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File 137293080164.jpg - (126.64KB , 420x600 , Rozen Maiden (2013).jpg )
16383 No. 16383 [Edit]
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>> No. 16385 [Edit]
So is this really a reboot or what?
>> No. 16411 [Edit]
File 137305586944.jpg - (525.87KB , 1974x1551 , 0044.jpg )
reboot is an understatement.

ep 1 was a recap of the major points of the entire 8 volume run of the first Rozen Maiden manga series, complete with the rabbit out of the ass end.

Ep 2 is where the season will really start, with Jun who didn't wind. I wasn't expecting them to rush right into the new stuff, to be honest. I am hugely impressed with what they are doing, and I just hope DEEN has learned from past adaptations and their habit of rushing through the adaptation in the beginning, and then dragging out the last part because they didn't properly plan out how they were going to pace the series.
>> No. 16415 [Edit]
Also the manga also did a soft reboot when they changed publishers.

It's for the newbies to catch up. So have an ep 1 intro ep.
>> No. 16417 [Edit]
someone already posted that in the original thread
>> No. 16420 [Edit]
As someone who never even touched the manga I have no fucking idea what I just watched.
>> No. 16422 [Edit]
File 137310997437.jpg - (126.95KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Rozen Maiden (2013).jpg )
It really has.
>> No. 16569 [Edit]
File 137352103693.jpg - (159.36KB , 1440x810 , back.jpg )
>I wasn't expecting them to rush right into the new stuff, to be honest.
Well, I'm glad. It's the reason why I might follow this in the end, even if I end up as disappointed as with Traumend.

I guess it's just endearing to see them back again; except Hina-Ichigo and Canaria: those are still awful.
>> No. 16571 [Edit]
i got some sad news for you kashira is alice
>> No. 16579 [Edit]
File 13736099949.jpg - (236.12KB , 1280x720 , [Asenshi] Rozen Maiden (2013) - 02 [45997267]_mkv_.jpg )
filler? already??
>> No. 16606 [Edit]
File 137372621895.png - (556.39KB , 645x727 , melancholy of beta and a new chance.png )
I'm really, really liking this. I think he grew rather coherently for a hiki who was a doll lover in another universe, as if they wanted the series to catch up with us old followers (say, like in Eva Rebuild?). Actually, yesterday, coincidentally, I decided myself to start putting together a DD doll; it's gonna take a while (and cost me tons) so this just comes right on time as the perfect insane motivation. I hope this new series keeps on the same mood, for I will.
>> No. 16732 [Edit]
holy fucking shit, RM is excellent
>> No. 16735 [Edit]
File 137426140158.jpg - (379.74KB , 658x1881 , Jun memories.jpg )
It really is. It has been the season's revelation for me (and Monogtari is also there, so that's really something).
>> No. 16738 [Edit]
Wow, that teacher really isn't smart, is he. It was bound to happen, what was he thinking.
>> No. 16746 [Edit]
File 137434104111.jpg - (218.96KB , 1280x720 , [Aidoru] Rozen Maiden (2013) [720p] - 03 [A231BD30.jpg )
It only shows how little he really knew about Jun. And since Jun is basically a closed box to everybody that doesn't live with him, it's hard to really say what the teacher attempted to do was wrong.

He was quite happy to see a new side of Jun, to see that the shy boy with very few friends 'opening up' with one of his hobbies, and decided to give him a bit of a push out in the open so he could make friends and even perhaps join a club of people with similar hobbies so he would live a truly enjoyable middle school life.
>> No. 16769 [Edit]

It doesn't even matter whether it was Jun or not, as soon as he figured out it's a guy who designed it he should've known it won't end well.

