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File 135045978861.jpg - (98.62KB , 1280x720 , [gg]_Jormungand_-_14_[C126BBC3]_mkv_snapshot_14_15.jpg )
11980 No. 11980 [Edit]
There isn't thread about Jormungand so let's make one. First season aired during spring and second season has started now. Did you watch first season and are you watching second season?

Jormungand is about unique arms dealer gang. Basically it is very similar to Black Lagoon; explosions, guns, bullets, fights and few beautiful ladies. I really like it because it is quite refreshing and theme is interesting. It is very similar to American action films which I don't really like, but some reason I am able to enjoy it very much.
>> No. 11981 [Edit]

I've heard the meat of the story is in the arms deals and how the character interactions go down,

the parts where it tries to be black lagoon is the less-than interesting part of the series.

either way, waiting for a complete batch before I start on it.
>> No. 11988 [Edit]
I watched the first episode of season one and wasn't really impressed. I love Black Lagoon, though, so if it ends up being like that, then I may watch it when a full batch comes out.

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