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File 136178128874.png - (102.05KB , 480x480 , 1355856356077.png )
11888 No. 11888 [Edit]
How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized? Have you ever fapped to your waifu? How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is? And does she wonder the same about you?
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>> No. 11895 [Edit]
For the first good year or so, I could barely picture myself holding hands with her but years latter I've come to find her extremely attractive in that way, and yeah.... I'm still somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of going 'all the way' but I fantasize about her all the time now along with the things I'd like to do with her, or to her. I like to think about the possibility of her being okay with my fetish and maybe going along with it a bit. It would be embarrassing to bring up, but I don't think it would be too far fetched. Came across a donjin with her in it accidentally a week or so back, but while curious I just couldn't... but sometimes when I come across stuff I find attractive, I might picture us in that situation. Wonder how she might look in particular outfits or poses and so forth.
Honestly, I hate that the original VN has sex scenes in it, but almost every other VN they put out after has had none. makes me kind of jealous, and doesn't help they were all much more popular as well but that's going off on a tangent.
>> No. 11896 [Edit]
File 136179201898.jpg - (82.55KB , 707x1135 , Asuka underwear.jpg )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
I don't mind it. I lack artistic talent, and don't have any general interest in it so I have no desire to develop it, so I'm grateful to artists that draw her in a sexual manner because they allow us to be closer together.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?

Yes, and it's not something I'm ashamed of so I do it often enough. For me fapping to her is the closest we can get to making love. When I fap to her I not only experience the physical high of climaxing but also an emotional high. Given that no other character or person has ever given me that emotional high from fapping before, I'm left to assume that it's comparable to what someone in a 3D relationship feels after making love.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?

As in that it's nothing more than dirty drawings of her? It doesn't really bother me. I could say that this is because I know it's not official and so it's not "really her," but I think I'd be lying to myself if I said that was why. I'm not sure why it doesn't bother me, but on the other hand I'm not sure why it should. It's not like she's hurt by it. Embarrassed by it maybe, but I also think she'd take pleasure it on some level knowing that people find her attractive. I'd try my hardest to assure her she has nothing to be embarrassed by, too, since it's only natural that people would sexualize her given her fame and attractiveness.

>And does she wonder the same about you?

The same what? I'm not in a position to be sexualized by other people, especially not to have hentai of me.
>> No. 11900 [Edit]
File 136181505663.jpg - (721.09KB , 1350x1500 , Tomo167.jpg )
I guess it really cannot be helped, due to how she looks and her profession. (Her being a miko) I don't mind if I see her in sexual way since I do find her attractive, but when other people do - or other people start talking about how much they want to have sex with her I get pretty mad. I don't think 'fapped to' is the right term. I feel there is some good R-18 stuff out there (the cover is here >>11629 ), vanilla is fine (though I rarely look at stuff - its more imagination) but most of the stuff out on Pixiv is just gang-rape and stuff which makes me a bit upset. I think she may have thoughts like that every once in awhile, but she would get a little flustered thinking about that, which is fine because she is cute when flustered.
>> No. 11901 [Edit]
File 136181632665.jpg - (205.39KB , 800x800 , 32242651.jpg )
I don't care if others sexualize her. She isn't really that type of character so people don't sexualize her very much, I think. Actually I don't think there are many others who sexualize her as much as I do. And I don't really feel bad about it. Me sexualizing her and way she reacts to it are part of my waifu experience.

I treat hentai of her as self insert or some sort of roleplaying stuff, depending what is the content. Only things I dislike are sexual torture and gore stuff because I am pretty sensitive and I can't really stand anything very violent content.

I wasn't sure sure should I post this because it seems to be way off from the /mai/ consensus, but yeah, here it is.
>> No. 11904 [Edit]
File 136181974230.jpg - (88.58KB , 600x850 , 43bdaab53a4d7f0cab7c391901bfecfd.jpg )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
Not a fan of it, but there isn't anything I do about it so I just ignore it. It's to be expected though.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Yes. It can't be helped.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
Don't really look at much of it. I've seen plenty of it, if not all of it. Guess I'm indifferent towards it.

>And does she wonder the same about you?
I don't know.
>> No. 11905 [Edit]
File 136182028249.jpg - (228.26KB , 800x937 , 1255577960434.jpg )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
I dont mind seeing her sexualized, she doesnt have many porn material, compared to other characters from her series.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Yes, a lot.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
I dont know, in hentai she a sex beast who loves having sex, since she is a genki girl, she is supposed to be sexually active, i dont really like or dislike it.

