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File 132578213474.jpg - (8.15KB , 271x267 , Shinji+folding+chair_JPG.jpg )
7919 No. 7919 [Edit]
/mai/ I have one a bit waifu related problem. This might sound like a joke but it isn't, honestly.

I have very high sex drive. I am horny almost all the time. I don't feel like I have masturbation addiction because I can actually be days without masturbation but if I do that, it will affect my life (having hard time sleeping, erection on random places etc.).

Well how this is related to waifu? Well myself I have such belief that I am only allowed to masturbate for my waifu. (I know people might have different opinions but please try understanding my belief.) I used to masturbate to all kind anime girls but it always made feel guilt or regret so I quitted it. Now I am in similar situation. Last 4-5 months I've been masturbating to my waifu only. Problem is that I am feeling bad for masturbating a lot (while thinking her). Somehow it makes me think; she loses her pureness and makes me feel dirty. It's really hard to explain but I hope you understand. Because of that I try to minimize my masturbation but like I said earlier, it will have effect on my normal life.

I tried to google help for lowering my sex drive but I hardly found them useful. Mostly because they were relationship related problems. Medication would be possibility but in this life situation it would be impossible to get it.

I bet you guys generally don't have similar problems but maybe somebody have had? Do you have any advice because I feel very bad about this situation? Thank you
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>> No. 7920 [Edit]
maybe exercise? like a lot, to keep your mind off of it?
>> No. 7921 [Edit]
I, too, am somebody with a high sex drive. However, I do not have a waifu, but I do know how it's like to not want to fap to a certain character because of your feelings. The best advice that I can give you is to just fap to any anime character and to not fap to your waifu for a while so you can maintain her purity. I know that it doesn't feel right and feels like you're cheating on your waifu, but you have no choice but to compromise. Don't do it for yourself, do it for your waifu and for her purity.

Giving up fapping is impossible and even if you move your energy into something like exercise, it won't go away entirely.

The only other option aside from all of these would be depression pills, but you already stated that you cannot obtain them, so it's sort of pointless to think about them.
>> No. 7923 [Edit]
Integrate sex into your relationship with your waifu. It isn't a sin to want to be with her. You love her.

You aren't going to become a normal by doing this.

Also, she is still pure. She is with you. You only are looking down on yourself.

There are quite a few very vocal asexual people on image boards. While I envy their lack of lust and desire, I still refuse to believe that it is wrong to want to be intimate with your waifu. It is your relationship after all.
>> No. 7924 [Edit]
agreed. I don't fap often to my waifu but it's never just a "I want to fap so you are my object of desire right now" it is always something special with us. I project all of my fucked up fantasies on other characters, why would I want to watch my waifu in that situation? I love her, I don't care about these girls doing the lewd things I find so hot. Unless you and your waifu are into the same fetish (which may be possible, not sure who your waifu is or whether or not she is canon sexually active or not) I wouldn't try to push that kinda thing onto her. And only fapping to her may be the issue with the guilt. many of us have bizarre fetishes and when they are literally just lustful and have no real emotion attached to them and you attach them to someone you love who may not be into that and can't really resist it may make you feel bad I don't know if that's the case but I'm just trying to educated guess and what not.

Also spitballing so I may very well be wrong.
>> No. 7925 [Edit]
Eat food containing soy and exercise.

On a related note, I am in the opposite situation. I avoid fapping to my waifu because I fap so much; I don't want to treat her like an onahole. But we have to remember, OP, that our waifu have libidos, too, and couples don't always have sex out of pure love or something you'd expect to see is a bad romance movie. I don't see masturbating to other girls to be a problem so long as they don't take the place of your waifu. And I mean, 2D girls aren't this easy to fantasize about by accident; they're meant to be cute and/or sexy.
>> No. 7926 [Edit]
File 132580316285.jpg - (43.29KB , 376x300 , 4-3.jpg )
I think I can sympathize with you: I have experienced a very similar problem myself. Personally, I think that if you (partially or totally) unbond the idea of sexuality to that of love, you may have better chances to deal with this...

