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File 138509083866.jpg - (35.84KB , 998x720 , 1384642205038.jpg )
16301 No. 16301 [Edit]
I keep pissing off everyone I know.

My parents forced me to attend a family gathering yesterday night because my cousin turned 15. the people made me uncomfortable and after a while I asked mom and dad to take me home, they didn't want to but I insisted and they had to agree. since dinner hadn't been served yet i walked into the kitchen and tried to take some of the desserts with me in a plastic bag but my cousins saw me and told me to drop it. we got into a heated argument, I was trying to explain to them they were going to serve me the desserts anyway but they didn't want to understand, I got angry and insulted them without realizing, now my cousins AND my parents are angry at me.
>> No. 16303 [Edit]
Well, next time engage you brain or moral compass before acting, so you won't create pathetic problems out of the blue.
>> No. 16306 [Edit]
sorry op but that was kind of shit.
>> No. 16308 [Edit]
The food comes with strings attached. You attend the 'family dinner' social ritual you get the food. Dunno what your ethnic background is but refusing dinner time with everyone and then just taking the food is a major dick move in some more collective cultures.
>> No. 16309 [Edit]
Also the food/dinner was meant to celebrate your cousin's birthday there. You walked out on that. Probably dick move in all cultures now that I think about it.
>> No. 16310 [Edit]
Sometimes I think we're just being trolled. I mean, everybody here is a social retard to some degree, but some posters just push it beyond any reasonable limit.
>> No. 16312 [Edit]
Sometimes when I skip family gatherings my mom brings back some food.

Thank you mom.
>> No. 16487 [Edit]
I have to agree with this. That's the whole point of a family dinner. Put yourself in their shoes, what would you think if you were having a birthday party or something, and someone just came and took part of your cake without even saying a word to you? These family dinners also happen because your parents want you to get closer to your cousins.
>> No. 16497 [Edit]
Different situation but still family gatherings.

I just met up with my mother, grandmother and grandfater on Christmas. We argued and I'm really pissed off now. I'm gonna move out next month (just enough to find an apartment and a truck to move my things) since I'm living with my grandparents right now. I'm tired of this shit and I fucking hate them. I long enough time away from my mother to realize it's not a kiddy fit, and right now I have the clear impression that this is true hatred. I'm cutting ties completely, fuck them for owing me and leeching my earnings ever since I was 18, fuck them for making me the black sheep of the family even though I've given thousands and they've never given me anything but house and electricity/water (I've had to pay other bills several times), fuck them all and fuck me because now I'm gonna have to work my hardest every day just to hang on by, paying for all expenses and whatnot. Time to forget the entire family.
>> No. 16498 [Edit]
Do what's best for you to remove yourself from toxic influences. A trap that is sometimes more convenient is still a trap. All the best in breaking free anon.
>> No. 16500 [Edit]
All the best anon. I envy you in a way.
And a Merry Christmas, at least from us.
>> No. 16533 [Edit]
I feel like I annoy my parents with my mere existence, I wouldn't do anything as stupid as OP but it seems like I don't need to. In fact, if I did what OP did I would be very worried for my continued welfare. Even when they aren't directly antagonising me I can hear it in their voices. It's like an unabating resentment.
I guess I'm an antinatalist, so the way I see it no one can consent to being born and therefore it's immoral to bring someone into existence (possibly) to suffer. So if you force existence on someone the very least you can do is try not to make their life worse.
>> No. 16538 [Edit]
Are you just trying to be edgy when in reality all you want is to please your parents or at least not be resented?
>> No. 16539 [Edit]
Edgy? I'm not sure I understand.
I just want to have a good relationship with them without being forced out to get a job, and they would no doubt have more requirements after employment became normal for me.
I cost them very little in food and (ostensibly) lost rent per week and my work around the house more than covers it.
>> No. 16541 [Edit]
Exactly. Which is why there's no reason to make your true feelings edgier into some kind of emo higher purpose or principle:
>I guess I'm an antinatalist
Just say you want to make your parents happy or want their acceptance straight out. No shame in that here. The putting up a grimdark and 3deep5u act is bad. Even more cowardly people find a way to check out if they truly cannot stand their situation.
>> No. 16543 [Edit]
>Just say you want to make your parents happy or want their acceptance straight out.
You need to learn to separate your circumstance from your ideas and philosophies. I mentioned that because I genuinely thought it was a relevant point to what I was saying (and a common belief), but I neglected to think that people would read it the way you did.
I think you have been overexposed to certain undesirable behaviours elsewhere (edginess, attention seeking) and in turn may have developed some undesirable attitudes of your own. Interestingly I think "edginess" also stems from difficulty in separating personal circumstance and philosophy, and perhaps from attention seeking and a desire to improve social standing.
That you immediately concluded I was being edgy probably means you should take a break from certain other websites. I'll also say that accusations of edginess and similar things often stifle meaningful discussion and thought.
This post probably reads as edgy to, but I assure you that's not my intention. I just post honestly.
>> No. 16547 [Edit]
>separate your circumstance from your ideas and philosophies.
Our ideals are heavily influenced by our circumstances. I wouldn't want to be on the side betting on the typical person being able to form beliefs and opinions completely independent of their lot in life. Some ideals really are just the direct result of your circumstance.
>> No. 16566 [Edit]
>That you immediately concluded I was being edgy probably means you should take a break from certain other websites.

I went a year without internets, it concluded with sufficient ego death, and becoming much more stoic.

Also "edgy" is just the lastest meme, don't worry about it.

>I wouldn't want to be on the side betting on the typical person being able to form beliefs and opinions completely independent of their lot in life.

So does this go for empathy or sympathy as well?
>> No. 16608 [Edit]
>familty gathering

Oh yeah, you are just like me OP. I hate those too. My way of surive is to just keep yourself quiet, anserw simply "yes" or "no". Well... making anything yourself when you are anon in this kind of situation is terrible idea, so... yeah it's somehow your fault.

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