>And does she wonder the same about you?
How should i know.
>> No. 11910 [Edit]
File 136182389159.jpg - (16.94KB , 503x383 , Kanako (31).jpg )
Well, she already shows a lot of skin in the manga and the anime, but when it comes to fanart there isn´t that much and therefor I am glad about every bit that shows up. I love her and I would lie if I´d say that I wouldn´t like to draw some lewd images of her myself (but till then I´ll need a lot more practice). Her beauty matches her great personality and I´d feel weird not to long for her in a sexual way too.
>> No. 11914 [Edit]
I have never fapped to my waifu, nor to any pornography of any fictional character that is originally from a non-pornographic source. It feels wrong to me somehow. Perhaps I empathise too much; my first thoughts are always "how would I feel if I were the original creator of these characters, seeing them treated as mere sex objects?" or "how would I feel if this character were my waifu, knowing people would see her as a mere sex object?" Such thoughts are quite off-putting. I prefer to stick with hentai consisting of original characters, or, better still, my own imagination.

As I have never sought it out, I have no idea how much hentai there is of my waifu or what it is like, nor do I particularly want to know. The thought of it is faintly unpleasant, but it doesn't exactly keep me awake at night.

Please note, I am not arguing against fapping to one's waifu, or to fictional characters in general; quite the opposite. It is simply not for me.
>> No. 11915 [Edit]
I make love to my waifu regularly.

Deal with it.
>> No. 11916 [Edit]
File 136183304038.jpg - (404.85KB , 450x600 , f5922079cbce443d90272b6b5c0ddcf8.jpg )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?

I don't really mind, in a sense. I mean, she's very popular, she's blonde, she's cute and she has that personality just enough for her to be easily sexualized. However, I don't see doujins of her that much. But when I do, it is either yuri or, as in one case, gang rape.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?

No. I can't, for some reason. But hey, she's sexy, it's just me who can't seem to get turned on to her.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?

Disappointing and lacking, that's all I have to say. But I saw one that depicts a heterosexual vanilla relationship, but it wasn't translated.

>And does she wonder the same about you?

Whether she does, I dunno anymore.
>> No. 11918 [Edit]
File 136183446113.jpg - (525.70KB , 840x840 , 100000000304.jpg )
Generally, it doesn't bother me. But there have been some cases in which she was depicted as being overly promiscuous, which irked me (especially given how far that is from her "canon" personality). I'm sure if I was unlucky enough to happen upon one of those "raped by faceless men" doujins, that would bother me too.

I do fap to her fairly often. I usually use my imagination, but sometimes I'll go the old-fashioned route of using a hentai image. Either way, to me, it's an emotional experience as opposed to a strictly sexual one (like >>11896 mentioned).
>> No. 11921 [Edit]
File 13618389979.jpg - (247.82KB , 600x752 , 12185572 - 伊織.jpg )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
She's simply too sexy, it can't be really helped. I don't blame them if they sexualise her and I find it a compliment for them to do it because I believe that's their own way of praising her beauty, I guess.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Of course. I do it to express my love for her, I am probably weird for thinking that way.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
As much as I admit that I would love Iori to be as kinky as possible, every time I look at her canonically, she is just too pure to be one of those Ioris that's been portrayed in fanworks. I feel the same for other idols, since any type of scandal would ruin their career and the whole franchise wouldn't exist if they had this kind of drama in it.

>And does she wonder the same about you?
I would probably hope that she is a closet fujoshi and she is masturbating to pictures of me being raped by other men, but like I said above it is highly unlikely for that to happen. More like she is too focused on her career to be actually concerned about her sexual life.
>> No. 11922 [Edit]
File 136184258370.jpg - (262.08KB , 600x640 , ecc148c30bce7c4885967de7b59960f5.jpg )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
I'm not as troubled by it as I used to be. She's very attractive and I'd find it weird if she wasn't sexualized.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Yes. I would think of it as a way of expressing my love for her.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
I treat them like photoshopped nude images of celebrities. I don't care about them.

