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File 134188521227.png - (903.31KB , 640x480 , shot0001.png )
10313 No. 10313 [Edit]
I'm fucking sick of every since anime ever made being pigeonholed into one thread just because its not from the current season. this is a motherfucking school rumble thread and if you don't like it i will fucking fight you. school rumble is so god damned awesome just watching an episode gives me acrophobia. only a massive ford pilot would think that its not worth discussing.
don't make me punch your sternum.
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>> No. 10314 [Edit]
>> No. 10315 [Edit]
File 134188612214.jpg - (21.86KB , 300x449 , Yuko_Ogura_by_Yabukl.jpg )
yukorin was my first (an only) idol crush.
that was at least five years ago, but it was only a few weeks ago i learned that was her song.
the OP is just as fantastic too.
is the other jin kobayashi anime anywhere near as good as school rumble?
>> No. 10316 [Edit]
People only group them together becuase anime typically generate much less discussion after they air.
rather than discussing something episode by episode, it's approached as a whole, and there just isn't going to be as much to say about it when you do that.
>> No. 10338 [Edit]
File 134199878350.jpg - (61.88KB , 848x480 , ShiraishiRyoukoshouldsticktovoicingboys.jpg )

Well there's pic related, I thought it was cool.
>> No. 10339 [Edit]
I think Hayate is possibly the only notable male voice she has done well.
>> No. 10342 [Edit]

In all honesty I haven't seen many shows with Shiraishi Ryouko, it just so happens that she voiced boys in nearly all of them (Hayate was one of them of course; aside from anime roles there was also Azel from RF3) and I just can't get used to her voicing girls. Sounds weird.

So if you say 'Hayate is possibly the only notable male voice she has done well' let me ask you the opposite - how many girls' voices has she done well?
>> No. 10346 [Edit]

Just going off stuff I've seen, I think she did a realy nice job with Nogami, Aoi and Arashiyama, Sayoko.

And I can't say she did a bad job with Takahashi, Minami (AKB0048)
Jasmine, Ayumi (aria)
Someya, Mako (Saki)
Takanashi, Kazue (Working!!)
Nishigaki, Nana (Yuru Yuri)

Although I do suppose those last two can sound a bit masculine at times.
>> No. 10353 [Edit]

I can give you Jasmine from Aria but Kazue and Nana didn't convince me. Mako gives off a butch-y vibe even with Saki around so I guess it works well in her case.

Arashiyama however sounded just weird to me, when I look at the character I have a hard time imagining she sounds like Shiraishi Ryouko.

I'll have to call it quits, though. As much as I like discussing seiyuu stuff I realize that Shiraishi is one of those problematic types I just can't judge objectively.

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