Hell, even if it were a girl he still didn't have the right to just announce it like that.
>> No. 16792 [Edit]
File 137482900437.jpg - (459.50KB , 812x2740 , doll adventures in hell.jpg )
My god... was she always this charming? this new series is much more settled down; even the soundtrack is remarkable. The only thing I don't dig is that lame actress woman; I bet she's into something.
>> No. 16793 [Edit]
File 137482996555.jpg - (102.70KB , 1117x625 , to each its own.jpg )
ok, maybe she's not all that bad (just stupid).
>> No. 16798 [Edit]
File 137488804842.jpg - (60.35KB , 1280x720 , [Asenshi] Rozen Maiden (2013) - 02 [45997267]_mkv_.jpg )
>The only thing I don't dig is that lame actress woman; I bet she's into something.

Love doesn't need a reason to be, it just does. Why is that so hard to understand?
>> No. 16800 [Edit]
File 137489241458.jpg - (107.35KB , 669x750 , that woman.jpg )
It isn't. It's just that she's the raibaru, both as a blood and flesh woman and as Suigintou's guardian.
>> No. 16801 [Edit]
File 137489851160.jpg - (51.16KB , 1280x720 , [Aidoru] Rozen Maiden (2013) [720p] - 04 [22F770F3.jpg )
When jun is walking around, with all non-thumb fingers wearing rings, how the hell is Alice going to get picked?
>> No. 16802 [Edit]
File 137489861082.jpg - (211.17KB , 923x580 , what are these shoes they are too big for me.jpg )
Seeing all the dolls and everyone come back is really making me happy. I think the most interesting thing for me about it so far is seeing adult Jun. I'd say it's going fairly well but one thing that annoys me like someone already mentioned is the actress girl. Since this anime has gone full depressing reality type world I view all the girls outside of the dolls as 3DPDs, not to mention Shinku and Jun had great chemistry in the original in my opinion. So I'm going to be mad if this girl comes in and ruins it. Also it's kind of got a NHK vibe going to it with depressed adult Jun and all that.
>> No. 16803 [Edit]
Shirou what are you doing playing with dolls?
>> No. 16804 [Edit]
File 137490350952.jpg - (155.56KB , 1120x626 , decisions decisions.jpg )
>I view all the girls outside of the dolls as 3DPDs
Exactly. In any other series (even moody seinen) she'd be another kind-hearted 2D girl we could like; but in here, with the RM serving as contrasting factor, she appears as the Ford-vindicating route that threatens the die hard doll-lover path.

However, since she's ostensibly implicated in the Alice game too, it's way too soon to judge her (maybe she's there to appeal female but equally lonely doll-loving audiences?); next episode might be pivotal in this regard. To see how a Jun nearer our age and condition reacts to all this is quite the hook, indeed.
>> No. 16807 [Edit]
File 137491268225.jpg - (96.74KB , 1120x618 , everyday until you like it (not).jpg )
For a man who lives off of instant ramen, soda and cheap tea, Jun doesn't look half bad. I guess he'll just start resenting it at his 30's.
>> No. 16808 [Edit]
File 137492644689.jpg - (76.05KB , 1280x720 , Paste.jpg )
Shit nigga, what are you doing, that's enough toothpaste for a whole fucking week.


>Jun doesn't look half bad.

You don't really know that, how handsome/pretty any given character is in the 2D-verse can only be ascernaited through opinions of those around him/her.

Also am I the only person who doesn't really dislike the actress girl?
>> No. 16814 [Edit]
File 137496047062.jpg - (186.42KB , 1120x620 , the ugly one.jpg )
That's true. In general, young anime characters are fit/slim for 3D standards and we have to rely on their own judgement. However, they sometimes are clearly made to somehow look like shit for narrative purposes, which include a loner or self-abandoned lifestyle (Tatsuhiro Satou, Kuroki Tomoko, the original Genshiken...). In that sense, I think Jun is portrayed rather nicely; he also have conventionally nice and manly facial features unlike, say, his boss.
>> No. 16836 [Edit]
Come to think of it, Jun's eyebrow color matches his hair...
That's way too metrosexual, man.
>> No. 16882 [Edit]
File 137543213689.jpg - (105.74KB , 1122x628 , adorable.jpg )
So that was Megu, after all. Oh well.