>And does she wonder the same about you?
Nope. My body is for hers and hers only.
>> No. 11923 [Edit]
File 136184395031.jpg - (139.13KB , 443x800 , 95950d81b3eb5c0c7cb064ee762da1f7.jpg )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
It has its good points (love me some bunny girls) and bad points. I can't really get upset without being a hypocrite, as I'm always wanting hentai of many characters from many series. And I feel a little proud that others are finally appreciating how sexy she is.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Yes, a handful of times. Some of the best I've had and certainly the most fulfilling emotionally. I haven't done so in a long time, though.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
The majority of it seems to be gangbangs right now, which upset me so I avoid them like the plague. I take comfort in telling myself she'd never act like a cum-guzzling slut and would never let such pigs near her; also, the Miko others depict is not my Miko.

>And does she wonder the same about you?
Wonder what? If there is hentai of me? I don't think Gensokyo has Internet, so I doubt she's familiar with it. I'd bet she isn't even familiar with the concept of porn, as the late 500s to early 600s did not have porn as far as I know.
>> No. 11927 [Edit]
File 136185712069.jpg - (208.65KB , 650x650 , 20120123142429.jpg )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
I almost wish it didn't, but seeing others sexualize her nearly makes me physically sick. Lewd images and the doujin covers I've been unfortunate enough to glimpse are literally rage-inducing.

If others share my love for her, it doesn't bother me a bit, but I can't stand the above.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Only when I'm afraid my urges will cause me to lose control and fap to someone else (so, generally, once or twice a month). And I only use my imagination, nothing else.
>> No. 11928 [Edit]
File 136186968984.jpg - (388.29KB , 1200x1000 , 17989699.jpg )
A complicated question for us.

At first we did, as a way of getting closer. In an experimental way. Not in a relationship building way but... it's difficult to put into words. Bringing the cores of our beings closer together. However, in the dream world, we found that sexual stuff wasn't necessary for that there, and we found other ways to get closer still.

As for lewd fanart, it doesn't bother me. Well, it might when there's some poorly drawn lewd shit on pixiv with a huge rating next to an awesome surreal piece that nobody has even looked at. That bugs me.
>> No. 11933 [Edit]
This is very understandable. Some characters just aren't meant to be sexualized. Like myself I could never sexualize Hidamari girls. While other characters are on purposely made to be sexy from general viewpoint.
>> No. 11939 [Edit]
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
It really depends on how is it done. If it's done tastefully I don't really mind, I find it more like an artistic expression more than something else.
>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Only a few counted times. But those times were really something out of the ordinary using only the power of imagination.
>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
I feel like they are akin those fake superstars porn movies. If we consider that she is known enough for people to do them I don't think it's that bad of analogy. I don't read/watch them out of personal preference.
>> No. 11940 [Edit]
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
I'm against it. However, when I find something I'm not against, I like to pretend I'm the only person who can see it. There are some parts of her I am glad to share with others, and some I really am not.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Yes. It's different from fapping to anything else to me, because it stems from a desire for intimacy, rather than any sort of release.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
I try not to really think too much about it, I kind of see it as just some other character who looks vaguely like her doing whatever.
>> No. 11946 [Edit]
I had sex (masturbated) with her once two years ago, I felt terrible for treading inside of her like that and still regret it. She's just not that kind of girl.
>> No. 11967 [Edit]
>> No. 11968 [Edit]
Give me some good material and I'll get to work. Yeah, not gonna suddenly happen for something dating back over 10 years. If it's just the imagination doing the sexualization, I don't see a problem on any level whatsoever. It's a lot of work actually, compared to the leizure of rolling with pre-made media of your favorite artist or whatever.

What, she's not the kind of girl to do dirty stuff with you? Eh, okay.
>> No. 12831 [Edit]
Typically, I usually only care if they degrade her or disrespect her. But since this shit happens fairly often, I just ignore it. Especially when people tell me that they want to fap to her, tell me about the 'things' that they'd do to her or tell me how much they want to fuck her.

I have fapped to her before, but it's out of a sense of emotional fulfillment rather than a debased sexual desire. It's the closest I can feel to making love to her, feeling intimate with her. Sexual attraction to your waifus is normal, but it isn't for everyone. In the case of masturbation, I can only fap to her. Whenever I fap, I can only think of her. I just can't imagine fapping to any other girls. It's just not for me. Whenever I attempt to do so, I just feel empty inside because it isn't like fapping to my waifu. I just get accused of 'sexualizing' her just because I fap to her, but it's not like I fap to other girls.

