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File 130888977955.jpg - (67.31KB , 621x742 , 11ifynn.jpg )
3680 No. 3680 [Edit]
For those of you who somehow don't own TF2 already, it's free now.
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>> No. 3681 [Edit]
I have it, but I'm excited for this. A lot of people on /tc/ and other sites I use missed out on this game because they didn't buy it, or can't. I can't wait until we can get some tohno related games going.
>> No. 3682 [Edit]
I'll probably start playing again now. My knife is going to tear through noobie backs like butter
>> No. 3686 [Edit]
Well now I have it, but I'll never play it.
>> No. 3687 [Edit]
we would need around 16 brohnos to have a competent match, and I don't think there's even that many active people in the group
>> No. 3688 [Edit]
Awesome, now if only I could get steam working...
>> No. 3689 [Edit]
Cool, time to make some space on my hard drive to pick this game up again.
>> No. 3691 [Edit]
which server?
>> No. 3693 [Edit]
I don't like FPS's and even less online ones so I'll pass.
>> No. 3702 [Edit]
I really would like to play with you guys, but free or no, my computer is too shitty to play. ORZ
>> No. 3703 [Edit]
My comp is a piece of shit so I haven't even bothered to use steam steam or anything, but I found my comp can play this so I reactivated my steam account and joined the group. Hope to play with ya'll even though I'll suck (the only FPS I'm good at are the tactical ish ones like OFP).
>> No. 3711 [Edit]
So I got it last night now that its free. Apparently free players are gimped in the sense that they can't trade or hold as many items in their backpacks. But, unless you're worried about collecting all the hats and stuff I don't see it really mattering. You can still use all the new weapons and do everything else though so you're not at all having a lesser experience.

I found it to be pretty fun. It feels like any Source game when you in it's very spot on and doesn't jerk around or anything. The gameplay reminds me of TFC only a bit different. I only played on a few random servers near me but they were okay. Sometimes the teams sucked but when they were real good, it became quite a challenge to break defenses or hold them.

If you like old Quake or Unreal style of FPS but with team based play, it's great.
>> No. 3725 [Edit]
Welp, seems this thread ain't gonna merge with the existing one. ohwell.

Yeah, that sucks. I never crafted any of my weapons since the golden wrench cause I really don't care about the hats that much, so I have weapons all over the place and I can't give them out to anybody who didn't pay. I wanted to give tohno my spare engie weapon set (minus fancy wrenches), a direct hit, and pyro hats but it wouldn't let the trade go.
>> No. 3726 [Edit]
Yeah, seriously. I just had a round in payload goldrush defense and I had 30 backstabs and some pistol kills before the round finally ended. I almost thought I was playing against easymode bots. The most backstabs I previously had before that in a single life was only 8.
>> No. 3734 [Edit]
I hate to do this but does anybody have a spare dead ringer? I used to have one but scrapped it for I-don't-know-why.
>> No. 3736 [Edit]
You probably scrapped it because they suck
>> No. 3737 [Edit]
I don't have one now, but since I never learned to use it properly (and I use cloak and dagger) I'll give you it if I get it. Leave a comment on my profile or something so I know who to send the trade request to when I get it.
>> No. 3738 [Edit]
The best spy watch is the default one. The dead ringer is worthless and the C&D makes it take forever to get anywhere because it drains so quickly.
>> No. 3749 [Edit]
i can give you one, ive got like 5 of them
>> No. 3750 [Edit]
Yeah I know, but I still want it so I can just mess around with it like how I just play melee demoman when I get bored.

Thanks, this is my ID:
>> No. 3752 [Edit]
I've thought about using the C&D to hang around inside the enemy base undetected and do nothing but spray lewd sprays on their walls but I don't want to be a drag on my team
>> No. 3753 [Edit]
File 13091975827.jpg - (625.87KB , 1600x900 , camp.jpg )
None shall pass!
>> No. 3754 [Edit]

Are you kidding? It's the best watch there is. You'll absolutely devastate as a spy when you use that thing.
>> No. 3756 [Edit]
Hey, so, any particular servers you guys hang out on?
>> No. 3757 [Edit]
Most often I hang out on clanao's 2tpl_mine_alpine server, but not as often as before.

