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File 140676112277.png - (49.10KB , 356x463 , 4663BC2C1.png )
16187 No. 16187 [Edit]
Hello, /mai/
First of all, I am completely new to this imageboard in matters of posting, but I'm a long time lurker.

What would you say if I told you that I was about to bring my waifu to reality?
Not giving her a real form other people could touch. After all, it is psychological.

Tulpamancing, gentlemen.

A lot of people are scared of it due to the creepypastas, I read them and I was scared. But I figured out only people who are scared of the unknown established these creepypastas.

I'm also a big lurker on tulpaforums. How do I know it isn't fake? Oh come on, who would make an active forum with guides, members helping out and an all-time active IRC?

I will keep you updated of my progress. It will take a year, more or less. I will make a pastebin for this.

What do you think? Let's put aside the fact that it is a bit crazy. Is it a good idea?

(Pic unrelated, I just like Kyon's personality but I have a waifu, not a husbando)
>> No. 16188 [Edit]
We had threads similiar to this one before, it did not go well.
I don't think many would be interested, but that's just my two cents. If I wanted to have a tulpa I already would have made one.

Post edited on 30th Jul 2014, 4:31pm
>> No. 16190 [Edit]

If you could tell me what happened, or simply what happened to the person who tried it, that would help me. Did something happen? Or is this idea simply unacceptable?
>> No. 16194 [Edit]
No, it wasn't people trying it and stuff going wrong. Also note I said threads instead of thread. It's just that most people basically told the tulpa people to leave because they weren't interested.
>> No. 16195 [Edit]
Alright, you're not interested, I won't try to impose this upon you.

But, I would like your opinion, from a spectator's point of view. Moreover, as a person who knows a lot about waifuism, I'd really like your opinion on such a matter. (Seen you a lot here)

So, let's say I wanted to bring my waifu to "life", or rather the idea I have of my waifu. Would that be contradicting with what one may think of waifuism? I have no real reason to ask this but it has been making me wonder about it.

And are you guys denying it because you fear that your dream could become reality? I have seen so many of you complain about how you always wanted to kiss, touch, talk to your waifu. Here is your opportunity.
>> No. 16197 [Edit]
Well, of course I can only tell you what I think because waifuism is very personal and there's no fixed definition or rules to it.
I think it contradicts. It's only natural to long after physical contact with the person you're romantically involved with, but actually going as far as wanting very hard to make your waifu real (3D) is weird in a sense. I learned to use my imagination and I'm fine with it. I don't want a 3DPD, I want a waifu. That said, I don't have a problem with people who want to make a tulpa or have one.

About the opportunity, when I say I want to interact with her I mean that I want to interact with the canonical image of my waifu and talk to her. Directly the one you see in the source material. That one. That one instead of any sort of secondary image of her, not even the one in my mind. If I could live in a perfect world of my choice I would want to live in her world and be part of her source material only so I could interact with her. Then I'd kiss, touch, talk to her but that's impossible. This is the only way it would actually be real. A tulpa is not a substitute for this because a tulpa goes into a different kind of direction. To me creating a tulpa would be like trying to make her 3D/human and that's not what she is or what she is meant to be.
With all this I'm just forced to use my imagination and I'm now fine with that.

I've been editing the second half of this post a lot because I can't just get it to say what I'm feeling. Maybe you can still understand it a little.
>> No. 16198 [Edit]
Wait a second. If you mean 3D as in having the form of us humans, that would be a big no-no. I'm not talking about that. You see, tulpamancing lets you give your tulpa any form you desire, or even let him/her decide his/her own form. It can be a 2D character, and by this I mean the actual look of the tulpa, just like you'd see them in artwork/anime.

You want a waifu, I want a waifu, I'm not a fan of 3Ds either but again tulpamancing lets you give ANY form to your tulpa, even the one of a 2D. Hell, people have ponies from MLP as tulpas, with the same look/form.

With that being said, let us move on to the next point.

There are multiple steps in tulpamancing, one of them is giving your tulpa the form you want her to have by concentrating a lot on it and other steps, you can look at an image of your waifu while doing so, or you can even launch an episode of that anime in which your waifu is and pause it. Is that what you meant?