I mean, there are good R-18 works of her, but many of them are degrading and I avoid them. Maybe just a few little 'innocent' drawings of her. I just tend to view most R-18 drawings and doujins as depictions of my waifu because most tend to portray her as being out of character and not her canon personality.

I'm in no position of being sexualized, so I belong to her and only her. I'm sure that she doesn't want me to see me depicted as being mindbroken or raped by faceless or ugly people.
>> No. 12833 [Edit]
File 137173098134.jpg - (23.22KB , 207x283 , Kanako (32).jpg )
Hm not sure why I didn't reply to this old thread before. Heres goes.

The original work she is in is of a very ecchi nature so of course I'm not bothered by sexualisations of her. However there is some pretty badly drawn and brutal porn of her out there which I haven't bothered to look at in much detail. Its not very pleasant to look at.

Of course I do fap to her on rare occasion, but its never really been that pleasurable to me. I do think she's very pretty and I enjoy looking at her pictures. Sexual attraction is a key part of how I enjoy her pictures, but its not like its boner inducing. Its difficult to describe. I don't get a boner from looking at porn of her as I do looking at porn of other characters.

Perhaps the doujins and pictures I find just aren't very arousing? I think if I found a doujin with her in it which was well created enough then it would be arousing. This isn't likely to happen, its a pretty old series and not much fanart gets made.

Many of her doujins focus on aspects such as her interests in pretending to be other people, her gothic lolita-esque fashion sense and bondage (the latter just because of a single scene in the manga). I think I prefer her interesting character dynamic and personality, her hairstyle and lithe body, her intellect and her utmost devotion. She is a flawed character and she grows throughout the story. Thats what makes her so much more interesting and adorable.

If she really is there in another dimension I don't think she'd be shlicking it to the thought of me, but hey if it actually happens I'd be pretty flattered.
>> No. 12844 [Edit]
File 137184648482.jpg - (50.69KB , 300x497 , Erica sexy bride 2.jpg )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?

I think all the Witches were sexualized in the series, so I don't mind at all. Erica is open and relaxed; very flirtatious and sexual too. Obviously some artists will do what they will with these characteristics, but I am not an artist at heart. I'm a writer. The elaborate and meticulous stories on my hard drives are my own equivalent and our canon.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?

Yes, regularly.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?

I prefer to use my mind. Most hentai pics of her are pretty crap, and thus are filtered out by my already highly selective saving habits - but the occasional well-drawn one? Might as well be pictures of us during a session to me. Overall, I just choose what is real based upon my own subjective interpretation of (and experience with) her.

>And does she wonder the same about you?

She doesn't care. She knows we're about as lazy as each other, so even if I was sexualized, I wouldn't stray far - we've got sleeping to do.
>> No. 12846 [Edit]
File 137185422220.jpg - (107.64KB , 461x612 , 6a75d6a4b4b9b79bfbbc8afc67669c8e.jpg )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
I mostly don't like it but I don't mind that it exists or that other people fap to this. Nevertheless, I do enjoy some lewd pictures if they are well drawn.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
No, I don't feel the need or the lust or anything like this.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
Again, I really don't care. What people think or do are not overlapping at all with what I feel.

>And does she wonder the same about you?
That's a stange question to say the least. But I don't think she's interested in it.
>> No. 12857 [Edit]
Before I never really worried about it. I masturbated to her on special occasions and, to my knowledge, the only porn of her consisted of some solo-nude fanart. So it never really bothered me.