And no, I'm not part of clanao, I really don't like them, they're just the only server that hosts that map, and they allow building in the spawn and 2 tele exits. (So when one dies, the other takes over) Also that server allows custom models and skins. (Most of the time that is, I think the admins are indecisive about it and keep flipping back and forth)
>> No. 3758 [Edit]

That's no good Tohno!
Minagi might be hurt from there!
>> No. 3767 [Edit]
I've played on the server exclusively since the game came out. The server runs mostly custom maps and has friendly fire, which can make the game quite a bit more challenging with the AoE classes. The community there is excellent, everyone is really nice and will give tips if you're a new player. Reserved slots are free, and there's none of that pay to win bullshit that other servers have.
>> No. 3768 [Edit]
Downloading tf2 now. Wow im excited, I havent played a 'modern' game in several years. And now Im even going to play it with you guys!
>> No. 3769 [Edit]
We really should set up a exclusive TC server I think.
>> No. 3770 [Edit]
get one on the west coast so i can get a decent ping
>> No. 3778 [Edit]
File 130928255323.png - (51.93KB , 300x135 , 1361824073.png )
I was thinking about setting up a server, do you guys think my upload speed will be enough?
>> No. 3779 [Edit]
That's one hell of an internet connection. It might be enough, though I don't know what you have in terms of horsepower. There has to be some documentation somewhere about bandwidth and power requirements for servers.
>> No. 3780 [Edit]
thats more than good enough
>> No. 3781 [Edit]
An AZbro? On T-C? Didn't think it was possible.
>> No. 3787 [Edit]
Why isn't my spray working anymore?
>> No. 3788 [Edit]
depends on the server I believe.
some allow it, some don't.
>> No. 3790 [Edit]
no, even on servers where it's allowed. I could probably fix it somehow but I really don't care about TF2 anymore anyway so it's not worth the effort.
>> No. 3793 [Edit]
Gay, I just downloaded it and every time I try to open it, it shows me the valve and steam logo, then minimises itself into the toolbar and shuts off. I just downloaded 10 gigs for nothing.
>> No. 3795 [Edit]
It's simulating how most people play the game! のヮの
>> No. 3796 [Edit]
If you're talking about idlers, people haven't idled since they redid the drop system to change that and went after the idlers. Well, ok they still do, but nowhere near as much as before.

Is your steam client and everything up-to-date? Cause that happened to me once when I didn't update my client for a like a month.
>> No. 3817 [Edit]
Well I got everything set up a few days ago, but no matter what I do I keep getting the error "Connection failed after 4 retries." I guess this just wasn't mean to happen ;_;
>> No. 3823 [Edit]
We still don't have a terraria server, maybe you could try making one of those for us instead
>> No. 3835 [Edit]
Sure, that's easy. >>3834
>> No. 6098 [Edit]
File 132926638899.jpg - (35.87KB , 316x263 , madotsuki.jpg )
>Introducing the "Something Special For Someone Special". It's ring-shaped, it's gift-wrapped, it's basically useless, and it's really expensive ($100!).
>> No. 6099 [Edit]
>> No. 6102 [Edit]
What's neat is how they flat out say it's stupid shit for idiots yet people are still throwing their money at them for it and they've made tens of thousands of dollars already.
>> No. 6119 [Edit]
File 132939216510.jpg - (67.15KB , 692x437 , zBluTeamOriginal.jpg )
Wild West TF
>> No. 6175 [Edit]
File 133051506873.jpg - (79.78KB , 852x1024 , zafira.jpg )
>> No. 6533 [Edit]
I've been hooked on this game for almost a year. I bought it about a month before it went f2p. Go figure
>> No. 10434 [Edit]
A dead thread for a dead game. How ironic.
>> No. 10435 [Edit]
File 138936973021.png - (512.99KB , 600x800 , 87d006eefb6fc89935b78c9fa61a7dca.png )
It's still the third most-played game on Steam right now under Dota 2 and CS:GO.

Do you play? I haven't posted in this thread before, but I'm still more addicted to tf2 than any other game. I'm just on a short break from playing right now while I wait for a new mouse to ship to me.

O-oh, and what you p-pointed out isn't irony -- it's coincidental.
>> No. 10437 [Edit]
>O-oh, and what you p-pointed out isn't irony -- it's coincidental.

Is it really necessary to do that shit?
>> No. 10581 [Edit]
welcome to your future, tf2g.
>> No. 10673 [Edit]
File 140361076683.png - (244.25KB , 950x450 , 1317.png )
>> No. 10675 [Edit]
So i started playing tf2 again for this latest update and i took a look at how much keys are going for, They're fucking 8 ref now, last time i played they where 3 and everyone thought that was way too high, what the hell happened

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