For instance, and given your picture (long live the old Gainax), consider the next ideas from Karekano: after finally having sex with Yukino and opening her heart to her, Arima, rather than being happy, starts feeling strange; at some point, he finally realizes why: now that he has finally touched and reached her, it is now evident and unavoidable that they are actually two persons: to reach someone else, rather than unite people, separates them; you might be able to go together with a lover, for a while; but to unite with her? to become one?... is it possible to have such thing with an actual someone (else)?

I mean: just take it into consideration, to arrive to your own conclusions; neither I have it very clear myself.
>> No. 7927 [Edit]
Just keep yourself occupied during the day. Play heaps of video games, make sure your hands are doing something other than tugging on your dick.

During the night, if you wake up rock hard, just lie on your front. It'll feel awkward at first but you'll still fall asleep if you don't move too much.
>> No. 7928 [Edit]
I'm in a similar situation. Fapping to other girls makes me feel bad, but I think it is wrong to fap to mai waifu. So I fap to other girls. I would never ever have sex with someone (even if they were real and they would want to, even if she were a slut). Maybe because I don't think I'm worth it. Or I might think of it as raping her, since I'm a good-for-nothing. So I can't even imagine having sex with someone, it feels very wrong. I feel bad about fapping to other girls, but I would feel even worse were I to fap to mai waifu. I would't want to defile anyone. I could never do it. She has no reason to love me. Something related: You may want to read this: http://shii.org/knows/Waifu
>> No. 7930 [Edit]
We had this discussion a while back on /mai/. It would be weird if your waifu told you that she didn't masturbate to you because she didn't want to spoil your purity, so why do that to her? You shouldn't feel guilty because your waifu (probably) has her own sex drive. Just treat it as making love to her rather than some kind of jack-rabbit masturbation.
>> No. 7931 [Edit]
About exercise; I admit that winter has made me lazy again. Lack of exercise might be one of the reasons while I feel my sex drive as such problem. I also came up with theory that being lazy makes me feel bad about myself and that I don’t deserve the pleasure. But I don't know...

Also I wasn't talking about depression medication. There exists medication which lowers your sex drive. Rapists and pedophiles get it free but sex addictive has to pay loads if they want it($600 or something like that iirc). I don't think getting depressions pills only for lowering sex drive is good idea.

Your posts made me also rethink my problem. I know this might sound really crazy but I am not joking at all. I think major problem isn't actually maintaining her purity. It is that I am too 'demanding' about sex with her. My concept of her doesn't agree with her having as high sex drive as I have and it makes feel that I am 'forcing' her.

I already consider my masturbation to her like act of sex between us which involves love and feelings. It feels better than masturbating to other random girls, which was also one reason I quitted. Current problem seems to be like a side effect.

I see masturbating to other girls as problem because of reasons I've said earlier. It feels wrong afterwards and less pleasuring. Myself I don't have bad feelings about 'having sex' with my waifu because in my fantasies she enjoys it too. But I also feel that too much is too much.

I am not answering to everyone personally because same ideas are being repeated. But I thank all of you contributing and sharing your views. Now I feel I need to think situation again and see if I can make some conclusions.
>> No. 7935 [Edit]
Masturbate to yourself.
All your problems will be solved
>> No. 7936 [Edit]
How does one reach that level of narcissism?
>> No. 7990 [Edit]
"Selfcest", I think they call that.
>> No. 8120 [Edit]
I've masturbated to a video of me masturbating whilst think about myself before. I'm not even gay but something about seeing someone so exactly like me, err, spanking the monkey, made me feel comforted.
>> No. 8128 [Edit]
I laughed a bit.
>> No. 8134 [Edit]
I fapped this morning after having a dream of myself fapping. Does that count?
>> No. 8135 [Edit]
Masturbating about watching yourself doing it, or even someone of your own gender, doesn't mean you are homosexual or not. The most possible answer is that you get aroused by seeing the act of masturbation; and since you don't know how others "feel" when they masturbate; well you link it to yourself and perform it.
>> No. 8136 [Edit]
And with a single post, this thread is now about masturbating to yourself. Post tips and stories, everyone. What's the most exciting part? Seeing your hand stroke your dick furiously and sensually or the cumshot?
>> No. 8137 [Edit]
I have never masturbated to myself, unless masturbating to thoughts of myself as a cute 2D girl getting violated by monsters counts
>> No. 8138 [Edit]
>What's the most exciting part?
When I come all over... myself.

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