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File 132530005833.jpg - (161.45KB , 600x600 , kogasa surprise.jpg )
12178 No. 12178 [Edit]
2011 is almost dead! Good year, bad year? Looking forward to anything in 2012? Resolutions?
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>> No. 12179 [Edit]
File 132530101791.jpg - (71.36KB , 480x320 , otoshidama.jpg )
>> No. 12180 [Edit]
Another year wasted, with five and a half months of this one spent in a homeless shelter doing absolutely fucking nothing.

Here's to starting a new year in a new part of the country.

And still sitting around with you guys and having a damn good time of it.
>> No. 12184 [Edit]
I had hopes that this year would be the one where I'd finally start turning my life around. I was wrong.

Fate certainly does not favor the hopeful.
>> No. 12185 [Edit]
File 13253310722.jpg - (210.87KB , 561x562 , 8f4841dfb17e9841a92f4da882898dd8.jpg )
This year sucked.

I don't have anything to look forward to.

I'm not going to set myself up for disappointment by making a stupid "resolution". I'll just do things as they come.
>> No. 12186 [Edit]
Good year for me. My resolution is to try not to leave my room as much as possible.
>> No. 12187 [Edit]
Stop masturbating pointlessly.
>> No. 12188 [Edit]
My main goal is to not be depressed enough to get suicidal. That's about it.
>> No. 12189 [Edit]
Start exercising more frequently, for health and staving off depression.

Continue doing well in community college, I'm getting my shit together somewhat after dropping out of university.
>> No. 12190 [Edit]
Pretty bad.

Nothing, but I'd like to stop thinking about suicide every night.

1440x900, 1280x1024 and try to follow the golden rule.
>> No. 12191 [Edit]
My resolution last year was to somehow care even less than I did then. I'd say it was pretty successful.

I've no idea what my resolution for this year is going to be. It's odd to think about, considering I have nobody to show it off to if I follow through with it...

This [2011] year was quite fun. I learned to let go of my foolish, dumb, selfish pride. There's no need for such things in a life like mine.

Next year, hopefully, will turn out to be quite interesting.
>> No. 12192 [Edit]
I had pretty good year. 2011 brought some light into my life. I feel I have grown much as a person.

I plan to focus on my studies during next year. I don't have much left and my thesis will require lot of my time.
>> No. 12193 [Edit]
This year was shit. I finally decided to do something with my life and applied for college again, only to find that I couldn't cope with it nearly as well as I could when I applied originally a few years back. I dropped out after only two months, as I was becoming more and more apathetic. Here I am at the end of the year again, sleeping all day and never leaving my room. I'm feeling even worse than I was this time last year.

I can't be arsed to think of a resolution.
>> No. 12194 [Edit]
>1440x900, 1280x1024
Har har. It actually took me a couple of minutes to get that.

This year started pretty awful, but ended up becoming one of the better years for me in recent memory. I'd resolved last year to start making music again, and finish a four-song ep. It turned out as I expected, pretty bad, but I finished it at least.
My only goal for next year is to finish the album that I've been working on.
>> No. 12195 [Edit]
File 132537102041.jpg - (27.02KB , 640x480 , bokusatsu_tenshi_dokuro-chan_5-6[0dc50294]_avi_sna.jpg )
2011 was shit, but it's pretty clear that 2012 will turn out to be even shittier.
I don't know what to hope for, but I wish you all a happy new year, and may you keep a semblance of hope for whatever dreams you have left.
>> No. 12196 [Edit]
2011 was a very good year for me, I enjoyed it somewhat and change both for bad as well to worse, but I mostly enjoyed this year of my life. I believe 2012 will be even better as I get my shit togheter and start having a routine. I wish the best for all of you and hope life can be good to you.
>> No. 12197 [Edit]
All my few classes I had at the university was spoiled by lying depressed in bed all year, I was not all that interested in the subjects anyway.. Maybe I should have applied to a job instead of wasting more time on nothing.
>> No. 12198 [Edit]
Good year overall I suppose. Nothing to complain about that actually matters. 2012 is going to be the best year yet. Evangelion 3.0, Ivy Bridge (I think), BRS anime, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2, and various other things I can't recall. I want to further my skills in programming and music and begin working on realizing Enlightenment so I can finally be free from this world.
>> No. 12200 [Edit]
My only resolutions are to lose weight, save money, and stop drinking so damn much.