Yesterday I discovered a pornographic doujin with her and I feel really weird. It's short and I believe it's just vanilla. But it's really bothering me. I'm curious to go look at it but I have these mixed feelings I previously never had to deal with. On one hand I feel bad that someone would write it. On the other hand, I kind of think it doesn't matter. I don't know if I want to read it, or just pretend it doesn't exist.
>> No. 13538 [Edit]
I would like to ask a related question.
I don't have a waifu, but I used to know a guy who does and his stance on thread's topic really troubled me. Basically despite he seemingly shared my opinion that generally characters from non-H anime should not be sexualized, he did sexualize his waifu a lot, while at the same time denying everyone else a right (well, wrong word if we agree that people shouldn't do that, but you get what I mean) to do the same. Sometimes going as far as disrupting the places where said sexualization occurs, for example on a dedicated lewd board which he wasn't even forced to visit at all.
So, how do you think, is such behaviour appropriate? This became a major problem for me, since I wanted to think good of that guy, yet I totally can't stand such hypocrisy, or at least I see it as such. I wonder who is right in the end.
>> No. 13545 [Edit]
When you say that he's sexualizing her, is he posting lewd images of her in places, but becomes upset when others do it as well? If so, I can definitely see the hypocrisy of it, but if he's sexualizing her in private then I can understand him getting upset at her being sexualized in other settings.
Also, what do you mean when you say that he was disrupting places?
>> No. 13546 [Edit]
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
It happens, especially since her games and the manga she appears in are ridiculously popular. There's no avoiding it.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Yes, just solo nude pictures though. I've considered PoV stuff too but decided not to cross that line since it felt wrong.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
It doesn't bother me too much unless I scroll by some gangrape/guro/torture stuff while looking for regular images, then I feel pretty bad for a minute or two but it passes soon enough.

>And does she wonder the same about you?
The thought would be nice. Gensokyo doesn't have internet access though.
>> No. 13547 [Edit]
I think he did that himself on a public board. I don't know details for sure since I never visited that board (as it was lewd-oriented) but I think he mentioned that even other his friends frowned upon him for that.
As for disrupting, well, apparently he was waging shitstorms on imageboards upon disovering sexualization or even used some software tools to avoid bans/being more effective at what he was doing. Pretty dedicated.
Anyway, thanks for you answer. I thought I'm the only one thinking like that, maybe I didn't understand some mechanics of how it works.
>> No. 13548 [Edit]
File 138194788246.jpg - (41.09KB , 508x480 , doremi_7.jpg )
I don't feel comfortable with it. She's too young.
>> No. 13551 [Edit]
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
If it's a minor thing like a bra strap or a drawing of her in a bikini, it really isn't that big of deal to me. But I don't like seeing her drawn in seductive poses or in anything of a pornographic nature. It doesn't really anger me, I just don't like it. At all.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
No, and I never will.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
Um, I don't like what it is. A lot of the porn I see on pixiv is shit in my opinion, and I just try to ignore porn I come across there.

>And does she wonder the same about you?
She doesn't even know I exist.
>> No. 13552 [Edit]
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
It depends. Most of the time I dislike it, but occasionally I find something that is really well done, nice, and sexy. When it is done in a place where it's unnecessary, or when it's disrespectful to her then I can't stand it.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
It's very embarrassing to say, but yes, I "have sex" with her quite often using my imagination. I don't ever fap to any images I find of her.
>> No. 13555 [Edit]
Why? I don't think you know what a waifu is.
>> No. 13572 [Edit]
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
I don't really like it, but it's not something I can control.

> Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Yes, and I'm ashamed of that, not of the act itself, but of what I used to do it.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
>And does she wonder the same about you?
You lost me.
>> No. 14193 [Edit]
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
As long as it's not degrading, unflattering or offensive to her I'm fine with it.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Well, yes. I love her, and masturbating 'with' her is as close to having intimate sexual relations I can get.
It really annoys me when people on /a/ and such go against this and say you're not allowed to fap or your relationship is impure or whatever.
Like, if you had a girlfriend in real life that you loved with all your heart and wanted to be with forever, why would you not 'sexualize' her and have sex with her? It's such a wonderful, emotionally fulfilling experience and they're missing out on it just so they can fit in on their anime forums.
Even if we are talking about some "base sexual desires" you can't control, it's not just for your own desires, but because she has sexual needs that need satisfying too. You're human beings.

This is why I stay away from discussions on this topic on popular chans. I almost feel offended by how wrong they've got the whole 'waifu' thing. They're just using her as some status symbol to attention-whore and tripfag with and they don't actually care about her or love her at all. It's disgusting.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
I don't have anything that interesting to say about it.

>And does she wonder the same about you?
Not sure. I don't really perceive my own thoughts as her speaking to me, y'know?

