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File 134993886174.jpg - (79.63KB , 393x393 , dayum shame.jpg )
12181 No. 12181 [Edit]
Where do NEETs go when they die?
Is there a special place in hell for people like us?
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>> No. 12182 [Edit]
NEET heaven, where we get joined with our waifus forever.
>> No. 12183 [Edit]
Gensokyo of course.
>> No. 12184 [Edit]
>> No. 12185 [Edit]
NEETs are traitors to the state, so they go to the Ninth Circle.
>> No. 12186 [Edit]
This is no heaven or hell. Most of us will probably die alone but at least we'll be together being worm food.
>> No. 12187 [Edit]
Can my rotting corpse lay beside you, Oniichan?
>> No. 12188 [Edit]
I'll sell my soul to Yukari and go to Gensokyo
>> No. 12189 [Edit]
There's no such thing as hell. Our souls experience void (I've heard a guy say that there's fractals and the sound of sitars) until the universe resets itself, and then we'll be reincarnated possibly as corn barnacle.
>> No. 12190 [Edit]
Haruhi'll probably make me live forever, just as a prank.
>> No. 12196 [Edit]
File 135015028084.jpg - (42.51KB , 400x320 , Volkswagen-VW-Hippie-Flower-Van-Art-Print-Poster.jpg )
I am too lazy, and too communication-retarded, to make a long thread.

But, i am gonna more or less forced to report myself to the authorities soon and ofc i am not opted to give up my NEET life.

I guess it is really time where i will have to decide, whether i will be weakwilled drone or i have the balls to actually leave the comfort zone and go out, find a nice surrounding and then die there.

I want to travel until my money runs out and then end it.
I am thinking of either Spain or Greece.
>> No. 12197 [Edit]
>i am gonna more or less forced to report myself to the authorities soon

Uh, why
>> No. 12199 [Edit]
File 135017113386.jpg - (126.70KB , 940x529 , 12798443907505.jpg )
Some friend of my mother and sister think it is the way to "help" me.

Stupid shit, but well, whatever, my mother can't support herself anymore any longer anyways.

She dies out as a host.

And no matter, what, i am not become a sheeple and work for others without having my own goals, thus actually working for myself.

I can't see any, and i won't let myself becoming a working drone.

Thus there is only the other option left.
>> No. 12201 [Edit]
As long as I stopped aging too, I would love to live forever. Even if I get buried alive in an earthquake or shot off into space when the earth somehow explodes into pieces, I would be alive still. I could learn everything, and have all the time in the universe to do it.
>> No. 12203 [Edit]
You might want to try moving into a country with nicer streets and social services and prisons before turning yourself in.
>> No. 12206 [Edit]
Reminded me of this.
>> No. 12210 [Edit]

I always think people signing up for immortality should at least insist on retaining the ability to commit suicide. Even the most ardent life-lover should be allowed to opt out at their convenience; in fact, if life-extension technology continues to mature and people start living for centuries as a matter of course, I predict (hope?) that easy euthanasia will come to be seen as a fundamental human right.

Just thinking aloud. I wish you the best of luck; may you live long and prosper, as they say. But for me, my free trial period has so far proven unimpressive, to say the least.
>> No. 12211 [Edit]
If ways to actually stop me from aging any further came up on the side of being able to live forever until I decide to kill myself I would be the first to take it but it would also probably cost a massive amount of money so with it here or not I wouldn't be able to use it.
>> No. 12241 [Edit]
File 135061142184.jpg - (170.28KB , 500x357 , THANK YOU GORBACHEV.jpg )
The coffeehouse of dead communists, I've prepared. No way will I spend eternity doing more of this.
>> No. 12242 [Edit]
File 13506117335.jpg - (29.39KB , 319x320 , Karl_Groucho_Marx.jpg )
I approve of this post.
>> No. 12243 [Edit]
File 135061323014.jpg - (47.65KB , 402x402 , Mikhail-Sergeyevich-Gorbachev-9315721-1-402.jpg )
Well fuck you buddy
>> No. 12244 [Edit]

No she wouldn't. She's Japanese, not Russian.
>> No. 12531 [Edit]
Yeah, because being a doctor or any of those is a bad thing.
>> No. 12533 [Edit]
being FORCED to be a doctor or any of those is a bad thing
>> No. 12844 [Edit]
I don't know, fractals and sitars for millions of years sounds like hell to me.
>> No. 12980 [Edit]
Perhaps this NEETdom is purgatory for sins in a past life. Take it as a life lesson.
>> No. 14604 [Edit]
They go to the Rainbow Road, where they race with Mario & friends for all eternity.

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