At Traumend, she was likeable but a bit corny; this one take on her is much more cynical and deliciously off her chump; such a waste, really: I'd keep her around rather than the lame actress anytime.
>> No. 16886 [Edit]
File 137550065998.jpg - (119.02KB , 1118x626 , for the laughs.jpg )
I hope the play is a comedy, for her own sake.
>> No. 16906 [Edit]
That is just .... wrong.
>> No. 16976 [Edit]
File 137605116327.jpg - (177.18KB , 1118x626 , fool.jpg )
Because you're listening to your dick, dickhead. But is not entirely your fault: disregarded by your own doll (which is most unfair, indeed), you're still weak thus been manipulated by everyone (including Kirakishou) and making poor decisions as a consequence. Please, stop making a fool of yourself; it's painful to see.
>> No. 16977 [Edit]
File 137605121839.jpg - (119.35KB , 1114x624 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Oh, no...
>> No. 16981 [Edit]
File 137605421117.jpg - (175.29KB , 668x1126 , indeed__.jpg )
"You never get to choose
You live on what they sent you
You know they're gonna use
Things you love against you..."

>> No. 16982 [Edit]
File 137606644486.jpg - (79.05KB , 1280x720 , [Aidoru] Rozen Maiden (2013) [720p] - 06 [4EDE448A.jpg )
what do you bet that preview of Suiseseki's parasol is something that happens in the final 2 mins of the episode?
>> No. 16983 [Edit]
I bet that Kanaria is gonna come soon enough to annoy the hell out of us.
>> No. 16988 [Edit]

Best doll.
>> No. 17033 [Edit]
File 137664064331.jpg - (121.27KB , 1120x620 , I'm not talking to you (traitor).jpg )
>> No. 17034 [Edit]
File 137664066915.jpg - (92.78KB , 687x757 , TC.jpg )
>> No. 17035 [Edit]
File 137664069643.jpg - (195.08KB , 1124x624 , this moment with you.jpg )
>> No. 17087 [Edit]
File 137697403676.jpg - (88.60KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Rozen Maiden (2013) - 07 [720p]_mkv.jpg )
Kanaria is the worst.

I wanted to punch Jun in the face when he slammed the door on Shinku.

I didn't realize people disliked her. I don't have anything against her, but she's pretty underwhelming when compared to the dolls.

Shinku is an angel.
>> No. 17112 [Edit]
File 137733162748.jpg - (57.91KB , 1280x720 , [Aidoru] Rozen Maiden (2013) [720p] - 08 [7686BE4C.jpg )
At long last, the main character is introduced -- next episode.

and with so few episodes left for the story, I get the feeling it's going to be rushed as shit for the last bit.

I can only pray to god and hope for heaven's sake that they aren't going to attempt to crunch in 17 chapters worth of material into 5 episodes after going at a horribly leisurely pace riddled with filler averaging at 1 ep per chapter. DEEN QUALITY pacing at it's finest.
>> No. 17113 [Edit]
Well it's either that or let Kirakashu kill everyone.

Post edited on 24th Aug 2013, 1:25pm
>> No. 17114 [Edit]
they have.

it's the same thing Suigintou is waiting for, a door to the n-field to appear so they are no longer trapped in the branched off world.
>> No. 17116 [Edit]
So the Jun who winded and Shinku just wanted adult Jun to make a new body for her to be awaken in, then abandon him as soon as possible to go back into the N-field and on with their stuff? well that's pretty cruel and no lame actress' ass can make up for it.
>> No. 17117 [Edit]
It's either that or letting Kirakashu kill everyone. It's not like Jun is expecting her to stay.
>> No. 17124 [Edit]
File 137740882647.jpg - (64.78KB , 1280x720 , [Aidoru] Rozen Maiden (2013) [720p] - 08 [7686BE4C.jpg )