Makes me sound all normal. That's funny, but I need to do these anyway.

I do have a couple of goals, but they all hinge on having money.
>> No. 12201 [Edit]
2011 was like any other year.

In 2012 I hope to finally watch Mawaru Penguindrum. I just can't ever finish it when I start.
>> No. 12202 [Edit]
File 132539420083.jpg - (216.37KB , 700x545 , c6f04826eb7cdbb579bad4ac9baa1a19.jpg )
Happy New Year.
>> No. 12203 [Edit]
File 132539479766.jpg - (131.43KB , 640x480 , koakuma drink.jpg )
>> No. 12204 [Edit]
THIS except i am not in a different part of the country.

they say that how you start the new year sets the tone for the whole year.

i am going to have a shitty year.

i haven't given in to suicide for so long. i guess i can keep on ...
>> No. 12205 [Edit]
Happy last year ever!

Just kidding, I know nobody here is stupid enough to believe it. Happy new year, brothers, and let us have as good a time this year as we did last year. Here, anyway.
>> No. 12206 [Edit]
Oh Haruhi, my burglar neighbors are shooting their guns into the sky, and there's more gunfire heard in the distance. I need to get out of this neighborhood

Or maybe one of their bullets will come down and hit me in the head, doing my work for me.

Post edited on 31st Dec 2011, 10:15pm
>> No. 12207 [Edit]
My sister and her friends managed to sneak some vodka and rum into the house and they all got hammered. They all decided to hang out in the basement, where I live, like they always do. One of them puked all over my bathroom, flooded it, and broke my towel rack. My sister can't form a coherent sentence and keeps saying "I love you" to everyone. I need to get out of here as well.

Well, I certainly wish my bathroom was attached to my room, instead of being across the hallway. Yep, this is shaping up to be a wonderful year.
>> No. 12208 [Edit]
maybe we will get lucky and we all really will die this year. I just hope it's quick!
>> No. 12209 [Edit]
File 132540661731.jpg - (95.15KB , 400x444 , 1325198280701.jpg )
Happy New Years, Brohnos! Best bunch of fags I know~

Post edited on 1st Jan 2012, 12:32am
>> No. 12210 [Edit]
My life would be complete if the end of the world turned out to be something SMT style.

A man can dream.
>> No. 12211 [Edit]
I hope for this so very much.
>> No. 12215 [Edit]
It will not be quick, sadly. If my calculations are correct, most of us will die of starvation and/or disease when the economy crashes. It will be a slow and agonizing death.
>> No. 12216 [Edit]
File 132547638368.jpg - (281.00KB , 1000x1000 , 8581183.jpg )
Well, at least I won't be the only one.
>> No. 12217 [Edit]
I'll be turning 22 this year, so my resolution is to finally get a job and a license and by the end of the year be ready to finally move out on my own. I fully expect to fail at all of these goals
>> No. 12218 [Edit]
That sounds ambitious, but I wish you the best of luck.
>> No. 12219 [Edit]
I was temporarily cut-off from my awwtism funds, and have to make a futile attempt at gaining work. I don't know what to do.
>> No. 12220 [Edit]
My plan is to start seeing a therapist, who will hopefully be able to give me pills of some sort that will calm my anxiety. Hopefully they can also help me look for an ideal job, but that might fall out of their duties.
>> No. 12221 [Edit]
replace 22 with 21 and that is also my answer as well as expected result
>> No. 12222 [Edit]
And then 21 with 20 to have mine.

It's like a Matryoshka failure.
>> No. 12228 [Edit]
File 132561829052.jpg - (261.76KB , 591x641 , 3.jpg )
At least we are all failures together
>> No. 12230 [Edit]
I'm going for my driving test tomorrow. I had my permit for like 6 years now. I guess better late then never.
>> No. 12231 [Edit]
I haven't driven in over 6 years, since I was in driver's ed in high school. I wonder if I could pass the test
>> No. 12232 [Edit]
Nope. Took my drivers test, had got my permit 5 years before, failed it.
>> No. 12233 [Edit]
I want to think this year will be good, but I'm not sure if that's guaranteed.
>> No. 12284 [Edit]
Learn Perl.

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