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File 139893631616.gif - (66.33KB , 350x350 , 1398538315841.gif )
17316 No. 17316 [Edit]
How do I deal with normals? Especially on the internet when they infest sites I usually visit? They annoy me way too much, they make me rage.
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>> No. 17319 [Edit]
I sage their threads.
>> No. 17321 [Edit]
Sage is not a downvote
>> No. 17324 [Edit]
says you
>> No. 17338 [Edit]
Just ignore them. That;s the secret to success.
>> No. 17341 [Edit]
I use my neet beams to fry them.
>> No. 17394 [Edit]
File 139997815514.jpg - (295.14KB , 480x480 , 1388705048227.jpg )
You are not special because you like japanese culture.
>> No. 17396 [Edit]
>> No. 17397 [Edit]
File 140002469918.jpg - (13.61KB , 153x250 , 1349350552507.jpg )
>> No. 17407 [Edit]
I have to agree with you on that.
If you want to not deal with people out of your niche, stay on sites which pander to your niche.

Its like a jap willingly going to South Korea and asking:
>How do I deal with Koreans? Especially in South Korea when they infest cities I usually visit? They annoy me way too much, they make me rage.
>> No. 17408 [Edit]
Have you fucking idiots even read the OP? I'm not saying that I'm going to shit like Reddit, only to complain about how there are people with interests I don't share.
I'm talking about small boards like /jp/. There are tons of people there nowadays talking about their fucking job, their friends, their 3DPDs and they are the one who just strut in, ignore the rules and post stupid shit.

Post edited on 14th May 2014, 6:38pm
>> No. 17410 [Edit]
The OP did not hint at any of that. You should have explicitly stated "sites like /jp/" if you did not want to have people assume to which communities you were referring.

As far as /jp/ is concerned, it suffers the problem that 4chan suffers in general: if a comment is tangentally related to the topic at hand and it not too obnoxious, it will rarely warrant a deletion. Also, /jp/ is hardly a small board compared to the average of all imageboards, so it should hardly surprise one that many who are not NEET, and who do not have a mentality of anonymity that once graced even imageboards like 4chan, still find interest in Otaku Culture to the extent that they will actively browse and attempt to contribute content to the site, often to your distaste.

The Overton Window is a reality in the hard-to-enforce online communities, and the primary positive result has been the specialization of online communities, such as the splintering of /a/ and /jp/ into communities like Tohno-Chan, or of /r9k/ into WizardChan. The incoming group gets their unmolested access to the previous board, and the previous group gets unmolested access to the neo-community, assuming the chnge in community alienates a significant number of veterans.

If it irritates you so much, do your part and contribute to Tohno-chan, so that you will not have a need in the future to browse /jp/.
>> No. 17411 [Edit]
I've been on Tohno for four years now, but the board is just too slow. But then again boards which are faster end up like /jp/, so you really can't win.
/jp/ was just one example in this case, pretty much every fucking board suffers from this, especially futaba and also Tohno to some extend.
Don't tell me what to fucking do, chances are I've contributed more to this board than you ever will.

Post edited on 14th May 2014, 7:58pm
>> No. 17413 [Edit]
First you want advice and now you're telling him he can't tell you what to do? I don't see the point of this thread, at this point you're just shitposting.
>> No. 17414 [Edit]
and this is why you sage their threads.
>> No. 17415 [Edit]
My point still stands: people in /jp/ would rather talk about things which you abhor, and there are more of them than you. The only way to get the semblance of your idealized community back is to get more people who desire your type of community and form a new community based upon those ideals, which has quite conveniently already been done right here.
>> No. 17421 [Edit]
/jp/ these days is like 50% lewd roleplay threads.
>> No. 17422 [Edit]
I'm getting tired of it. I think enough about lewd things already, only to then go on the jay and come across this shit.
>> No. 17480 [Edit]
I was going to make my own thread for this but I figured it'd be better to instead revive an existing one (hopefully).
I get so mad when I see normie couples publicly display affection sometimes that it makes me feel nauseated. And it's not because I'm jelly or anything, it's because of the way that they interact with one another. I have not witnessed actual, real passion between two normies once in my Haruhidamn life. Not even between my two parents. The way they touch each other is like robotic; they do it because "that's what all couples do lol" not because they want to. Then other cynical thoughts follow these ones like how they probably don't actually have any real feelings for one another and their entire relationship or lack there of is only for public relations purposes and convenience.

And another thing,
I've stopped browsing 4chan entirely. Seemingly every poster there is a Ford Driver suffering from an identity crisis. They all post with this facade where they pretend they're fucking hardcore otaku hikkikomoris, but anyone who spoke with them for just ten minutes would realize that's not the case at all and they all partake in very Ford Driver activities. It's made me start to think that the ideal friend would be a clueless homeless guy because at least then you wouldn't have to listen to him go on and on about Dark Souls, Pokemon and South Park. For fuck's sake.

Post edited on 24th May 2014, 9:32am
>> No. 17481 [Edit]
> I have not witnessed actual, real passion between two normies once in my Haruhidamn life.

Idk maybe theyr'e just too experienced by now and love doesn't actually do much for them. If you look at kids they might get more excited and passionate. My roommate once said that when he's single his mom sort of gets up on his case like "who ya fucking? Got any condoms?" In any case he got back together with the girl that took his virginity, but for the most part he's playing lots of Starcraft rather than spending time with her.

As for parents, I guess they just become too responsible with kids and bills to bother putting much effort into their love.
>> No. 17553 [Edit]
This site is anything but convenient you cocksucker, it's just nothing but fucking normies from 4chan these days. Always the same shit.
>> No. 17558 [Edit]
File 140142242667.jpg - (32.55KB , 238x257 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I'll take that any day over your meta spouting bitch mouth.

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