You have my sympathy for bothering to answer.
>> No. 16199 [Edit]
No, I know tulpae keep their 2D looks and you don't make them look like real people. I'm not talking about looks at all, not one bit.
>> No. 16200 [Edit]
I seem to have misunderstood your point. My apologies.

Then what do you mean? If you do give your waifu a material form, wouldn't you be able to do all of these things we talked about earlier?

Ah, I see. I know someone who knows a lot about waifuism from what I've seen, and we talked about tulpamancing. He told me "You're simply replicating that idea! It won't be her!". Is that not what you mean?

I have talked with people who have succesfully went through all of this, and created a tulpa as their waifu. Listen, your tulpa is what you want him/her to be. If you make her out to be your waifu with the specific traits and personality, then it will be your waifu for sure. I see what you mean, as in you would want to be with your waifu as she is in the anime. I guess that it's all a matter of ideals then.
>> No. 16203 [Edit]
No, you don't get it. The guy you're talking about probably thinks the same way I do.

Say you have two images of my waifu. The one image is of her in her source material. The other image is the one I'd have in my head if I wanted to force a tulpa. Let's just imagine that these two images have absolutely identical traits. If you were to interact with the images you could not tell the difference between them because they are such perfect clones. 100% identical.
This perfect tulpa clone is not good enough because it is only a substitute. I want to be able to change the source material by becoming a part of it. In order to really interact with the 'real' her I'd have to be part of her source material. Or in other words, I'd have to be born in an entirely different dimension and universe.

>you would want to be with your waifu as she is in the anime.
No. I would want to be in the anime. This is obviously impossible.

So when you say "Here is your opportunity to talk to your waifu" you're wrong because it is not really her. She can't exist in this world.
>> No. 16204 [Edit]
But basically it's because you consider her not to be the same. And of course she won't be 100% the same as in the source material such as anime, manga, etc...

It's not really a substitute, well at least for me it won't be, you know why? Because I will treat her well and cherish her as I do with my waifu right now. It's only a substitue because you're defining her to be one. Tulpas are conscious and all, we both know that, and sure she won't come from the source material, you're right about that, but it's not a substitute as in someone who'd replace your waifu, or just someone you'd use because you cannot reach the 'real' source material. But if I make a tulpa as my waifu, and if I consider her to be the same, then it wouldn't be a problem to me, I do understand why you have a problem with it and as I said, I won't force my thoughts upon you and I respect your decision. Maybe for you it would feel unnatural because you see it as a substitute but for me it would be a dream becoming reality.

And I did not mean being in the anime, pardon me for not being clear enough. What I meant is that you'd want the SAME character from the source material. Isn't that what we all want? I want the same thing, but if I make a tulpa, to me, it would be 99% like my waifu from the source material, to me as I'm not saying that this is a fact but only my personal opinion.
>> No. 16205 [Edit]
No you still don't get it, please read that post again. It's not about the accuracy, it's all about the technicality behind it.
>> No. 16207 [Edit]
Yes. The technicality you say? You just told me it would be like a substitute, I know it's not about the accuracy, but if you consider her to be a substitute then that would only be you I guess. I wouldn't consider her to be a substitute to what my waifu IS. You could be right or wrong but I cannot define your argument as invalid since that would be subjective as hell.

My apologies if I misunderstood again, it's early in the morning and I haven't slept in quite a while.
>> No. 16208 [Edit]
Personally, it's something I'd never try. Not because of any creepypasta bullshit about "tulpas becoming real", of course, but because the concept of self-delusion to the point of creating a perpetual hallucination seems no more real to me than using my imagination to speak with her; and has the extremely unpleasant side effect of likely being very harmful to my mental health to boot. Even if it's being controlled, I'd be undeniably trying to give myself symptoms typically associated with severe psychosis.

All of that being said, I'd personally be curious to see how it works out for you, should you choose to do it. As >>16197 mentioned, waifuism is a personal and subjective thing, and there's not much documentation on how people experience it one way or another- so I think it'd be an interesting read. Creating a tulpa isn't my thing, but if you think it'd work for you and are willing to overlook the inherent 'craziness' of it, more power to you.
>> No. 16209 [Edit]
I see your point and you do make sense. If I tried to imagine me talking to my waifu then I'd just feel like I'd be manually thinking about answers. I've tried it before because, like a lot of users here, I was saddened by the fact that my waifu wasn't 'real'. I tried doing it, for months and I couldn't because it didn't feel like I was really talking to her.