Post edited on 15th Jan 2014, 2:39am
>> No. 14196 [Edit]
My waifu is sexualized in the anime she appears in, highly. But she doesn't do anything that other girls haven't done before, that type of stuff should not be taboo. Ironically, considering how sexualized she is in her original works, there is nearly 0 porn of her. and as for fapping to your waifu, who else would you fap to? another anime girl? 3D porn? sex is a part of a healthy relationship, and the closest thing we have to sex is fapping. I cant help if my waifu is the sexy and i have urges.
>> No. 14198 [Edit]
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
She's a sexual being and as such is sexualized by myself and others.
>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Rather common occurrence. She's the most beautiful woman in the world to me and I love her. Not only does it bring us closer but it fulfills needs for both of us.
>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
I'm honestly not a big fan. Its either straight shota or disgusting rape. Neither of those appeal to me. Most of the lewder images I have of her saved are more tasteful and less pornographic.
>And does she wonder the same about you?
There's not much wondering what occurs between the two of us. We've been together for 5 years now, 6 this May, so we are pretty transparent with one another.
>> No. 14201 [Edit]
File 138981270442.jpg - (554.63KB , 1000x1000 , 2434acea36a44cb27a48eff981790756.jpg )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
I'm fine with it as long as they don't screw with the canon proportions. I can't really get too ragey about it as I know I must have a good collection of many other people's waifus.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
400+ times in over 2 years, imagination is good stuff before napping or sleeping, gets all the good chemicals running hurr

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
Ehh, I'm not really a fan of yuri, I read the vanilla stuff for the plot but I'm not really turned on by it... it's either that or some disgusting thing with a penis...

>And does she wonder the same about you?
I don't know, she'd probably get a bit jealous when I fap to Kyoko or Madoka in imagination too. Rarely fap to actual stuff on the PC these days.
>> No. 14207 [Edit]
File 138984685742.png - (166.98KB , 282x301 , 1334465.png )
>who else would you fap to? another anime girl? 3D porn?

I think this is what annoys me the most. People think it's acceptable to use other 2D girls or even 3DPD as an outlet for their sexual desires, while not even giving their actual waifus any attention. Where's the sense in this? It's because of these bullshit "waifu rules" about sex forced on them that they follow just to fit in.

Don't listen to /a/, guys. If you truly love your waifu despite what some tripfag or stupid chart image or whatever says, then she's your waifu.
>> No. 14208 [Edit]
>If you truly love your waifu despite what some tripfag or stupid chart image or whatever says, then she's your waifu.
Indeed... but some people don't equate fapping/sex with love, and that's okay too. I don't think either opinion is wrong in essence, as relationships (and the values of those within them) are different from each other.
>> No. 14209 [Edit]
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
I don't care because I'm used to it. This is apparent in the source material quite a bit.
>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Yes. Many times. And I don't care.
>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
Indifferent. I'm quite desensitized to those kinds of things. Close to self-insert or roleplay if anything.
>And does she wonder the same about you?
I don't think so. Not to my knowledge.
>> No. 15845 [Edit]
Please read the rules
>> No. 15847 [Edit]
Seeing as he's a male in a non-yaoi work, there isn't a lot of sexualized works of him. I don't know to be disappointed or grateful because I do have irrational jealousy. He's not that kind of person to put himself out like that, despite minor fame he keeps really low, so I guess I'm happy he wouldn't be unhappy with his image being used that way.

I find him very sexy, however, and fap almost exclusively to the thought of him or the thought of us together. I used to try and write sex out of the equation, but we're both humans with needs. It was more awkward refraining than giving in.
>> No. 15848 [Edit]
File 140351749567.jpg - (103.88KB , 306x587 , 6253200.jpg )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
I used to save lewd pictures of her, though that was before she became mai waifu. Nowadays it does kinda bother me a bit, especially when the artist decides to give her G cup breasts.
She does get drawn in swimsuits more often than not, which can be seen as sexy in itself. I generally keep the more tasteful swimsuit art, or just the ones that I think are drawn well.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
I have, yes.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
I haven't looked up any doujinshi of her, so I can't say.

>And does she wonder the same about you?
What, as in if there was lewd fan art of me?... I don't think she'd mind as much as I do about her lewd art.

Post edited on 23rd Jun 2014, 3:00am
>> No. 15854 [Edit]
I find that thread very interesting and I'd like to say something about it because I seem to have a unpopular opinion.