She taught Jun some manners, the proper etiquette for treating guests, and became the motivation he needed to take a step forward in life. Shinku did nothing short of an absolute miracle for that lazy bastard, and that's pleny of repayment for his temporary help.
>> No. 17125 [Edit]
File 13774092431.jpg - (195.41KB , 834x1050 , 1357268550573.jpg )
She's also a cute.
>> No. 17126 [Edit]
File 137740935426.jpg - (117.16KB , 1058x588 , what I want.jpg )
And what if one doesn't want that NORP life but a special little girl, say, with ball joints?
>> No. 17132 [Edit]
File 137743297267.jpg - (432.60KB , 1360x768 , acute.jpg )
Very much so
>> No. 17154 [Edit]
Am I the only person who dislikes Shinku?
>> No. 17159 [Edit]
No, you're not. I don't hate her, but she acts like a stuck-up bitch most of the time, and there are better dolls.
I want my Souseiseki back ;_;
>> No. 17161 [Edit]
nobody of any consequence gives a crap about what the noobs on tohno-chan think about this topic.
>> No. 17168 [Edit]
File 137782803177.jpg - (228.44KB , 614x461 , 1358398173697.jpg )
Don't speak for all of us. I personally enjoy talking about anime.

She's not that bad. She just wants someone to make her some tea.
>> No. 17176 [Edit]
File 137799767280.gif - (490.23KB , 256x192 , 1356998461424.gif )
They couldn't have made the reveal of the last episode any more obvious. Hinaichigo's body is a good two feet smaller than everyone else's.

Also, Jun's obsession with the play being ruined is pretty annoying, there are more important things happening at the moment.
>> No. 17178 [Edit]
It was the worst episode so far.
>> No. 17179 [Edit]
File 137799826451.gif - (138.00KB , 850x566 , 1358402509497.gif )
Yeah, it's pretty dissapointing that the episode where the story progesses isn't very good.
>> No. 17180 [Edit]
File 137801459172.jpg - (155.54KB , 1117x619 , funny -I dont.jpg )
Kirakishou was actually the only non disappointing character on sight at some moment. I liked her not being a stereotypical wicked villain but, rather, a sort of victim as well who's trying to deal with her situation the best way she can (say, somewhat like Suigintou); also, in honor to the truth, she's quite pretty (she put those boyish Souseiseki parts to good use).
>> No. 17183 [Edit]
File 137802088276.jpg - (69.54KB , 1280x720 , [Aidoru] Rozen Maiden (2013) [720p] - 09 [7EA33C04.jpg )
I'm just happy they went through 30 manga pages for the episode.

it's a new record in their adaptation speed (and it still dragged on everywhere)
>> No. 17203 [Edit]
File 137847454272.jpg - (290.68KB , 515x447 , uf.jpg )
>> No. 17204 [Edit]
File 137847867757.jpg - (111.71KB , 669x750 , gulp.jpg )
Jesus fuck... that doll is the shit.
Honestly, I felt really bad for her.

Good episode.
>> No. 17205 [Edit]
File 137851830387.jpg - (72.30KB , 1280x720 , [Aidoru] Rozen Maiden (2013) [720p] - 10 [38BA268C.jpg )
>Honestly, I felt really bad for her.
I see where you are from, but she completely deserved what she got. Though the next few episodes are just salt in her wounds, but that comes back to bite everybody else in the ass later.
I'm quite enjoying her voice through it all.
>> No. 17222 [Edit]
File 137861643588.jpg - (87.17KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Rozen Maiden (2013) - 09 [720p]_mkv.jpg )
Wasn't her name Barishou in the first two seasons? Or did I just get a bad translation?

A bit late to be asking this.
>> No. 17223 [Edit]
>> No. 17248 [Edit]
File 137905554889.jpg - (76.57KB , 1113x623 , FU Jun.jpg )
This entire affair was fucking horrible.