Now, any sane person will admit that making a tulpa IS a bit crazy, hahaha... It's not the sanest thing and I do admit the presence of that "craziness" but it is something I am willing to do for her sake. YES, it will take a long time, YES, it will be tiring, I mean the process of 'creating' her but at the end I'll be glad.

Now, when I said that talking to my waifu in my head was something I did, I also wanted to say that making a tulpa is the oppposite of what I felt. A tulpa itself has its own consciousness, I would not dare create a tulpa if it was to act like a doll, or if I had to do all the talking.
>> No. 16210 [Edit]
>I tried doing it, for months and I couldn't because it didn't feel like I was really talking to her.
I can understand that. In the end, it really is still you talking on behalf of what you'd expect her to say. After several years that effect has diminished somewhat for me; her "responses" to me feel more legitimate as time goes on. Maybe her personality and reactions to virtually every given scenario are just becoming ingrained. And that's good enough for me, though I'd still love to learn certain things that could enhance the experience (such as lucid dreaming, which I've been unable to do after a very long time).

>A tulpa itself has its own consciousness, I would not dare create a tulpa if it was to act like a doll, or if I had to do all the talking.
Indeed- this is one of the things I'm curious about. To see if you can successfully create a consciousness of your waifu that is convincing to your mind. I doubt I'd ever do it even if the outcome was positive, but I do wish you luck in the endeavor regardless.
>> No. 16211 [Edit]
The whole Tupla thing seems like an elaborate joke to me. Kind of like the people who believe the earth is flat. There's no way it could actually work as described, it just seems like people with overactive imaginations having a bit of fun.
I'm perfectly happy just pretending. I don't need to 'create a thoughtbeing with an independent will within my mind' or whatever that newage tupla stuff is to imagine spending time with her.
>> No. 16215 [Edit]
Lucid dreaming is also a very good way too.

Maybe if you simply tried to talk to the people who do it on the forums, you'd understand how it is possible? Right now you're just saying something like it's too good to be true or that there is no way it could work because you don't really know how it works. The forums has its own 'scientific' section too. But all in all the whole thing is well explained in their forums.

And hey, I'm imaginative so I hope it works out well. There are multiple steps and as I said it will take a lot of time but that's something I'd do for her sake.
>> No. 16217 [Edit]
Enjoy your mental sickness
>> No. 16218 [Edit]
Both of these guys are right.

>>Right now you're just saying something like it's too good to be true

What exactly? Talking and having fun with my waifu, or forcing delusions and hallucinations on myself? If it's the first one, i already do this, if it's the latter, then no, thanks, i can't see any point.

>>or that there is no way it could work because you don't really know how it works

It works the way any delusion works - like strong religious faith, for example. And yes, it's direct road to serious mental sickness.

>>The forums has its own 'scientific' section too.

I actually visited their forums out of interest few years ago. They're full of delusional retards, and are as "scientific" as creationists are.

>>But all in all the whole thing is well explained in their forums.

The only "guide" that made any sense at all, was written by the guy, who was permamently banned.

Anyway, my advice for you would be to forget about that shit, and simply start doing things with your waifu here and now.

Post edited on 31st Jul 2014, 1:50pm
>> No. 16219 [Edit]
What I'm trying to say is that I can only pretend to interact with her (and I do, just like most people here) and even a tulpa can't change that. It is not really her, you're still pretending no matter whether you do it consciously or unconsciously.
With all this I don't see why you would consider a tulpa better than just your imagination. In the end all you do is force yourself to become schizophrenic.
If you had problems imagining yourself to be with her in the past I honestly don't think you will have much luck creating a tulpa.
>> No. 16222 [Edit]
I'm not with OP at all, but i can't completely agree with the following statement:

>>It is not really her, you're still pretending no matter whether you do it consciously or unconsciously.