I would not care if she masturbated to guys she didn't care about. I completely disconnected having sex and making love, I don't see those two things as the same at all. Not only that it feels different, but you (or me, at least) just masturbate to get rid of the sexual urge, just to be done with it. When you make love it is because you completely embrace not only the urge but also the love and that makes it very special and it feels completely different.

So I guess she masturbates because she's human (so she is forced to) and she makes love with me because she is in love with me. As long as she doesn't make love with someone else I don't see anything wrong with it. When she masturbates to other guys she only reacts to what her subconscious tells her is sexually attractive, this way she can get over with it much quicker.
>> No. 15856 [Edit]
File 140361355750.jpg - (185.77KB , 611x841 , 1398064596680.jpg )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?

I'm fine with it, she comes from a lewd series to begin with so i always expect it

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?

Yes, all the time.

How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?

I don't think there is any actual h-manga of her unless you count the short pages the author did awhile ago with a lamia that had the same colors, it wasn't her though

And does she wonder the same about you?
I don't know
>> No. 15870 [Edit]
File 140369169386.png - (76.15KB , 251x201 , untitled.png )
my waifu is supposed to be sexualized in the anime so, their is nothing I can really do about it. yes I have masturbated to a lot or I like to call it making love. I don't think their is any hentai of her, not that I know of. I don't if she thinks the same about me maybe, maybe not I don't know
>> No. 15872 [Edit]
File 14037005315.jpg - (31.64KB , 225x348 , 111124.jpg )
My waifu is in a fan service anime so she has to be sexualized, sometimes I don't like it but, there is nothing I can do about it. I have masturbated to her a lot, but not just masturbate but to make love. I don't know if their is hentai of her. I don't if she wonders the same about me. who knows maybe she does, or maybe not.
>> No. 15880 [Edit]
File 140375114488.png - (1.32MB , 800x1280 , 12345131.png )
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
Considering her source material, I never really minded it, until a certain scene in the final part of the trilogy, at least. I had no problems with her scenes in the first two thirds of her source material. As for fan stuff, if I found it didn`t fit or simply disliked it, I had no problems simply ignoring it.
>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Yes, often, until seeing aforementioned scene. However, I never was able go "all the way" and I pretty much stuck to her first canon scenes. After a certain revelation though, I do have a lot of trouble of thinking of her in a sexual way without feeling some form of guilt or sadness, so I`m avoiding it for now.
>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
Considering most of it is nudes or involves the protagonist, which can very easily be self-inserted into, I really don`t mind that. However, I am quite bothered by references to that scene in any form. As for other tasteless things that don`t fit her at all, I have no difficulty thinking of it as non-canon and not caring about it in the slightest.
>And does she wonder the same about you?
I don`t know.
>> No. 15882 [Edit]
What if your waifu has sex in the canon or even a bf or husband?
>> No. 15883 [Edit]
I think >>9595 answers this question
>> No. 15884 [Edit]
It's up to you.
>> No. 16143 [Edit]
>How do you feel about your waifu being sexualized?
She is a very beautiful and sexually attractive woman so as long as she is depicted is a respectful way true to her character I'm fine with it. The amount of fan service in official artwork of her is relatively low and is mostly just bikini/swimsuit pictures. She looks very beautiful and sexy in them so I don't mind that at all.

>Have you ever fapped to your waifu?
Yes, on a regular and frequent basis. She is my love and I think all my sexuality and all my orgasms belong only to her. For me enjoying sexual pleasure with the one I love is a wonderful intimate experience, both emotional and physical and it strengthens the bond between us.

>How do you feel in relations to what hentai of your waifu actually is?
Just about all of it is disgusting crap where she is completely out of character and drawn with horribly messed up proportions. It is not worth of my attention.
>> No. 16144 [Edit]
Due to his source material and how minor a character he is, there are very few people who sexualize him in a serious manner. Those who do usually just pair him off with his brother and that can be disturbing to both of us. So I usually just end up drawing things myself.

I never viewed it as something wrong, it all seems natural. If it makes him happy in some way then it probably isn't a bad thing, though I'll admit to getting carried away with it sometimes. But I can't help it when he's just so cute.
>> No. 16148 [Edit]
I don't like it when people post sexualised/porn to public websites, like imageboards. I guess in general I don't like public porn of her. I primarily masturbate to fantasies of her, I try only to use my imagination to sexualise her, but sometime I will use some ecchi pictures of her to help stimulate senses. I really don't understand the last two questions

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