I don't care anymore if Shinku goes with the junior, the senior gets his idiotic actress and Souseiseki is put to sleep again: I just want Kirakishou back.
>> No. 17250 [Edit]
File 137910756080.jpg - (69.69KB , 1280x720 , [Aidoru] Rozen Maiden (2013) [720p] - 11 [2C896A8C.jpg )
I've never seen such unnatural pendulum movement.
>> No. 17251 [Edit]
if you've ever seen the pendulum equation then you're probably not surprised that the device operates unusually when t is constant
>> No. 17253 [Edit]
I'm also aware that the animators failed their high school physics classes.
>> No. 17255 [Edit]
That's because they were doodling all the time.
>> No. 17306 [Edit]
File 137965526991.jpg - (85.46KB , 1280x720 , [Aidoru] Rozen Maiden (2013) [720p] - 12 [DB1B6A9A.jpg )
foreshadowing things that won't happen unless there's a second season isn't very nice, Hina.
>> No. 17308 [Edit]
File 137966827137.jpg - (142.21KB , 1114x624 , ok_.jpg )
This new series even made me like Hina Ichigo (and neutralize my bad feelings towards Kanaria). Great job on that. Now it's just one more episode to come.

However, seems like a rather sad ending for my taste. A normal adult life without charming dolls, I mean. And it looks like the Jun who winded intends to end his own hikikomori days soon too, somewhat catching up with his depressing older self. What will become of the dolls, by then? they'll just continue the Alice game with a different medium, I guess; for Jun, they will be a most treasured memory, but no more than that; and at least I don't think I could endure living this depressing adult life on memories alone. But that's just my shitty projection alright.

I long to see what becomes of Kirakishou in the end. So I might get into the manga after this ends.
>> No. 17361 [Edit]
File 138030609116.jpg - (60.89KB , 1280x720 , [Aidoru] Rozen Maiden (2013) [720p] - 13 [1FD708D9.jpg )
what are you doing, deen!?


No megu arc. no megu footjob sceen. No more megu. Completely written out of the picture and replaced with anime-only trash skipping ahead a bit to the next arc.
>> No. 17362 [Edit]
Not to mention no Suigintou, no Kaworu, and no sense whatsoever unless you read the manga.

I think the point might have been to work unwound Jum's eventual return to the doll game to the ending of the anime somehow. Whatever the motivations, DEEN really dropped the ball on the execution front.
>> No. 17363 [Edit]
File 13803146917.jpg - (111.78KB , 1110x622 , norp.jpg )
<--- As normal as it gets, man.
>> No. 17364 [Edit]
File 138031476155.jpg - (189.30KB , 669x1134 , rejection.jpg )
<--- Of course she did, animal. Go get her, now!

So... do you think there'll be another season or shall I go to the manga now?
>> No. 17365 [Edit]
I don't know about the possibility of a sequel, but I'd recommend reading the manga if you liked the anime. The end parts (i.e. everything starting from the play) are quite rushed in the anime, and while it remains enjoyable the manga is a lot better.
>> No. 17366 [Edit]
File 138032836226.jpg - (411.23KB , 950x1400 , 018.jpg )
>The end parts (i.e. everything starting from the play) are quite rushed in the anime

Rushed is an understatement. There is so much that was simply cut, it is highly recommended you read the manga.
>> No. 17369 [Edit]
File 13803798178.jpg - (88.13KB , 1280x720 , Genius director.jpg )
Perfect cut.

Usually cuts are great if you simply don't notice them and the episode progresses smoothly but that one was something special. It was unnatural and you'd normally 'resolve' the scene differently (there are a number of 'standard' scenarios there, the most common would be a still image of Saito for a second or two or simply showing Jun again) but cutting early actually served to further accentuate the last line. Great job.


>it is highly recommended you read the manga.

Business as usual then. Watching an adaptation means settling for less in at least 9/10 cases.


>do you think there'll be another season

I wouldn't count on it, the sales were pretty poor.

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