It depends on how you perceive your waifu. For example, if you see your waifu as a character in someone else's work of fiction and "true" her is there only, then your statement will be true for you. But many people see their waifus as something separate from original source. In that case you can say that "true" waifu is in person's heart, mind, whatever. Of course, person is indeed pretending, since waifu is imaginary by definition, but you certaintly can't say something like "it's not her".
>> No. 16223 [Edit]
As I said, if you consider her to be your waifu, then to you she will be your waifu obviously, of course it remains an illusion but a much more realistic one. It's not pretending anymore, it's not talking to my waifu in my head and expecting an answer when there is no real one. It is a way to appease one's desire of actually meeting his waifu.

I cannot compare such a... phenomenon to the actual experience, but that's the closest thing I could get to it. I'm not fully siding with tulpamancing so I'm trying not to take sides.

I wouldn't say its the road to mental sickness, if you let it take over you then sure, if you create a full crowd of "people" in your head then sure, you'd be right. So my desire to meet my "waifu", or really the closest thing I could get to her is insanity? I know that's not what you mean, I'm just saying.

And is not waifuism a certain delusion to begin with? None of our waifus are real.

Then he had more knowledge than others. We can't put emphasis on the fact that he got banned since we don't know why exactly.

Tell me what to do.

I would get an actual response not coming from "me", and by this I mean that I wouldn't try to think about what she would say.
I had no problem what so ever, I'm just saying that it isn't enough for me, on a personal level. I've been imagining me with her for months, and now it does not feel enough for me.
>> No. 16224 [Edit]
point taken
>> No. 16225 [Edit]

>>Tell me what to do.

I'd say, exactly the opposite of this:

>>I would get an actual response not coming from "me", and by this I mean that I wouldn't try to think about what she would say.

Post edited on 31st Jul 2014, 7:14pm
>> No. 16227 [Edit]
That's what I'd think, sorry for not making myself clear enough to begin with. I meant, subconsciously you know that it's not REALLY your waifu who does the talking, I meant that I'd know deep down that the answer has been 'generated' by my own subconsciousness, more or less, and since I've been doing it for long I know that feeling well. I'm not saying that happens to everyone btw.

Making a tulpa would give me quite the contrary.
>> No. 16261 [Edit]
This thread again? The last time I saw a tulpa-related thread, it went so badly it was shot down.
>> No. 16263 [Edit]
I've read some tutorials and advices how to make a tulpa before and I have to say it got me confused even more.I mean most of the advices are like "Imagine yourself and your tulpa having fun in your "wonderland"","talk to your tulpa through your mind voice during the day","believe that your getting answers from your tulpa and that you're talking to your tulpa".Isn't that similar to imagining spending time with your waifu?Isn't the difference just in what side you view it from?I mean if you don't believe in the possibility of talking to your waifu in some form(even though it's "just" an imagination),of course you'd get lost in the problem of not getting responses from her,from a conciousness(if I use the tulpa term) that could be her.Yet because there are legitimate tutorials,forums and bunch of people doing it you believe in the tulpa stuff,so even though according what I'd read the steps for making a tulpa are basically making yourself believe that the responses are coming from your tulpa and that it really is your tulpa,it would suddenly make it more of your waifu than the imagination,if I understand it correctly?As >>16210 mentioned,if you practice the imagination for a long time you can even start feeling that her responses are more legite,just as what you're trying to achieve with a tulpa.And even if you know that the answers were generated by your subconscious even if a tulpa has its own consciousness,she still shares the subconsiousness with you,doesn't she,so her answers should be generated somewhere there as well.

I know your point is bringing your waifu to reality,that being called an imposition in the tulpa terms,right?According to what I've read only a few of the tulpamancers have successfully managed that part.Until you get to this point I don't believe it's more than a mere imagination(and even so some of the imposition guides are like "start with imagining your tulpa walking behind/beside you",just like a lot of people would imagine their waifu)But even though I don't believe most of the people claiming to have made a tulpa have really done something that special,I still think you should give it a try.Even if you weren't successful with imposing,it seems like a good way of spending time with your waifu since you seem pretty serious about it.I'd for one even would be interested in your progress since I'm curious about the tulpa stuff and also how much is it really different to imagination.

Post edited on 4th Aug 2014, 11:29am
>> No. 16264 [Edit]
A tulpa made me severely depressed. Other friends I had with tulpae also had issues.

0/10 would not recommend.
>> No. 17082 [Edit]
A tulpa is a more extreme version of the same thing. My waifu is a tulpa. Or at least very close, as there are different levels of tulpa.

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