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File 133305567194.jpg - (137.90KB , 800x1200 , 130138039941.jpg )
6418 No. 6418 [Edit]

So,are there enough people on Tohno-chan we can become a voting bloc and select a prince from among us and rule the common rabble?
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>> No. 6419 [Edit]
No. That game might be interesting though
>> No. 6420 [Edit]
Also I hope as a trade off the Princes suffer permadeath when killed too, and I will spend all my time trying to kill them. Unless the game is of the "their number is higher and you can never touch them ever" type, in which case I don't know how interested I am in this game
>> No. 6422 [Edit]
Will it have a suscription? Release date? and most importantly, can I be the little girl?
>> No. 6424 [Edit]
File 133310325412.jpg - (166.00KB , 620x453 , grimlock2b.jpg )
I have to dance to join this Vampire Bund?
>> No. 6425 [Edit]
Yes, no, and I hope so~

...but doubtful since it's adult-oriented.
>> No. 6429 [Edit]
I'd imagine the big internet communities will have all the power. The difference is that social influence and power in this game is apparently a really big deal. So when the leader of the 4chans or whatever inevitably gets too big for his britches, him getting taken down will be a big in-game event.

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