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18640 No. 18640 [Edit]
So i've been with my waifu for over a year now, and I do love her. But recently, i've been struggling with the whole concept of it. I have bipolar depression, and more and more often whenever I think of anything about her, I just keep getting thoughts like "She isn't real." or "You're just deluding yourself." I really don't know what to do about these thoughts, as they just make me feel worse and grow more distant from her, but I don't want to lose her in my life either.
>> No. 18641 [Edit]
Love is always a delusion, in he sense that whenever you meet a person, an object, activity or in this case character, you make up yourself an interpretation and reconstruction of it by the means of your own unique perspective and expectations. In other words, beloved are always fictional and waifus are just a more honest take on it, so don't sweat it. The entire empirical experience is signical and biased, so things exist to the extent they impact your life, no more, no less.
>> No. 18642 [Edit]
Because she isn't real. To the outside observer, it's, at most, a cute drawing. So, in a sense, depending on your point of view, you're right.

It isn't much different from love as ford drivers know it, really. They delude themselves the other person is perfect, a lapse in judgement. The only difference here is that their object of love will constantly prove to them that the love they perceive is fake.

With a 2D character, it's eternal, as long as your feelings are there.

Basically what 18641 said.

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