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File 134132945980.jpg - (40.12KB , 500x513 , QVQDU_jpg-1503458173.jpg )
15728 No. 15728 [Edit]
How do I live as a NEET? I have student loan debt though I don't mind defaulting. My biggest monetary obligation is $540 in rent a month, but after this six month lease I can decrease that to $300 by moving. Beyond this the biggest cost is food but dumpsters have plenty of perfectly fine food and I can also grow stuff.

I am also looking into mental illness aid and similar shit, but I'm not certain how this works here in Canada. I just am really, really sick of having to work.
>> No. 15729 [Edit]
There really is no way to be a NEET here in Canada without taking government hand-outs or working.

Disability/autism bux here depend on you really having a disorder that keeps you from working. If you can get diagnosed as such, you may be able to get it, but it's a long process.

Just be ready to live a real frugal life unless you have some severe disorders that will net you more money.

Post edited on 3rd Jul 2012, 8:39am
>> No. 15730 [Edit]
I'm sorry, Anon!

Also, I think this would be better on /so/...
>> No. 15744 [Edit]
Answer: You don't. Even coding and programming and those odd marketing scams and bitcoin-mining is technicalle employment.

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