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File 142956604197.png - (438.91KB , 1280x720 , anime screencap2015-04-17-00h15m10s171.png )
26850 No. 26850 [Edit]
i know this irl jap hikki who's parents sent him to be a hikki in america because too much shame on family. he's not an otaku though, he's more of a schizophrenic.
pic unrelated, unless you want this to be a crotch shot thread then i guess we could do that too, i just thought it was funny that i live in the same part of town as some sort of kenichi smith opposite day shit and i had this good screencap that hadn't been posted before.
>> No. 26851 [Edit]
Nice image OP
What anime is this from?

Post edited on 20th Apr 2015, 3:56pm
>> No. 26852 [Edit]
punchline i think, but maybe yurikuma?
>> No. 26853 [Edit]
Nice panties.

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