
>> No. 18824 [Edit]
I had no idea SJWs browsed tohno-chan.
>> No. 18831 [Edit]
single jewish women?
>> No. 18832 [Edit]
Samurai Japanese Warrior
>> No. 18838 [Edit]

samurai jewish wannabe.
>> No. 18854 [Edit]
Japan is a fairly successful nation and as such the Japanese people have a duty to remind themselves how thoroughly evil they and their culture are.
>> No. 18857 [Edit]
Space Jew Weasels!
>> No. 18918 [Edit]
File 139531323283.jpg - (188.29KB , 1000x1100 , verticalchess.jpg )
SHonen Jump Waifu
>> No. 18927 [Edit]
File 139541786043.jpg - (439.36KB , 1446x2048 , The Wind Rises.jpg )
I personally completely loved The Wind Rises. It showed a beautiful 2D world and reminded me why will always be PD.

You have no taste, OP.
>> No. 19088 [Edit]
I watched Grave of the Fireflies yesterday but I still don't see what the fuzz was all about.
>> No. 19318 [Edit]
File 140028353014.jpg - (43.13KB , 712x480 , ycoco.jpg )
Don't make Chiyo cry..
>> No. 19320 [Edit]
>> No. 19321 [Edit]
Or else!
>> No. 19370 [Edit]
Or else there will be .... trouble
>> No. 19373 [Edit]
Make it double.

Okay I'm terribly sorry about the cuteposting.

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