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File 142062200385.jpg - (559.22KB , 1620x1620 , 7JqPu93.jpg )
17347 No. 17347 [Edit]
Other then eating with them what do you guys do on special occasions (Her/His birthday, Valentine's, anniversary, etc.)?
Buy them gifts? Make them gifts? Cook for them? Anything creative?
What occasions do YOU guys celebrate with your waifu/husbando?

Personally, I celebrate as much as I can because it just feels like if I'm including more in my everyday life. Besides, I'd rather be dead then to abandon my lonely, little waifu(Mami). She deserves the extra joy from those special days.(But that's just my personal view.)

I celebrate:
-Her birthday
-Our anniversary (coming up!)
-Thanks giving
-White day
-From time to time I'll have "Tea Parties"(Yes, tea parties. Not my thing but I'd imagine they'd make her happy.) It's just sitting down and enjoying tea with her alone.
-We even had a going away party before I left to my first duty station. Since I'm not going to be visualizing her here.(Already miss her it's only been 4 days)

For the others, I'll usually change my wallpaper of her to the occasion, have a meal with her or visualize her at festivals and stuff.

Let me know how you guys do things, I'm curious.
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>> No. 17349 [Edit]
I've never really celebrated most holidays so I usually just treat them like another day with her. Though this Christmas I used my holiday pay to commission the art for a daki of her and I'm really excited to have something physical.
I'm nocturnal for work so I think from now on for holidays or our birthdays I might drive somewhere up high to look at city lights with her, or take out the seats in my van and take a nap
>> No. 17350 [Edit]
I'm not very creative when it comes to celebrating stuff, but did this for her last birthday. >>17241
>> No. 17351 [Edit]
File 142067937130.jpg - (467.13KB , 2592x1944 , Christmas.jpg )
I've been celebrating Christmas with her since 2012, pic related is the first photo I took.
I've tried to celebrate Valentine's Day with her in the past two years but I haven't been able to yet. With any luck we'll do it this year without a hitch.
I celebrated her birthday for the first time last year, since I decided to set a date for it.
Aside from that, I did surprise her with buying a giant chocolate egg for her for Easter last year.
>> No. 17352 [Edit]
File 142068021999.jpg - (221.44KB , 1306x979 , vday.jpg )
Those are always a fun excuse to have a cute little date together!
I wouldn't always call each of these occasions a celebration, but rather just another opportunity to do something nice for her. Deeply personal and private stuff are the most special though, our anniversaries for example.
>> No. 17354 [Edit]
I don't celebrate White Day with my husbando but something was coincidentally released on that day last year so I count that as a gift. I don't do Hallowe'en or Thanksgiving because I'm not American but the latter sounds pleasant. He isn't either so I don't see the point. Apart from the usual (birthday, anniversary, etc.) I also celebrate the anniversary of his death.

I usually cook and spend time with him (more than usual, that is). Gifts depend on what's needed and I plan on following the traditional anniversary gifts route for ideas. Along with the coincidentally timed White Day 'gift', I did get another one three days after our anniversary last year. Nice romantic timing. I hope this year is just as good.
Once I have some money it'll be nice to commission art as well.

Here's the anniversary gift idea list:
>> No. 17364 [Edit]
Forgot to mention, I don't know what date our anniversary is, so I've never celebrated that with her.
>> No. 17366 [Edit]
I haven't been with Luna for long enough to have an anniversary. She doesn't have a canonical birthday that I'm aware of, and we haven't had a Valentine's day together.

I'm not much for celebrating anything, but I would like to just spend our anniversary (14 August) together. I'm still very deeply closeted about our relationship and live with the family still, so nothing extravagent.
>> No. 17368 [Edit]
File 142082749413.png - (326.81KB , 500x746 , cutesketch2.png )
Yeah, that's the main thing that holds me back too.

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