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File 142852289825.jpg - (277.70KB , 663x825 , 688605e6e42ef172e58c41b4561aa925.jpg )
26750 No. 26750 [Edit]
Ever since the age of 5 I've been picking and biting my nails and skin. I've always kept my nails really short to the point where they can't be used for anything and I peel the skin on my fingertips so much that sometimes I expose the sensitive layer that hurts. This is a habit I probably picked up from my dad from me watching him do it at such a young age.
Since last year, I've been keeping my clippings in an empty pill container. I'm starting to get attached to my collection. When I don't have my container with me, I will hold on to my peeled nail and/or skin until I can deposit them in the right place. What used to be just an act of nervousness or being bored has now become a hobby of mine.

Does anyone else do the same thing? Or do you have another bad habit like this?
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>> No. 26752 [Edit]
This seems to be a thing people like us do.

My uncle did the same thing, and I cut callouses off my feet with an xacto knife and keep them until they are brittle. Sometimes I rehydrate them too.
>> No. 26753 [Edit]
File 142854926840.png - (135.00KB , 641x1034 , img000011.png )
Might you be Yoshikage Kira?

I can't find the exact page, but this'll have to do.
>> No. 26755 [Edit]
I bite the skin off my lips.
I push my thumb with my finger against the nail and other side until it bleeds. I also do the same to my other fingers. I don't do this as much as I used to. I remember one point in high school all my nails had blood spots on them.
I rub the area where my neck connects to my chest to the point people ask why it's so red.
I pick my nose a lot.

I used to bite my nails but stopped when I got braces. I also used to pull out my leg hair. I never thought anything of it until I looked at my legs and I had huge bald patches on my legs. They still haven't grown back completely even though I stopped about five years ago.
>> No. 26776 [Edit]
I don't save my fingernail clippings, however I do gnaw on my fingernails almost constantly. Pretty much any time they are long enough to bite a nice wide swath off of I will chew it off, and then I like to move the clipping around in my mouth for a while, pushing it into the spaces between various teeth, and then gnawing it down a little until eventually I've chewed it to bits and swallowed it. Sometimes little fragments detach themselves and get stuck in the spaces between my teeth and it's really annoying, but not enough to stop me from doing it. It's kind of an oral fixation, like what some people do with toothpicks. My toenails, however, I rarely think to clip, to the point where people actually remark on how long and nasty my toenails usually look (I tend to prefer wearing sandals whenever I go outside if the weather allows it; shoes are entirely too much of a hassle).
>> No. 26790 [Edit]

>I bite the skin off my lips.

This. Sometimes to the point where they start to bleed.
>> No. 26798 [Edit]
I'm afraid that you two aren't the only ones that do this.

I mostly do it since my lips get dry pretty often and it just becomes something that I sometimes do without even noticing.
>> No. 26906 [Edit]
I pick my nose, and scratch the pimples/crusts on my back.
>> No. 27447 [Edit]
Chewing nails in itself is not really a bad habit, it's a good way to keep them short. Collecting them is a bit foul though.
>> No. 27458 [Edit]
I pick my nose and other unhygienic things in public.

Also, speaking of nails. I have two toenails that grew on top of each other. A stranger from Japan visited me and I was showing(walking aimlessly and getting lost) him around the city. We walked for about ten hours and my toes were bleeding underneath, which helped formed these funny looking toenails. I keep only these two nails as a momento of our short time together.
>> No. 27482 [Edit]
In public?!
>> No. 27483 [Edit]
Well, at work.
>> No. 27491 [Edit]
I pick my nose when I feel no one's looking. I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. After a while it starts to feel clogged up and gets on my nerves. Talking to a doctor about it once and he gave me some nasal sprays which didn't help much.

I also sometimes talk to myself. Helps me think to voice my thoughts.
>> No. 27541 [Edit]
As long as no one is looking and you make sure that your hands are clean before and after doing it, I don't see how picking your nose is a bad habbit.

Talking to yourself is a good thang I feel, its funny.
>> No. 27542 [Edit]
It will eventually stretch out your nostrils and if you aren't careful you might damage some of the more exposed blood vessels and start a bleeding. Granted, you probably won't die from it, but it's annoying.
>> No. 27543 [Edit]
Really? If I continually do it will I get a nigger's nose? Gross

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