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18446 No. 18446 [Edit]
What are the differences between a waifu and a tulpa?
>> No. 18447 [Edit]
I don't really get the question.
>> No. 18450 [Edit]
>> No. 18486 [Edit]
A tulpa is voluntarily created by a human. A waifu is not, since feelings can't be forced, else they're not legitimate. You don't watch a show/read a manga in the intent of gaining a waifu out of it

A tulpa is self-aware to some degree. A waifu is not, as she is a concept that doesn't manifest itself in our universe. (and by that I don't mean that she does manifest herself in another universe, but you get what I mean)

A tulpa has a unique personality, partially assigned by the subconscious and is very reliant on the host. A waifu has a fixated personality in her source material, and thus an objective concept regardless of the subject's perception if it. (that being said, there are many interpretations to how or who a waifu truly is)

A tulpa can interact with the outside world. A waifu cannot.

A tulpa is much like a 3d person, but they have no material form. They exist within the mind, but what distinguishes them from a waifu is self-awareness and their existence in our realm.

And last but not least, one can have a tulpa without romantic involvement. While it is possible to do so with a waifu too, most people are romantically involved with the concepts of their waifus.
I myself don't have a tulpa, but a rather close friend of mine has one.

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